NEW MOST ADDICTIVE Top Nintendo Switch Games 2022! -

NEW MOST ADDICTIVE Top Nintendo Switch Games 2022!

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Hey SwitchUp Family, cheers for watching our channel! Here are the links to the other episodes in our addictive game series so you can go on a right binge! #Addictive #Nintendoswitch #Games

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What makes it addictive? 0:00
Subliminal Game 1:01
Why You Should try MH 1:08
Risk Of Rain is addictive 4:54
Roguebook For Slay The Spire Fans 7:42
Classic High Score Chaser 10:31
Yes Trucks are Addictive… 12:45
Ass – E – us!?? 15:25
Eternum EX 18:59
TRPG Greatness from Square! 21:24
SOS Friends of Mineral Town 25:19
Vostok INC 27:51
What is addictive to you? 30:58
Banging Tune! 32:17

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  1. Butcher. Man I got so damn stuck on that game lol got a real risk of rain vibe.

  2. I enjoyed Pokemon Legends Arceus way, way more than any of the traditional games I've played. I played Brilliant Diamond right before Arceus – wanted to introduce myself to the region – and it just felt like a slog. Arceus was breath of fresh air. I'm really hoping that Scarlet and Violet adopt a lot of the conventions in Arceus, mostly around the exploration, catching and battling. Voice acting for the story dialog would be amazing (a gripe I had with Arceus), but I'm not expecting anything there.

    Monster Hunter Rise is an absolute blast and a game I go back to for a few hunts here and there fairly frequently. It was actually my first Monster Hunter experience. I've heard that it turns many of the series' conventions on its head, but many of those changes are why I dig it. I played demos of a few prior games on the Wii and 3DS, but none of them hooked me. Rise though, hot dang!

    Also in agreement on Triangle Strategy. It's a lovely spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics while also being a nod to Octopath Traveler in terms of visuals and story-telling.

  3. My favorite is Pokemon Legends Arceus. I've loved the Pokemon series for a long time and it's been exciting watching them try something new.

  4. My addictive games the now are pac-man99 and rogue heroes ruins of tasks,I tryed the children of morta demo and love it. So just waiting for it to discount again to buy it. I started pokemon legends arceus but not went to far in to it yet. Diablo 3 was great to pick up on switch I completed it faster on the switch than my ps4 and it good to just pick up and go games if you just jave a little time. You attached a lot of videos to watch 😊 looking forward to see what else you got on your list

  5. Had 80 hours in monster hunter recently picked it back up after a 4 month break and needless to say I'm up to almost 200 hours

  6. The crazy part is, I’ve been wanting to ask if you guys were gonna do a vid talking at the same time like you use to, but I didn’t want to be that guy asking a channel to do things all the time lol

  7. Snow runner is amazing. Shouldn’t even be on the switch.

  8. Great video you guys, it has a podcast feel to it 👍🏽

  9. I'm so excited to get roguebook. I love deck builders and it just seems right up my alley. My backlog is just to big to justify purchasing it at full price at the moment. Will need to buckle down and get some games completed to be able to buy it! What a happy thought!

  10. MHR is still my fave game thus far, my first ever MH game & I was convinced I’d hate it…it’s just a game I recommend to everyone

  11. After last week’s releases and sales, I essentially have my PSP back. ZHP, MLB, Monster Hunter, Disgaea, and lumenes. I feel……

  12. Building games like Two Point Hospital and Rollercoaster Tycoon I find the most addictive

  13. Very addictive video would watch it again keep up the good work Your Friend SouperKev001

  14. Roguebook Is so so so good. I have 174 hours on the steam version and I'm seriously considering re-buying. If you're a fan, play Monster Train!

  15. yeah mH RISE so addictive and yasss we got sunbreak soon

  16. all these games suck! there just cheap knockoffs to make money out of kids. my phone plays better games then this crap for free.

  17. Got a lotta money I wanna throw at the discounted eshop cards but no discount yet 😔

  18. I would say most pokemon games are addictive. Minecraft for sure. Breath of the wild was a game i couldnt put down for years. Smash bros def but also other fighter games like brawlhalla(if u understand the combat) shooter rpgs like borderlands and bioshock id say are very addictive. For me personally deltarune, undertale, and earthbound.

  19. Civ 6 is a “great” time sink. Once you get the hang of the base game, the DLCs breathe such complexity and longevity that the moniker “just one more turn” is nothing short of the truth.

