People Are Already Making Ridiculous Games in Game Builder Garage -

People Are Already Making Ridiculous Games in Game Builder Garage

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Good gravy

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GTA V Garage Edition:
Sonic 3D 2.0:
Doom Eternal Garage Teaser:
Warioware: Metroid:
Fish Splish: Retribution:

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  1. I was on my home page on YouTube and I came across a pretty cool game on game builder garage, the game was called ALIEN HUNTER. it’s an FPS game.

  2. Has anyone made a castlevania style one ?

  3. I actually liked fish splish better than some of the other games

  4. I remember unsubscribing years ago. This popped up in my feed and now I remember instantly why I stopped watching. This man is unbearable

  5. I like how I got a game builder garage ad lol

  6. When will we get fish splish retribution remake?

  7. Why Nintendo don’t given us ARABIC Language in they games this is really Racist , Arabic speakers are greater than Danish, German and French speakers combined

  8. No joke! I would love to see people replicating the old Net Yaroze games into Game Builder Garage projects 😀

  9. Now we can finally ort call of duty to switch ourselves

  10. When I finish the tutorial I hope to make a fighting game

  11. Give it a few months and you’ll have fully fledged indie games in here XD

  12. It's amazing how much user creativity can go into such limitations!

  13. Garage is pronounced Garidge. It’s only Garaaaaahj if you’re a poncy American 😂

  14. I’m playing through Twilight Princess again and the camera is inverted as well and is really annoying trying to pan left and right when I go right to go left and left to go right and I forget every single time so it takes me double the amount of time get places.

  15. shuggy buggy kinda looks a bit like micromachines..

  16. The yellow dot in the top right means the game is struggling

  17. Do you want Action 52: 2021? Because this is how we get Action 52: 2021.

  18. 29.99 for this "game" sounds astounding.

  19. Can you actually make music for your game?

  20. I want to try to make at least one Halo CE level in this. And the thought of programming finite ammunition and an ammo counter makes me pee my pants.

  21. Love this video!
    Except like you, it makes me feel like everything I’ve made in Game Builder Garage is trash 😂

  22. 9:01 Here it says "Version compatible with handheld mode" for anyone wondering.

  23. I'm anxiously awaiting a goldeneye garage… it's only a matter of time until one of these talented folks make it.

  24. I’m so glad people are already making amazing games

  25. The silent reaction during sonic lol. Good stuff. I felt the same way

  26. You know the game is good when the code screen can't hit a smooth fps

  27. Most of these are still better than Balan Wonderworld

  28. I was actually kind considering well I mean Willis Canobie like scratch you know that website well yeah I definitely wants game

  29. So…I can make games with this game?
    That's the vibe I'm getting here.

  30. Mfw Americans call it a "Garawj" and not a "Garry-warry-store-and-carry." 🙄

  31. Sonic looks great compared to the other sonic titles since 2004

  32. I swear I misread the thumbnail as “ridiculous garbage games”

  33. Please make more Game Builder Garage videos!!!

  34. I love how you hit the balloon thing in sonic… it replicates how buggy 3d sonic games are

  35. Finally I can make Nintendo fan game's, without getting copyrighted!

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