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RANKING My TOP 13 PS5 Games in 2022!

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RANKING My Top 13 PS5 Games in 2022!

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0:00 Intro
1:18 Resident Evil 2 Remake
2:38 Stray
3:54 Gran Turismo 7
5:48 Alan Wake Remastered
6:54 Horizon Forbidden West
8:35 Cyberpunk 2077
9:36 Gotham Knights
11:08 Assassins Creed Origins
12:33 Buy me a Coffee
13:20 SIFU
15:02 Death Stranding Directors Cut
16:26 Elden Ring
17:36 A Plague Tale Requiem
18:52 God of War Ragnarok
20:19 Comment of the Day
20:52 Outro

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  1. i played the first 2 chapters of plague tale requiem on the next day of release and havent touched it since…. i absolutely loved innocence… probably one of my all time top 5 along with death stranding…. the reason i didnt touch plague tale requiem isnt because its not good… its because id ont want it to be over…i kept spiderman miles morales too for 2 weeks but then finished it in 1 and a half day (100 percented it )

    edit : i hated stray and hated gotham knights just by watching online lol

  2. Good video but I'm not a fan of a lot of these games,but I'm 53 yrs old I like games like older games like R-Type, which I see is coming out in 2023 on PlayStation 5,grandtheft auto 5,I also like old school arcade games from when I was a teenager, Modern Warfare is another game I really enjoy ty for the video have a good one👍🚀

  3. First time watching your videos and can say I really enjoyed it, il take your opinion into consideration seeing as I have 85% of these games. Keep up the content boss

  4. only one comment about Returnal? and none of these games are next generation exclusive? Returnal, while hard, is easily the best representation, at least on PS5, of what this generation of video games is starting to become. When Unreal 5 games come out that will change.

  5. How do you have time to play all those games?

  6. How do you have time to play all those games?

  7. Felt by accident on your channel. Nice video.

  8. Glad I found your channel. You're such a nice person.

  9. Love gotham knights. The grind for better gear is part of what hooked me

  10. Have you played The Witcher 3? You might change your mind about best open world game after it

  11. I bought Elden Ring as a christmas present for myself… (my girlfiend will get a hug) It is litterlally wrapped up under my tree. I am temped to just rip it open and play it. I love all the From Software games.

  12. Only 5k?!? Man you deserve at least 5 million.

  13. Your hilarious! I finally got a PS5 It gets delivered today. And it comes with God Of War Game! YES. I can't wait to play it. I was so happy when your number 1 Game choice was God Of War!!! I just subscribed to your channel, and look forward to future videos. I hope you have a Awesome Holiday .

  14. for me it was interesting to watch! thx, and know what?you are in shape! and gamer as well. thumb up for that, you erase some stereotypes like gamer is bad looking guy

  15. I feel like horizon forbidden west doesn’t get the love it deserves… although I haven’t tried god of war yet, I get why many consider it game of the year… but someone please explain why elden ring is up there. The combat/graphics look so janky in comparison to horizon and god of war

  16. Yakuza:Like a Dragon was brilliant to play. So much fun. Astro's Playroom unforgettable. Currently on Devil in Me – really spooky game

  17. I played Gotham Knights 4 days ago it's lose as anything sometimes the characters won't walk the game feels unfinished

  18. No man's sky amazing its such a beautiful game I know it was rough when it can out any who like death stranding like no man's sky

  19. Didnt know ps5 had more than 13 games out at this point😂

  20. 5.5k subs? What? I thought this was one of those big channels. Doing really good keep going

  21. Have you tried the new last of us remake?

  22. “Still playing the game, and over 25h in” on God of War? I’ve spend over 25hours on only malenia 😂

  23. Bro shut the fuck up Gotham knights was TRAAAAAAAAAAAASH

  24. my man put gotham knights higher than cyberpunk 🤡

  25. Meh. Good content but not enough shirtless footage of the reviewer. 🤔

  26. God of war my favourite best ever game in lifetime

  27. You should have 1M subs, based off this video I assumed you did. This is an honest good review bro. Helped me a lot.

  28. That was funny.. inquisition. So, not acquisition nor ecquisition 😅 good vid though

  29. Am loving your videos bro one of the best keep up the good work🙂

  30. Man, first time watching your channel. Wow, you are extremely handsome man. Definitely easy to watch. Also, good and helpful information.

  31. Nice video, and wtf your channel is so underrated you deserve million of sub for this quality content. (my favorite game is elden ring btw)

  32. but is Cyberpunk playable on controller? Im thinking of buying it but I wonder if it is playable on controller or not.

  33. Yes please partner she would like you to do a review on God of war ragnarok

  34. Everybody knows that one guy who always finds a reason (or no reason at all) to take their shirt off. You just don’t expect him to be doing it during a review about video games. Super cringe and nobody wants to see that except all the people this guy is convinced he’s attracting by doing so. Just fyi, those people are likely 11 years old. Other than that, this is a well made and superbly edited video. Thank you.

  35. Man I love the level of dedication coming from you, u truely deserve more subs.

  36. Honestly these videos are brilliant. I very rarely comment on videos, but seeing your content and enthusiasm is awesome. Love the mix of gym bro and gamer – keep on my man !

  37. This channel is mad underrated, dope video!!!

  38. Alan wake is also good but you only have an amount of amo

  39. Im guessing if PS5 Slim or Pro your also gonna review & rate it to witch it the best PS5 console if its the orginal, slim or the pro?

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