    As such, I said “great” cuz I spent my 1000+ hr addiction during peak pandemic so careful if there’s actual responsibilities in your life during the time you pick up Civ 6 lol

  20. I'm gonna mention one little game i find very addictive if you like the gameplay loop, Despotism 3k. Kinda work on that hi score run based addiction.

  21. Love that you put Risk of Rain in this list but if you've not played the second one much then you seriously need to. It's 100 times better than the first one. Give it a go 😊

  22. For me turn-based strategy is absolutely the definition of addictive. Just one more turn!!!

  23. I love the game johnny depp vvs amber heard trial

  24. I agree with Glenn about the SOS FOMT, the art direction they went with is horrid but how it play always makes me return to it. Plus this is more to an upgrade (of sort) from the PS1 and Gameboy version. Played the PS1 version countless of time.

  25. Got into Monster Hunter with World. Loved Rise, have EVERY armor, 400 hours already. Can't wait for Sunbreak.

    Added Roguebook and Vostok to my list. Thanks guys.

  26. Great… now I want to buy more games again. Funny that you guys reviewed the triangle strategies game and than at 23:45 when Glen pitches in you see a page that said "the history of glenbook". If intentional, briljant! It would be my pick or snowrunner and I would love to win either. Cheers guys!

  27. Roguebook!!
    Me: What a great run but it's 1am, should go to bed….. let's just start a new run to see what random treasures I get.
    …. Let's just do a couple of battles
    …. Completes another run
    …. Its now nearly 5am :-/

  28. 1080 on 64 for high scores
    Killer instinct on snes
    I loved fighters destiny on 64
    Mario kart double dash
    Def jam
    Perfect dark
    Mario baseball
    Dead cells, curse of the dead gods, Hades

  29. I picked up Vostok Inc of the back of this video. Very hard to stop playing! 100% deserves to be in this list. That, Slay the Spire and Loop Hero are some of the hardest Switch games to put down!

  30. Even starting as a non-fan, MH Rise hooked me. I started pretty cold, as the myriad of things to do and parts to craft was giving me anxiety, but I followed your advice and just went on with playing. Now I love it!
    And let me tell you what a pleasure watching a video with you both is. Your interaction is flawless!

  31. Pang for Switch, I find very addictive.

  32. I bought an Hori Arcade Stick just for Eternum Ex and it has a Snow Bro's feel to me – just with castles and wizards. Bought it on sale on a flyer and have put stupid amounts of time into it.

  33. Your videos are always littered with ads

  34. Risk of rain is not a new game, the title says new most addictive then it says top Nintendo switch games.

  35. Why are there two people talking in the video?

  36. We need tekken 7 so we can beat each other's asses on the go !! 😭💔 come on nintendo !!!!!!!!! 😭😢😓

  37. I agree about Snowrunner. I put my trucker peaked cap on, stick on a country playlist, crack open a cold one and start driving. It's always a struggle getting through the mud, up slippery slopes but its a game about the pleasure of perseverance. I find myself rocking back and forwards trying to will my vehicle to make it up that steep muddy slope to a viewpoint or a new stranded machine. Very relaxing!

  38. How about a twist? Your grandad's died and you're so shocked you fall out of the sky and get amnesia and find a farm which turns out to be your grandad's.

  39. A game I find addictive and absolutely love is Astroneer. Mining materials to build up your base, tooling around in your tractor, Speccing out your shuttle the best you can to go to another planet to build another base. There's loads of things to research and there's a real progression from when you start and have to run tethers everywhere to when you have a portable oxygenator and can run around freely terraforming everything in sight. And I haven't even played multiplayer yet!

  40. If a game has high repayability and I enjoy its replay value, is that Addiction?

  41. Totally agree: Vostok is super addictive! xD

  42. Arceus was something I couldn't put down until I maxed the dex points. Not sure why that killed it for me… or why there was a max at all. Now I'm back to the void of searching for some other satisfying gameplay loop… #sendhelp

  43. After watching this I decided to go back to Risk of Rain. I'd gone straight for Risk of Rain 2 when I picked up the cart, opposite to Glen. Last night I clocked up a few 30 and 40 minute runs, unlocked a bunch of items and new characters. Glen was right of course, it's great! And going back to Risk of Rain 2 it clicked a bit more as I recognised 3D versions of all the enemies, items etc. Thanks for the tip guys!

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