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Over 30 of the BEST Free VR Games 2022 (PCVR & Quest)

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Welcome back. Today I continue to help you get the most out of your VR headsets in 2022 so now we have a list of over 30 of the BEST Free VR games. This includes both free PCVR games and free Quest games. To help you find what you are looking for it’s organized by genre

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Intro 00:00
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Casual Games 01:06
Bait (Quest)
Moon rider (PCVR, Quest)
Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! (Quest)

VR Experiences 02:20
Mission: ISS: (Quest)
Goliath: Playing with Reality (Quest)
Liminal (PCVR, Quest)
Invasion (PCVR, Quest)
Crow the legend (PCVR, Quest)
Tripp (Quest)

Shooters 04:20
Pavlov Shack (Quest)
Spark (Quest)
Gun Raiders (Quest)
Propagation VR (PCVR)

Horror 05:55
Propagation VR (PCVR)
Dagon (PCVR)
Polar Dread (Quest)
Nevrosa (PCVR)
Shattered Lights (PCVR)

Roomscale 07:22
Shattered Lights (PCVR)
TraVRSal (PCVR, Quest)
Tea for God (PCVR, Quest)

Social 08:17
Rec Room (PCVR, Quest)
Vr Chat (PCVR, Quest)
Neos VR (PCVR)
Chill out VR (PCVR)

Racing 09:50
V-Speedway (Quest)
Touring Karts (PCVR, Quest)

Competitive/Esport 10:30
Gym Class (Quest)
Gorilla Tag (PCVR, Quest)
Pokerstars vr (PCVR, Quest)
Cards and Tankards (PCVR, Quest)
Echo VR (PCVR, Quest)
Ultimechs (PCVR, Quest)

MMO 12:45
A Township Tale (PCVR)

Sims 13:16
Epic roller coasters (PCVR)
DCS world (PCVR)
War Thunder (PCVR)

Action/Adventure 14:00
Battle Talent (PCVR, Quest)
A Very Potter VR Game (Quest)

Mini Games 15:00
The Lab (PCVR)
Spider-man experiences (PCVR)
Nvidia Fun House

Creativity Apps 15:55
Gravity Sketch (PCVR, Quest)
Open Brush (PCVR, Quest)

Entertainment Apps 16:15
Netflix (PCVR, Quest)
Amazon Prime (PCVR, Quest)
Big Screen (PCVR, Quest)
Google Earth VR (PCVR)

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  1. I can’t seem to find very potter on quest 2

  2. Little does he know echo is leaving in august

  3. no fear of gorilla tag being a paid title he said lol

  4. What is the game you’re playing at the very beginning where you were shooting through the door that looks pretty fun?

  5. don't forget affected the manor. great game

  6. Had no idea Township Tale was free on PC. I have Air Link setup so I'm just getting everything on PC so that's pretty rad.

  7. can you just split them by devices 😐😐😐

  8. I like how he said every furrys favotite application

  9. a few pcvr games has made it to quest like a township tale. epic rollercoasters.

  10. Wait thats my name ur channels name is my name :l uhh……

  11. for a moment i thought missionISS was subnautica VR

  12. But like what game was being played in the beginning at 0:00 fr that game looks fun fr

  13. In epic roller coasters you can now play on quest because I have the game and i don’t have a pc

  14. i love how most vr devs overlook the pcvr gaming industry and expect everyone to have a quest 2

  15. DCS World is basically a demo for free players and most people watching this video probably wouldn't have a beefy enough PC to get decent VR performance out of it anyway.

  16. R.I.P echo vr. one of the best sport vr games

  17. Got a Quest 3. First VR for me. Ultimechs Rocks. Gonna check out Echo VR

  18. Is dcs on quest or side quest I can’t find it or is it only on pcvr

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