NEW Nintendo Switch Games Worth Buying & 1 to AVOID -

NEW Nintendo Switch Games Worth Buying & 1 to AVOID

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What GREAT Nintendo Switch Games Have I Been Playing? | Get Honey for FREE today ▸

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Kirby Dream Buffet, Cult of the Lamb, No Man Sky, Spider-Man, Cursed to Golf – What GREAT Nintendo Switch Games have I Been Playing?

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  1. I had completely dropped the idea of getting a switch, then I realized it had like 12 games I’ve been waiting for. It’s possible now.

  2. Love your content, you guys take it easy and do things at your own pace because what means more to us your followers is you guys looking after yourselves and finding your happy space 😊

  3. I use your lists to buy games I would normally skip! Love your vids

  4. I got Cult of the Lamb because of this video, thank you

  5. Hey atleast you guys got there safely and can afford to move somewhere new man,I'd say that's a blessing for yall 🙏
    Congratulations 🎊

  6. Yeah they definitely did a 180 on No Mans Sky compared to wjen it first released glad I gave it another try

  7. Btw glad that you and Kim can help eachother through your anxiety by playing some games together that is a win win technique.

  8. you weant to memphis i moved there

  9. As far as I've seen the lag only really happens in online mode, so just don't play online if the lag bothers you?

  10. please don't waste our time. It took forever to start and you go on tangents way too often. Focus dude.

  11. Man, your accent has more twists and turns than a snake with an itch! It's like ameri-stralian and I'm shook. But can't stop listening and love the content man

  12. I CANT WAIT FOR POKEMON SCARLETT AND VIOLET!!!!! but i feel i will be let down…..

  13. I stopped the video but now I can’t hear you anymore…

  14. Woot. Another October bday. Mines the 17th. And I'm excited about NMS

  15. This video fet more like when I first started watching you years ago. Had a big smile on my face the whole time. Love it!

  16. Hey, if you're near Pittsburgh I can recommend some places to eat or go out and about to if you want. It's where I'm from

  17. The Kirby game is literally super monkey ball + Mario party 😂

  18. 100% on no man’s sky! I recently got into it and it’s all I wanna play. The Reddit community is really chill too and that says a lot about that cesspool

  19. Hey could you do a review of rimworld it looks interesting but idk

  20. i play this game every day one box 😋

  21. I honestly think Cult of The Lamb should be removed. It’s gonna make kids think that satanic/ demonic things and cults are okay. It’s desensitising to dark stuff. Not good.

  22. In Kirby’s Dream Buffet, I play nit online cause I don’t really like online gaming besides like Minecraft and fortnite

  23. someone please answer this with a response: the reason why I am going to download Kirby's Dream Buffet is cuz it's so cute looking and I'm a huge Kirby Fan. plus for me it's only a $13 game cuz I have points on the Nintendo E Store

  24. Looking forward to your re-review of No Man's Sky on Switch.

  25. Wood paypal is going to start putting fines o peoples account who speak against their politicol views on social media. Please dont support them.

  26. Can you imagine these YouTubers actually working a real job

  27. If they are going to keep doing kirby spinoff games they should just make a new kirby air ride.

  28. I recently pre-ordered a physical copy pf Cult of the Lamb from Special Reserve games. I cant wait to get it in. Im golding put till them to play it even tho im tempted to get the digital game while i wait.

  29. i tryd no man sky one time on my series s and i spawn instantly on a Toxic Planet and died after a few Seconds and than i close it and deleted it

  30. Uhm… If you like Kirby and you are ok with retro games, I totally recommend Kirby 64. It's available to play on Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

  31. It’s so important to take time for your mental and physical health ❤

  32. I can't get fall guys to work on my switch I keep getting a connection error every time I try connecting to a match. It says connection to the server timed out please check the settings and try agin. My date and time are all set correctly and every thing is up to date

  33. Hey Wood I just wanna say that Your.. freestyle? Kind of videos,Yes the non scripted ones are my absolute favorite ane what got me into your content because the legitimate excitement and passion always just oozes right through the video,What I'm trying to say…Keep it up buddy,I hope you and Kim feel better and welcomed in the new place

  34. you should try Elite Dangerous in VR. One of the best VR experience's especially playing with HOTAS

  35. Cult of the lamb got me into playing Rouges!! I really really enjoyed this game and unfortunately finished it to qouckly as I am obsessed! Gotta replay it soon! 🙂

  36. Addicting is not a word , addictive is what you mean !

  37. Wish my job has a way to let my mental state rest but I work in a field where many people commit suicide. And we are needed

  38. Sorry the last couple months were very slow on content from me. I've been really struggling with anxiety built around moving to PA. It's been a really weird experience and neither Kim or myself expected it to be so difficult to adjust. It was and IS STILL, a complete culture shock. We are adapting and getting better, and i'm back making content for you guys. Another new video is coming in just a few days 🙂 Get Honey for FREE today ▸

    Get Honey for FREE today ▸

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