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Ranking Every WWE 2K Game From WORST to BEST!

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Its hard to believe that 2K has had the WWE game license for almost 10 years, and we have had 7 WWE 2K games released, not counting WWE 2K14. Once upon a time fans were so excited that we were finally getting a new publisher, that the WWE games were out of THQ hands. Well fast forward to 2022 and after 7 games, the ups and down that this series has had, no one could have ever predicted. So why not go back and rank all the WWE 2K games!



  1. 2K22 is easily the best Pav. You know you buggin.

  2. DonJulio🅱️IG1️⃣9️⃣4️⃣2️⃣ says:

    2K22 to me is definitely the best in the series to me at least

  3. Everyone that thinks every wwe 2k game is bad are idiots. 2k15 and 20 are the only actual bad games. these haters need to stop generalizing.

  4. 2K19 was my first ever WWE game I played 😂 thank god I didn’t play the other WWE games

  5. Bro u just got a new subscriber, awesome review man keep it up

  6. Personally I think 2k22 looks best, but I liked 2k14 as only one out of 3 WWE games in total that had legendary Howard Finkel features as the main Ring Announcer

    Greetings of Germany

  7. 2k22 felt very rushed for me, paywalls. GM mode that you couldnt get full expewrience withouyt paying and grinding.
    Controlls feeling janky, Reversals being hit or miss..

    Im tempted to try the "top game" but dunop if it will be worth the price

  8. 19 was the last objectively good wwe game it wasn’t perfect but I could at least have fun my biggest complaint is how the universe mode lacks creativity they took out so many features that it’s hard to create fun storylines besides that fun game

  9. At least 2k20 never deleted all my created content and all my universe mode progress…

  10. 22 is full of buggs and errors no chance it's a top 2 game…

  11. I don't play wrestling games anymore. Haven't played them in years now. The last game I played was wwe2k14. I don't like the game play with wrestling games now slow pace. I like the old school game play from smackdown here comes the pain. The only way I will buy another wrestling game if it's a legends game future only old scool wrestlers and old school gameplay

  12. 2K15 is a damn good game. You can actually finish matches with one finisher! Ever since 2K16, every damn match is a marathon and it’s frustrating.

  13. but which has the best caw? good vid i was looking for a good wwe game last enjoyed the svr games tried 2k13 not my thing and id try the few ones that come out every year or so didnt like it. imma try 2k19 now

  14. It's a given loveing 2k16 alone by haveing Stone colds Showcase 😎

  15. Only good thing about 2k15 is it brings WWE games back to PC.

  16. I'm fool i deleted 2k19 and i prefer to myself

    Play on there place 2k16😨😨😨😨

  17. My matches had gone near to an hour in single fall matches in 2k19. It has my favourite damage sliders feature. I could make a match last an hour or 5 mins. If it ever happens in 2k22, 2k19 is still better because of its gameplay and graphics !!

  18. He really said "it never gave me herpes"😂

  19. Am I the only one that doesn't like the AI matches in 2k22? A guy like Wes Lee could take 10 RKOs by orton and always kicking out. Then he does 1 submission move and its done. Very repetitive with that system.

  20. My top 3 WWE game sof all time are

    1. HCTP
    2. SVR 2011
    3. 2K16 😎😎

  21. Miley Cyrus was tweaking lol you funny haha

  22. Les gooo bro knows that 2k19 is best ever

  23. "This was a time that people were excited that THQ were no longer involved with WWE games."

    Now people MISS the THQ Era.

    You know the old saying, "don't know what you got, 'til it's gone."

  24. I truly believe that 2k19 is the perfect style WWE game. I think the animations in the gameplay are super realistic and enjoyable. This might be debatable for others, but I actually think the graphics are more realistic too and look more similar to what I’d see flipping through my tv channels. So much so I can sit back and watch just the AI and not get bored! I absolutely love it and honestly went from 2k22 back to 2k19, because I feel it’s better in nearly every category. I honestly can’t stand playing 2k22 anymore. I used my “quick resume” feature on the Xbox Series X to play the same match set up in both 2k19 and 2k22 and it was far more fun and entertaining playing 2k19. Little details like when a player rolls out of the ring tired, they grab the edge of the ring to help stand themselves back up. Or when characters make certain moves it’s always something new and not the same 6 basic moves like in 22’. I really wish you or another YouTuber would make a super in depth analysis comparing 2k22 vs 2k19 when it comes to the animation details like I mentioned.

    Love your passion and videos man. Hope this aspires to be a new video! Thanks!

  25. I might be the only person i have 156 hours on 2k20 i never had a glich happen (world record)

  26. Wow. This list is actually SPOT ON. Fair play 👏

  27. Wwe 2k15 not on ps4, old gen was literally 2k14 with slightly better graphics and less matches and and game modes. And a terrible universe mode. I thought it was 🔥 as just playing normal matches on ps3.

  28. “It never gave me herpes” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. 2k20 was bad but the career stroy mode was good but they ended up making career mode boring and less of story in 2k22 hopefully 2k23 it’s better

  30. Only problem with 2K22 is the most stupid unpractical reverse system, mostly base on luck not skill

  31. OH god, the 2k20 is creepy as fuck. What is that, a possessed Queen?

  32. All 2k games that come out our garbage because they're trying to appeal to a younger generation and saying fuck you to the generation that got them rich…. Thq had the best wrestling game 💯

  33. as an NBA 2K gamer, i just wanna say i whole heartedly feel for your community, once again, 2K secures exclusive licensing deals and ruins the only product available for the fans of the genre……

  34. I don’t know why I’m doing a late upload at 12:50 am.. but yolo enjoy and goodnight 😂❤️

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