People Are Already Making Ridiculous Games in Game Builder Garage -

People Are Already Making Ridiculous Games in Game Builder Garage

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Good gravy

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GTA V Garage Edition:
Sonic 3D 2.0:
Doom Eternal Garage Teaser:
Warioware: Metroid:
Fish Splish: Retribution:

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  1. I would have to say Fish Splish Retribution is better than any game that was announced during E3 2021 lol 😂! Fish Splish Retribution should get game of the year for 2021!

  2. Finally I can make Nintendo fan game's, without getting copyrighted!

  3. I love how you hit the balloon thing in sonic… it replicates how buggy 3d sonic games are

  4. Please make more Game Builder Garage videos!!!

  5. I swear I misread the thumbnail as “ridiculous garbage games”

  6. Sonic looks great compared to the other sonic titles since 2004

  7. Mfw Americans call it a "Garawj" and not a "Garry-warry-store-and-carry." 🙄

  8. So…I can make games with this game?
    That's the vibe I'm getting here.

  9. I was actually kind considering well I mean Willis Canobie like scratch you know that website well yeah I definitely wants game

  10. Most of these are still better than Balan Wonderworld

  11. You know the game is good when the code screen can't hit a smooth fps

  12. The silent reaction during sonic lol. Good stuff. I felt the same way

  13. I’m so glad people are already making amazing games

  14. I'm anxiously awaiting a goldeneye garage… it's only a matter of time until one of these talented folks make it.

  15. 9:01 Here it says "Version compatible with handheld mode" for anyone wondering.

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