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Ranking Every Souls Game from Worst to Best (Including Elden Ring) | Asmongold Reacts

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  1. For the most part i agree with the whole fighting multiple enemies is a pain in the ass, except for sekiro. But thats how i am personally with sekiro, i tend to just wade into the middle of everyone deflecting, striking, using tools, ninjutsu, combat arts, and rarely tend to get hit.

  2. Dark souls 2 is my favorite souls game. I’m probably biased tho because it was my first one lmao 😅

  3. bloodborn>sekiro>dark souls 3> maybe elden ring> maybe dark souls 1> ds2 > demon souls

    the definitive order, top two you can switch, unless your a casual then i can understand elden ring being number 1 for you, otherwise no.

  4. Asmongolds takes on soulsborne games are painfully bad.

  5. My rank based on experience, lore, gameplay, atmosphere and the reason why the games are what they are. (Like ds1 that is kinda depressing because almost everyone around you hollows or dies or you have to kill them)
    1. Ds3 10/10
    2.sekiro 9.5/10
    3. Ds1 9/10
    4. Eldenring 8,5/10
    5. Ds2 8/10
    6. bloodborne 7/10
    7. Demon souls 6/10

  6. Dark Souls 2 is the only game in the series that made me not want to play it a second time. I made one character, beat the game once, and never touched it again.
    It's impressive how poorly coded and made that game is.

  7. I think one of the main reason Sekiro was such a well-polished masterpiece of its genre beacuse they had the extra hours to focus on the enemy AI and parry mechanic since there was no PVP, invasions, god-awfull servers and weapon-balancing to concentrate on. Meanwhile Elden Ring got Rivers of Blood maniacs griefing everyone, magic bullshit and basic mobs hitting you for 60% of your health if you're not beefed out.

  8. 1. Sekiro
    2. Two way tie between bloodborne and elden ring
    3. Darksouls 3
    4. Darksouls
    5. Two way tie between demon souls and darksouls 2

  9. I think dark souls is easiest by far. That game is a breeze now days. I never played the demon's souls remaster but the original was challenging in my experience…especially because you lost half your health on death. I believe it actually made enemies harder too the more you died to them. Im sure the remaster dumbed it down for stupids. It also had the best darkest atmosphere right next to bloodborne. Tower of latria atmosphere was far superior in the original game. Remasters always ruin something.

  10. I made a habit of spending my remaining souls on blood vials after leveling up in bloodborne. It basically solved the issue of needing to grind them for me

  11. ds1 > deS > BB > ER > Sekiro > ds3 > ds2

    this being the case, ds2 is still a fantastic game and has a unique charm to it

  12. Asmon says bloodborne bad cause 30fps but elden rings perfect even with garbage performance, stutters and freezes, locked 60fps in 2022, no ultrawide, awful color grading with a green tint over everything, and anyone that wants to fix these issues is forced to play offline. Elden ring has far more problems than bloodborne.

  13. i will never understand the hate for dark souls 2, i love that game

  14. Elden ring is almost perfect as I find it hard to call thing’s perfect. However I feel its a little bit cheesy compared to the other souls games imo. Wether it be the player or the game’s challenges.

    The thing that makes elden ring one of the best (if not THE BEST) souls games to me is the sheer size of the world. The exploration and different themes for all the areas that game has is insane. That open world feel you get when you wonder into areas and how larger then life they feel is what makes this game special. The fact that you can miss some of these large areas is what makes it feel alive and real. Like how DS1 had that feeling because of the interconnected world. Its almost real.

    Pair this with the souls genre and bombastic boss fights you get easily one of the greatest souls games period

  15. Ive played every souls game except demon souls and sekiro, and id have to say that Elden ring is the worst for me. I still love the game and the combat is really good, it has the best combat of any of the games ive played, but the open world really takes a lot away from the souls feeling. To me, souls is a brilliant handcrafted experience, elden ring just feels less handcrafted and more manufactured.

  16. Sekiro, dark souls 3, bloodborn, dark souls 1, elden ring, dark souls 2, Demons souls, dark souls remastered.

  17. Bro got so pissed that someone enjoyed ds2 😂😂😂

  18. margrit hard?! 5 heal potions 5 mana potions fire sling finger seal and the cricket summon beat them 3rd try

  19. Asmon probably looking at his stream numbers when putting out these opinions lol

  20. Demon's Souls Remake is my first Souls, is pretty hard

  21. im just sayin dark souls 2 is a good game, if u say its worse than dark souls 1 ill agree but its still a good game, its worth the pricetag to play it. I dont get why the souls community shits on it so much and i disagree with every point that asmon made except the DLC mob placement is pretty shit and stupid, but the world is cool the mobs are cool the bosses are as decent as any other previous souls game boss with a few exceptions, its a good game and wutever systems hes talking about didnt affect me goin in there and powerstancing moonlight blades on every mob and boss

  22. Is there any chance we would get Bloodborne for PC in the near future?

  23. 1. Bloodborne
    2. Dark Souls 1
    3. Elden Ring
    4. Dark Souls 3
    5. Sekiro
    6. Demons Souls
    7. Dark Souls 2

  24. Tried fighting Lorian and have uninstalled twice because of that one boss

  25. Elden Ring is actually Dark Souls II remake considering plot and DLCs of DS2 are better than DS.

  26. From worst to best (my experience):
    Demon Souls —-> Bloodborne —-> Dark Souls —-> Sekiro —-> Dark Souls 2 —-> Dark Souls 3 —-> Elden Ring!

    From Easiest to Hardest (my experience):
    Elden Ring —-> Dark Souls 3 —-> Bloodborne —-> Demon Souls —-> Dark Souls —-> Dark Souls 2 —-> Sekiro!

