OFFICIALLY Ranking 100 Nintendo Switch Games from BEST to WORST! -

OFFICIALLY Ranking 100 Nintendo Switch Games from BEST to WORST!

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100 Nintendo Switch Games RANKED from BEST to WORST! Sponsored by DISPLATE! CLICK 👉 | Buy MULTIPLE Displates for a bigger discount, 1-2 is 34% OFF, 3-4 is 38% OFF and 5+ is 42% OFF! / COME MEET US IN NYC TOMORROW @ 11am-12pm infront of the Nintendo Store!

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  1. For now.. MH Rise is my most played games on Switch… 500+ hours in on that, Dragon's Dogma comes in second place with 380+ hours in, Three Houses 250+ and Astral Chain 80+ in

  2. Nintendooååååååååå! in actually a ps guy. But trying real hard to convert

  3. Thank you for acknowledging overwatch. I still love to play it on switch bc of motion control Shooting

  4. Arms is DOPE. My major complaint is that I waited until 2020 to get it

  5. I'm buying a Nintendo switch and I don't know if I wait for botw 2 and buy Mario Odyssey or buy botw first

  6. The Pokémon sword shouldnt be anywhere near xenoblade. SwSh is absolute trash and xenoblade is a pretty good game.

  7. thanks for putting fortnite on the F panel I HATE THAT GAME

  8. Origami deserved a big fat juicy FFFFFFF

  9. Celeste in S, SwSh in SS and ACNH in SSS? Are you actually ok mentally?

  10. Your opinions are SOOOO different from mine😂

  11. Putting pokemon sword and shield in S tier is a genuine insult to the pokemon franchise as a whole

  12. The way you feel about Xenoblade 2 is how i feel about animal crossing. Xenoblade 2 is SSS.

  13. I wish dislikes were back just so he could be bombarded with dislikes for trashing on ARMS

  14. I'm not an average viewer of the channel but I'm very shocked he ranked Pokémon Sword & Shield at SS I under the impression he hated them.

    If I had to chose my top 5 in no particular order sense I can't decide they would be

    Pokémon Sword & Shield
    Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon DX
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Splatoon 2
    not sure about number 5 maybe Brilliant Diamond or more likely Legends Arceus when that comes out.

  15. Did you ever play gnosia? Its my favorite switch game, its a visual novel! If so where would u put it?

  16. 7:20 I wanted to love this game, I tried so desperately so force myself to love this game. I wanted it to be the next Armored Core flagship series but. Yeah. Our Australian friend's quiet stare describes it perfectly. What a pity when a game has so much potential to be the new something in an obscure genre but fails.

  17. i recently got a switch, so far im addicted to the long dark lol, love your vids man!

  18. Everybody ranks Hades so high, but I honestly don't think it can compare to "Children of Morta"
    It's the same genre but MIUCH better

  19. Doom eternal should be number 1 because it craps all over those games but good list

  20. “Pokémon Sword and Shield are S and Mystery Dungeon remake is C”

    Probably the biggest L I have ever seen.

  21. Coral island comming this years dont forget to try dude

  22. How could you forget Bakugan battle for vestroia.

  23. Super Mario Party was awesome how does it suck?

  24. When you see the list and realize the few exclusives games de switch have

  25. Everyone who loves overcooked 2 is awesome its way better than the og which is crazy

  26. I haven't played an actual good game since I've played xenoblade chronicles 1 and 2

  27. I haven't played an actual good game since I've played xenoblade chronicles 1 and 2

  28. u told us worst to best and u start with an s

  29. Just finished Ori and the will of the wisps and it’s an S easy. I prefer it over Hollow Knight to be honest

  30. Before playing the Xenoblade franchise I was always skeptical on your opinion on XC2 because I wanted to like the game so much. Then I played XCDE, it was a masterpiece and I was ready for XC2.. and I hated the game.

    The combat is by far the best thing about it and mind you, I even like the getcha mechanics. The rest.. I don't know what happened..

  31. I confess that I clicked this purely because it looked like you were sticking Metroid Dread in D tier in the thumbnail and I would've been pissed.

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