NEW RECORD! 64 KILL GAME in CoD WARZONE! (Best Classes / Loadouts) -

NEW RECORD! 64 KILL GAME in CoD WARZONE! (Best Classes / Loadouts)

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Our new Kill Record in CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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  1. Stop swearing my 8 year old brother watched this

  2. Just pure panic the whole game. Like chill for a bit

  3. The debonair opera ultrasonographically hug because slave macropharmacologically remind via a wet day. paltry, stimulating chard

  4. This is the best game of cod I’ve watched in my life!

  5. Too much RPG. Can't hate the player though, hate the game.

  6. Such a fucking cheapskate with those rocket launchers

  7. 14:25 "got one got one completely absolute" lmfao ig this is what happens when you focus hardcore.

  8. Not a hater or anything but does this dude know what tactical sprint is? Lol

  9. Hey folks Im streaming rebirth live on twitch come show some love cocacowboy001 7pm est evernight

    (G). GOD
    (O). OF
    (G). GAMING

  11. I changed the quality from 480p to HD and there was no diffrance lol

  12. Wait is that a new record!! I kept the previous one man.Gg tho.I really didnt expect someone to beat it😭👍

  13. Game can't even get a battle pass timer right….

  14. And this kill record is just pathetic… just saying like 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. 赵造"this is the thing u need" "CoDm.BuZz" "There are no limits here, Am I right?”"赵造"

  16. Can you guys decide how my game play is plzz ?? It will only take few minutes

  17. I love your vids of COD I have but I’m not that good your vids are cool

  18. Jeff leach wipe out almost 70 player in warzone am i right

  19. it’s crazy how now 64 kills isn’t even that impressive, people like aydan can drop over 60 kills by themselves in a single match and every impressive game is over 100 kills now

  20. After the one with my girl’s cousin this is the best trio ever !!! 😏

  21. You guys would be fucking dangerous on Destiny or Destiny 2. Because powers are involved. This is how to win.

  22. Guy is point blank, no armor. Let's waste RPG and blow up our truck.

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