    From least to most time spend in game:
    Demon Souls —-> Bloodborne —-> Sekiro —-> Dark Souls —-> Elden Ring —-> Dark Souls 2 —-> Dark Souls 3!

  27. Everything in Sekiro is simply amazing.

  28. maybe it's just me, but sekiro has nothing "soulslike" about him, i don't even know why he's on the list

  29. Bloodborne is the best. There is no contest for me.

  30. You can not like DS2 but its not a fundamentally bad game.

  31. DS2 (not sotfs) with dlc will always be my favorite souls

  32. Bloodborne is still my fav. Could care less about the very old fps excuse. People just use the fps excuse for every game at this point xD. Maybe it's just me but I don't expect every game to be perfect.

  33. I dont know why but ds2 is my favourite i would rank it second place after elden ring

  34. Perfect game doesn't mean its better than a game that has some minor flaws. My ranking would be:
    1) Bloodborne (Best art direction, level design, music, backstory lore is insane and the atmosphere is top notch with cosmic horror elements. The rally, vincernal and trick weapon systems are amazing. Also best DLC although ring city is amazing too)
    2) Sekiro (Thats a tough one cause i was between this and DS3. But in the end i prefer Sekiro cause it has the best sword combat in a game ever, the parry/deflect/posture system is amazing, great art direction, music and the best bosses out of all games. DS3 comes second,Bloodborne third and Elden ring fourth in that aspect. The only flaw of this game for me was the zero replayability, ng+ feels useless and bad, the level design is bland compared to Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Also the spirit tokens systems should have been refiled automatically like Estus. Same mistake with the Bloodborne blood vials. So it isn't a perfect game with no flaws it has some but its still my second favorite cause of the bosses, combat, world and story)
    3) Dark Souls 3 (Best Souls game for me, it has amazing bosses almost on par with Sekiro but the thing with DS3 is that it feels epic with all sense of the world. Great build variety, fast paced combat and great dlcs especially ringed city, great art direction and amazing music. The downsides is that the level design is kinda worse than the rest of the games same problem that Sekiro has. Another potential flaw is that you can overlevel and push through the game easily and also depending on your build. For example if you go strength/faith build for your first playthrough the game is a joke)
    4) Elden Ring (I liked the game but i didn't love it. The interconnected hub world design is much better for me than the open world design in this kinda of games and design formula. The dungeons got old fast with reusable bosses. I will use the phrase quality over quantity and this applies to this game for me. There are rare occasions of open world games that i don't feel bloated or bored like Elder Scrolls for example or Red Dead or Witcher but in this case sadly i was. The positives of this game are the build variety not so much the combat cause the basics haven't changed from DS3, the main bosses, the music and art direction)
    5) Dark Souls (Amazing atmosphere, art direction that is limited by old hardware, music, bosses, level design and the game that started everything. Some areas aren't as good as the others and it hasn't top tier bosses like the first 4 games for me)
    6) Demon Souls (Best game visually, with easy bosses, good level design but not amazing, solid combat with not much build variety and nice art direction and atmosphere. I would describe it as a solid game but not amazing or masterpiece like the first 5 games)
    7) Dark Souls 2 (Worst Souls game for me for reasons like extremely bad level design, no memorable bosses, hit boxes, artistically is not a good game. The positive is that it had some improvements in your combad/build variety approach and only that)

  35. After Elden Ring(also known as DS2 2), then DS2 is the Soulsborne i had the most fun with.

  36. Bosses balanced around summons/other OP shit and quests being easily missable if not following a guide are 2 obvious issues of Elden Ring.

  37. I too hated dark souls 2.. until I tried the punching build, then it was a blast I had so much fun

  38. I don't think ds2 is a bad game but it was easily the worst souls game. I think it has the potential to be way better and I think it could be fixed with a remake which could potentially make this a really good game

  39. I can only imagine a Tenchu game in a souls format. Focus little bit more on stealth in a little bit open world area. With the same souls boss fights.

  40. well since i've only played Elden ring. I have decided that it's the best as well

  41. The only thing bad about fighting multiple opponents in the souls games is their attacks go through each other(and just through walls). Not a big deal for regular enemies but holy fuck was i surprised by how retarded the godskin duo fight was compared to ds1 O&S. At least O seemed to try to circle around you minimizing the amount of times you just get hit through Smough but not godskin duo, they walk right next to and swing through each other.

  42. play demon soul's in pure black world tendency then tell me how easy it is.

  43. 13:50 I actually agree with asmond here for a different reason, not because waterfowl would cause wipes on it's own (it would) But the issue was any defensive build that was built around blocking, (You could block the entire attack with a 100% phys shield and use the weapon art to boost it's stability to block the entire chain without issue) But any hits also HEALED her, which made the fight feel more like a game of in and out than anything, because as long as you avoided waterfowl danace and the scarlet blossom attack she did, the fight became very straight forward, Side roll her lunge, if you had a sword/curved sword or faster grade weapon it was just swing > roll > swing > roll at the right timing and you could kill her without getting hit outside of waterfowl. Don't get me wrong malenia was still one of the most fun fights I had in the game, but I see where without waterfowl dance how the ENTIRE boss fight lose alot of it's ground that it's built upon.

  44. Original Dark Souls 2 was good, but sotfs ruined it by putting way more ganks, and unnecessary annoyances such as increasing the amount of statues in the way with branches of yore and putting dlc keyes in dumb places. It sucks because its the version that most people will play since its newer, but its difficulty is way more artificial than the original.

  45. to me Demon soul is not easy, it just more a simpler game than any other Soulsborne

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