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POV: You’re Good At Every FPS Game

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Shroud moments of him being really good at multiple games throughout the last year.

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  1. I'm I the only one noticing the snapping? lol. Yikes.

  2. masquerade bloodhunt and hyperscape were the only fps where ive felt i excelled at, shame they died so quick.

  3. Me too shroud don’t mean you gotta be cocky

  4. Let me correct that title for you!

    POV: You’re a God at every FPS game

  5. It's actually insane how he used his knowledge of one game and applied it to other games

  6. Shroud is a versatile player. That's what he wants everyone to acknowledge about him.

  7. Shroud could go and win major trophies in every game if he wanted and could.

  8. These are just clips of standout moments. Everyone has them. I have thousands of moments like this. Doesn’t mean shiiiit.

  9. Have you heard special force before shroud? I really wish that game boom this era.

  10. Those OG PUBG days were long before so many ppl found em god bring me back to the simpler times I miss so much

  11. We know who is the king of fps games definitly shroud

  12. Whats the name of this song ive been searching for months?

  13. Good pc + good ping + all year long NNN = good aim

  14. having a mouse makes every game easy. you just point and click. it eliminates majority of the skill

  15. Would you guys rather be the greatest only in one game, or a very good player in many games?

  16. Naaah should be

    POV: when you are SHROUD🔥🔥

  17. Dude is a savage… never heard a bad thing about him

  18. Dudes literally one of the best Aimer’s of all time

  19. First clip is obvious wallhacks.. you'd be an idiot to think otherwise

  20. You’re pro, not just good lol. Crazy clips 🔥🔥

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