Ogres Have the BEST Lore Games Workshop Have EVER Produced - Here is Why! A RANT. - bestgamewiki.com

Ogres Have the BEST Lore Games Workshop Have EVER Produced – Here is Why! A RANT.

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  1. I love Warhammer’s Ogres and their lore and playstyle, I prefer it over the other fantasy settings that have them

  2. There is a reason I 3D sculpted myself as a fat Ogre Tyrant for my army.

  3. A overall good breakdown bro. There was deffo a few wrong points from an AOS standpoint, especially regarding gut magic. Look into the beast claw raiders lore it will blow your mind, its as well thought out as the regular guys. The symbiosis between the ogors and their beasts is phenomenal. Don't miss out and big up the stonehorns!

  4. 21:30 somehow the modern tories are oppressing the UK and no one does fuck about it.

    However the Modern French protest and riot any time a law change is suggested that they don’t like the look of.

    Ironically your statement about why Bretonia is unconvincing as medieval France – is exactly what happens in current England.

  5. The gnoblars are such a good aspect as well. Just too horrible to eat, unless you're starving!

    Truly a shame how they changed gorgers. They used to be mutants outcast at birth (down a well) meaning they didn't have a 'gut'. They roamed around skaven tunnels, eventually losing their eyesight and hunting by smell. -In AoS they're just cursed ogres that are always hungry…

    The lore may have changed in AoS but I do like the blizzard curse for one faction of the ogres. Always having to be on the move as a magical blizzard is chasing them for eternity. And if it catches them they freeze and are put into suspended animation.

  6. The Ogres have a lot of influence on "ye olde world". They ruined the giants, gave Carthay PTSD, are present everywhere and every army can reasonably field Ogres.

  7. Ogre Kingdoms were the first Fantasy army I picked because of how big and bulky they were, and how they were the ultimate mercenary group helping absolutely anybody with the money, food or ale to hire them; from Chaos to Empire, Dark Elves to Tomb Kings, an Ogre Kingdom tribe will ally with absolutely everyone they can as long as they get paid, and they'll stomp their "allies" if they back out

    Hell, their units are full of character – Leadbelchers will pick up any gubbins they find on the battlefield and stuff them into their cannons to fire at fies, a Tyrant will go one on one with a Giant and break its will to his command, and Butchers would literally cut themselves apart to cast spells, all with them worshipping a huge mouth that crashed into the planet – they're just so different and their pure size made them terrifying to anyone with enough common sense to know big man with big thumpy stick will crush them with little effort.

    It's a shame they've been Flanderised into just big eaty bois who have stereotypical hunters amongst them who are exclusively Destruction aligned, they took away the freedom of allegiance in order to bolster the Orruks and Gloomspite Gitz before the Sons of Behemat and Kragnos rocked up, and now the Cities of Sigmar are getting their own Ogors to help them out but the actual Ogors get nothing but one mini every five or so years.

    I can't wait until The Old World comes back so I can revive my Ogre Kingdoms tribe I collected long ago, they're one of the Warhammer armies that absolutely deserve far more love than they've gotten from GW for so long.

  8. I'm still feel kinda miffed that gw silently took away most of the maneater minis without even a last chance to buy notice. Even though they were finecast from most videos I ever saw they were pretty good looking.

  9. I swear in the Ogre Kingdom Trailer they had the old man/seer/ spoiler to spoiler cooking in a pot

  10. I love it when you rant about the stuff you like! I've never read nor played any ogres but listening to you makes me want to dive in! Now do more about da orks!

  11. Only thing that’s stopped me thinking about doing ogres is the old rank and file WFB models, long over due a revamp, the rest of the range are great

  12. Isn't almost all of that lore in AoS? Hate to be a sellout but I kinda love AoS lore.

  13. That's ok, we all have objectively wrong opinions. Lizardmen are the best faction

  14. I feel like the Kroot could be something similar to this in 40k if they were allowed to be their own faction. Given the Ogryn are mostly just dull witted bruisers for the Guard and little else.

  15. I'm curious as to why North isn't really a Sanderson fan. Granted, I haven't read LOTS of Sanderson, but what I have I found to be quite good.

  16. Hey north, have you heard of “warhammer armies project” it’s a fan made continuation of the fantasy setting; as if the end times didn’t happen. It’s been in works for almost 10 years and is all entirely free online.

  17. I like the positive videos. I still like the High Elves and Empire more but Ogres are really cool and i love gut magic. I also don’t want the Great Maw to ever be explained. I want it to be forever a mystery. maybe it gives the ogres magic maybe not. maybe it’s some eldritch alien creature maybe it’s just that a giant rock with no life on it crashed into the world, created a giant hole and no one has ever been down to the center if the hole and come back so there may have been nothing there but people around it believed there was something there so something appeared. IDK and i like that

  18. 21:35 Officially, Bretonnians are only classified as either nobles or peasants, but in WFRP 2e's Knights of the Grail, the merchant class is a subset of the peasantry who have accumulated enough wealth that the nobles don't fuck with them.
    Certain colors are restricted to the nobility, so merchants like to toe the line by dressing flamboyantly in whatever colors they are allowed to wear.

  19. 24:01 You can't get to Cathay without crossing the World's Edge.
    Specifically, You need to cross that mountain range, make your way through the Dark Lands, then the Mountains of Mourn, before you reach Cathay and Ind.

  20. "Harry Potter is quite hard." -North

  21. This point of point of faction lore not clicking together and making sense how they work is exactly why AoS lore is absolute dogshit compared to fantasy and 40k. And I say this as an AoS player as I find the rules the best of the three. But the only lore I can ever get into is the campaign events where something more interesting happens.

  22. Real life France is bad enough? It's an amazing country. You probably meant it as a joke but it says a lot about your character.

  23. Just finished painting 6300pts of ogres for a commission so if you don’t want to paint them I got a few models under my belt and would be happy to take yours on 😊

  24. as the official accordion account on youtube i gotta say that this was a good video

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