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Ranking Every LEGO Game From WORST To BEST

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Today i will be ranking every lego game from worst to best and giving my opinion before the release of lego star wars the skywalker saga which lego game is the best ?

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1:20 Ranking

LEGO Games Listed –

– Lego star wars the complete saga
– Lego Indiana Jones
– Lego star wars the skywalker saga
– Lego Batman
– Lego Indiana Jones 2
– Lego city undercover
– Lego Incredibles
– lego marvel superheroes 1
– lego marvel avengers
– lego marvel superheroes 2
– lego pirates of the Caribbean
– lego harry potter years 1-4
– lego harry potter years 5-7
– lego batman 2
– lego batman 3
– lego dc supervillains
– lego star wars the force awakens
– lego hobbit
– lego lord of the rings
– lego Ninjago movie: the videogame
– the lego movie videogame
– the lego movie videogame 2
– Lego Jurassic world

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  1. The first videogame I actually played was The Clone Wars. I still remember having the best time of my life and I replayed it more than 5 times. I'm not even joking.
    But man…Lord of the Rings… that was on a whole other level. Massive hub world, extremely long and replayable levels… I just can't express how much I loved that game. I didn't even watch Lord of the Rings, but I just loved everything about it
    Marvel Superheroes was also awesome but the other two were the highlights of my childhood and I wish I could play them again

  2. Now I want to know where lego batman for the ds would go if it were ranked

  3. Since dozens and dozens of lego games exists it's litteraly way too long to put them all in one and only video.
    But good work anyway with these ones !

  4. And in number one is Lego (we all knew it was gonna be number one)

  5. Not gonna lie. Lego batman 3 feels more a like lego justice league

  6. i guess now this should be updated to put skywalker saga into top 1

  7. I have the Star wars Complete and Skywalker Saga Indiana Jones 2 Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Marvel Super Heroes Jurassic world and the Force Awakens

  8. Lego marvel superheroes 2 is awful because the bugs make it pretty much unplayable at least on switch

  9. Where’s Lego battles? That’s easily my favorite

  10. My favorite is Lego worlds you know the sandbox one

  11. Me when I enter Gunship Cavalry
    "This little maneuver is going to cost us 51 years"

  12. If you run out ideas you can do for mobile compare it to the console say your thoughts

  13. I am not mad I'm just disappointed of how low The Lego movie 1 is 🥲

  14. Us chads don't fight about Lego games, but one of my favorites for my top 5 is the Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame.

  15. Let’s be honest in Lego marvel avengers age of ultron it was so fun playing as the hulkbuster

  16. Lego world's and Lego city undercover are my favorites

  17. I loved Lego star wars the completed saga. It was the most fun game ever

  18. Lego pirates of the caribbean was my childhood

  19. Lego worlds is at the top of my list so m that hurt

  20. I love how this man really just uses random music I mean last vid of him I watched i heard the X-Men cartoon theme when he was talking about the Lego movie 2 video game 😂

  21. Honestly, how have they never made a Lego Cars game? That would be fire 🔥🔥

  22. 1 lego star wars the skywalker saga
    2 lego pirates of the carabean
    3 lego city undercover
    4 lego harry potter
    5 lego indiana jones

    1 is da best 5 da worst hope you guys got some info from me if you like gaming subscribe to da fortnite gamer (my youtube chanle)

  23. This is tough. I would go:
    1. Lego Marvel Superheroes
    2. Lego Batman 1 (possibly for nostalgic reasons playing with my son when he was young
    3. Lego City Undercover
    4. Lego Batman 2

  24. you forgot bionicle heroes and the ninjago ds game

  25. this guy makes wanna own every single lego game

  26. played most of these on my DS, tho i have a copy of Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 on ds and Switch, it's a big difference, i kinda like that

  27. Nice that he plays Pokémon at the Start when they have no game


    Due to a copyright claim I had to trim out a few segments this being NUMBER 20 The Force Awakens .

    And Number 1 ill leave you you lot to guess that one 😏
    Thanks for all the support guys

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