OFFICIALLY Ranking 100 Nintendo Switch Games from BEST to WORST! -

OFFICIALLY Ranking 100 Nintendo Switch Games from BEST to WORST!

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100 Nintendo Switch Games RANKED from BEST to WORST! Sponsored by DISPLATE! CLICK 👉 | Buy MULTIPLE Displates for a bigger discount, 1-2 is 34% OFF, 3-4 is 38% OFF and 5+ is 42% OFF! / COME MEET US IN NYC TOMORROW @ 11am-12pm infront of the Nintendo Store!

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  1. A hat in time is my favorite game of all time. It is a fun casual 3D platformer……but the vibe,charcters, and dialouge? The game nailed those 3 way better then any other game of this generation. I understand why you didn't like it though. Highly recommend to anyone who was even slighty intrested in the game.

  2. This list misses Children of Morta(You should try it it's great! Roguelike with local/future online Co-op)

  3. Pokémon Shield SS and SMTV A tu es matrixé 🤣

  4. Can I just say thank you for the actual cool and relevant sponsored ad…very cool and not just another nord vpn commercial lol

  5. Bro how is animal crossing S tier? I literally have it and it’s not that fun lol.

  6. Wood likes hxh it's a great anime besides the kiddie coming of age undertones. Killua is a beast and has a crazy family lol

  7. Really hit when you judged daemon lol and you are the G.O.A.T love your videos

  8. Hmmmm I might check out Dragon Quest Builders 2, kinda bored at the moment and you rated it pretty high twice (Before SSS and after). I don't care about Minecraft so if it's like that, gg.

    Anyone who stumbles upon this, feel free to give me your brutally honest opinion of the game.

  9. We need globs of doom for switch that was my childhood!

  10. great video but the edit isn't all that great. Most games you are not saying which tier and the edit is simply zooming on the game sliding in an unknown tier. Not that bad but annoying when I'm genuinely trying to know which tier you are giving some games.

  11. Me who loves miitopia seeing it get a C: WHAT THE FU- wait actually ngl true but C?!?!!? I MEAN B I GET BUT C? Also a huge wwe fan seeing it get an F: See now on switch it sucks but everywhere else it's amazing.

  12. Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sw/Sh do not deserve S-tier…

  13. I hate you for putting fortnight in c

  14. Your videos are so hard to watch. You jump around too much and constant camera switching video shots

  15. Pokémon sword and shield S ok I have seeing enough.

  16. Soo I'm planing to get a nintendo switch next week but I still dk what game to get my budget is two 60 dollar games and I'm thinking of animal crossing and pokemon sword. Pls recommend me games other than zelda breath of wild, mario kart 8 and also which pokemon game is the best?

  17. The Witcher III is definitely an easy SSS, for sure, other than that excellent list 😂

  18. Nintendo LABO way too low. Lots of thought went into those toys and software.

  19. This was a bit hard to follow and you didn't say where all the games were going

  20. Feel like you forgot about mortal Kombat 11

  21. My top 5 games:
    1. Breath of the wild
    2. Mario Kart 8 deluxe
    3. Starlink
    4. Super Mario odyssey
    5. Final Fantasy X

  22. Hehe animal crossing was my first game on switch and I played it before on 3DS and I played acnh for months! I completed main game and hhp, I am trying to make my island citycore.

  23. Apex ain't the ugliest port, ark is. Like… Move pixark over, NOT ark, jesus.

  24. I'm sorry 😞but for me… BOTW should NOT be a S. The game was boring 😴, you have to travel a long way to get the Divine beast & wake them up just to defeat Ganon, go all over in search of Shires!. I'm sorry but I disagree, it's an F 👎👎

  25. Snowrunner is pretty A tier tbh – Nintendo being anti-mods is keeping it from S imo

  26. I’m surprised you didn’t do Katana Zero, the Megaman collections, or any of the Lego games….

  27. daemon x machina is a very good game (for armored core fan)

    Not really for Mario/Zelda fan

  28. Real talk is pokemon sw/sh better than the lets GO games overall? Looking to get back into playing poke. Grew up the dreaded "Gen Wuner" but ive played gen 2 and w/e gen Pearl VERY briefly. Hearing a lot of mixed things on both so any help would be dope lol

  29. I still have wartime flashbacks of you saying Stardew was not that great, and then making an apology video about it… with that said, you putting it on S tier off the bat had me shed a tear 😤💕

  30. What's the name of that metroid displate? I can't find it on their website

  31. I like games like 51 club house games miitopia terraria submautica as simple games to relax to but I also like games like ace attorney doom and Skyrim Metroid dread and botw are also really fun taiko no tatsujin and Mario maker 2 is fun. That’s my tier list basically and can anybody recommend me games.

  32. My man put Skyrim above Minecraft by one and I’m clapping

  33. Ranking Tropical Freeze an A and then ranking Pikmin 3 Deluxe a C for being a "a great game but a boring port" is some mind breaking troll logic.

  34. Dragon's Dogma : Dark Arisen deserved an A on this list

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