NEW PS5, PS4 GAMES: July 2021's Best PlayStation Releases | PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 -

NEW PS5, PS4 GAMES: July 2021’s Best PlayStation Releases | PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

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July 2021 is certainly looking slower than we’ve become accustomed to on the PS5 and PS4 release schedule front. Still, these are the best games due out on PlayStation for the coming week.

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  1. in samurai warriors sah oda besser aus

  2. Freshly subscribed, enjoying the content thank you.

  3. Buzzing for the new F1, gonna crash Mazespin😂

  4. Can’t you just make a video about games coming in July or any month without the pointless bla bla and the weird dude ?

  5. Hyped for F1’s NEW story mode, day one cop. Let’s go!

  6. Ender Lilies is delayed till Fall on Playstation consoles.

  7. good stuff as always. push square is a great website – the first site I visit when I want vidya games news. looking forward to SW5 but will likely just be playing through my backlog

  8. I thought chernobylite was out this month but it looks like it's only pc, can't afford f1 this month, ah well Hades next month!
    Have you heard anything about little devil inside?

  9. Summer drought? Stop the 🧢 Scarlet Nexus just dropped.

  10. I got Radio 1 Roadshow vibes from the intro/outro.

  11. I didnt see Ender Lillies on PSN, I really want to buy this.

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