PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium - 10 Best Games for PS5 Owners -

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium – 10 Best Games for PS5 Owners

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PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium are released in North and south America. These are the top 10 games to play on your PS5.

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0:00 PS Plus Essential vs. Extra vs. Premium
1:46 Control: Ultimate Edition
2:14 NBA 2K22
2:43 Death Stranding Director’s Cut
3:38 Deamon’s Souls
4:15 Guardians of the Galaxy
5:00 Red Dead Redemption 2
6:07 Assassins Creed Valhalla
6:43 Returnal
7:24 Spiderman Miles Morales
8:16 Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

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  1. Anyone tell me. What are Assassin's creed games are in ps extra?

  2. On ps5 can I actually download the game or is it only cloud streaming? The input delay on cloud streaming is terrible for me.

  3. Hello I bought Ps Deluxe but I can't download The quarry it just say follow or add you favorites why??

  4. Aqui no Brasil nem tem streaming,aqui tem o plano deluxe que tem bem poucos jogos retro, conpensa bem mais o plano extra , espero que lancem o plano premium com streaming aqui também.

  5. It is garbage until they get more games will not compare to Game Pass I just bought premium and I'm disappointed especially it comes to classic games there isn't any

  6. Does any1 know if Sony will add more games to ps plus extra and premium? Or is this literally it??

  7. Is ghost of tsushima directors cut available in essential membership?Does a copy dualshock 4 ps4 controller works with ps plus?

  8. That's is not truth ,I just count the games and in my ps5 I have only 275 games ,I am not sure why everybody still saying there is 400 games .

  9. I kinda own all of these PS5 titles though. And in Asia, there is no ps3 streaming. So will be staying on essential tier for now.

  10. More like "top 10 games for people who don't normally game" the whole catalog is diappointing..I've played about 80-90 % of everything in the catalog within the last 2-5 years. It's actually just as bad as game pass. When I had my series x, the only old games I played were splinter cell…everything else was irrelevant

  11. I have played rdr2 alone from this list in ps4. So, I'm so excited.

  12. the only way for Microsoft to win this battle is make free charge of Online Multiplayer games, completely free

  13. ghost of tsushima director's cut is the best game for ps plus extra especially on ps5

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