One of my BEST Games in Crimson Heist ! ( Full Game ) -

One of my BEST Games in Crimson Heist ! ( Full Game )

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Peripherals :
Mouse : White Zowie ZA13-B with a Rasta Custom Paracord and Custom Hyper Glide Skates
Keyboard : Vortex POK3R White Case RGB LED 60% Double Shot ABS Mechanical Keyboard with MX Silver Switches
Mouse Pad : Zowie GS-R
Headphones : Shure SE-215 Earbuds
Monitor : Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5″ 240hz G-Sync Monitor

Sensitivity :
H : 70
V : 70
1.0x – 116
1.5x – 150
2.0x – 167
2.5x – 175
3.0x – 177
4.0x – 181
5.0x – 179
12.0x – 175
X-Factor Aiming Multiplier : 0.01
Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier : 0.002230
DPI : 400

Aspect Ratio : 16:10, 90 FOV

bless up 🙂


  1. Secondary account to play with golds haha 😂

  2. This gameplay is nothing but a teamdeath match

  3. Who that in the background LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!! (0:40) “wooooo” hype man 😭😭😭🤣🤣

  4. Legit looks like like wall hacks 90% of the time. Not even enjoyable to watch IMO lol. Not calling him a cheater…just a lot of fishy lock on before firing around a corner. How does one prove someone is hacking? Obviously no one admits it

  5. Man is on FIRE! It would be an honor to play with you guys for a night.

  6. Yo godly you got any movement tips for us

  7. Godly is the reason I play console and not pc because I would delete the game after playing him

  8. The amount of "Oh my God's in this video were…

    Too many for me to f*cking count

  9. The last clip on border wasn’t even in crimson heist

  10. Yo, Godly. Were you playing Kasasexy on April 10th night, my ID is mumu.evo. Said “mumu you’re dogshit” when we just got in at ban phase. If that was you, I wanna know why? If not tell your friend whoever plays that acc, be nice to everyone.

  11. anyone console champ and can recommend any tips/sens?

  12. Am new content creator for R6s ,feel free to supp me i really need this

  13. how does the x factor work? i changed mine to godly's and there no difference from the default x factor

  14. Tranquilo godly tu legado está a salvo conmigo


  16. Hey godly what is your sens I would love to know

  17. when the vigil gets thrown into the wall at 8:55 i lost my shit, lmaooo

  18. How to get more kills… rely on crouch… see an enemy, crouch, getting shot at, crouch, shooting, crouch….bringing gaming skills back to 1997…… crouch is NOT skill, been universally frowned upon in EVERY shooter for 2 decades yet rainbow keep it in and it’s passed off as skill….. 🤦🏽‍♂️👎

  19. I fear no man but that thing……that thing scares me

  20. Hes so good he has high alert perk from modern warfare.

  21. You cant show you dead because u are r6 youtuber

  22. Did anyone think it was there discord going off at 0.39

  23. Godly is def top 3 best players in siege can’t change my mind

  24. Hey Godly, do you think if you had low vision you would play the same? Like if you had glaucoma, do you think you'd play as flawless as you do now?

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