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Ranking EVERY Battlegrounds GAME Worst To Best (Roblox)

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In this video I will be ranking every battlegrounds game from worst to best….in aba terms
Make your own version on the tier list I made below or drop your own tier list in the comments
Tier List:
Game: …

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  1. No way they added the godzilla roar for the dragon roar

  2. Sorcerer battlegrounds is easy A tier cause the they have a Glock

  3. Why he not adding the Heavens Arena? But he added Anime Showdown. Bruh

  4. You play in tsb so very bad. Go duel my nick: hilbey11

  5. Bro u skipped ultimate bg and said it was sumthing else

  6. Im confused what you mean about it changing my avatar outfit when i use my ultimate

  7. 10 views in 2 minutes,bro fell off

  8. amazing video as always! u never fail to fill up my massive cheeks with your content! 😀

  9. noice your the best bg youtuber next to sage

  10. I love Godzilla a lot, so I could tell atleast two Godzilla roars, the roar as the dragon and when you do that scream attack

  11. 166 views in 17 minutes? Bro fell off HARD

  12. "jjs has good combat" is one of the most dumbest things i ever heard

  13. First Coast Arena he used the wrong icon ultimate Battlegrounds icon you goober

  14. z battlegrounds aint a bad game it just has a low player base and (some) dumb players

  15. 2,915 views in 8 hours BRO FELL OFF REALLY HARD

  16. 15:26 You put the image of Ultimate Battlegrounds and you are talking about Unlimited Battlegrounds

    Only about the rest, I agree that Z Battlegrounds and Héroes Battlegrounds lack a little more fluidity

  17. Every comment or like this gets ill give u 10 perfectly cooked hot pockets

  18. Cursed Arena is by far my favorite, its slow at first but when you get the mechanics its wonderful, community is by far one of funniest, met alot of chill people in there

  19. Fruit battlegrounds isnt even a battlegrounds….it fricking trash.

  20. Cursed Arena has bosses as well. Heck, it is made by the same days as Unlimited Battlegrounds.

  21. Putting seas battlegrounds over z battlegrounds and hero battlegrounds is crazy the developers don't even care about sea battlegrounds

  22. Ngl i like jjs better than qll of them on the list bc sits judt so fun

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