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Ranking The Batman Arkham Games From Worst To Best

Captain Eggcellent
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Ranking The Batman Arkham Series From Worst To Best

This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a while, and now the summer games drought is under way I finally have a chance to! In this video I will be ranking Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham Knight.

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Ranking The Batman Arkham Series From Worst To Best
Ranking The Batman Arkham Series From Worst To Best
Ranking The Batman Arkham Series From Worst To Best
Ranking The Batman Arkham Series From Worst To Best
Ranking The Batman Arkham Series From Worst To Best


  1. Origins is my fav one and the best one whether u agree or not

  2. origins was more interesting to play than arkham knight

  3. what part does he rank the games best to worst?

  4. Thats mad da, origins was my favourite one of em all

  5. Best to worst,
    1: arkham origins
    2: Arkham asylum
    3: Arkham city
    4: knight

  6. You know a series is amazing when everyone has a different favourite game

  7. I think Asylum has the best riddler challenges. I love to read the character bios.🤗

  8. I agree with this list and I also struggled to think if asylum was better, or city

  9. I tried to get into each of these games. I just couldn’t. The gameplay was just mediocre to me. And while the story was fine, I just didn’t have much fun.

  10. Worst can't be use in Arkham Series. Take my dislike.

  11. Nah not really. It only “looks” like Batman in every game. The combat system is the most one dimentional thing I’ve ever seen lol. You flip back m forth back forth attack flip to the next guy attack….mandatory slow motion….boring and it sux. If you fought one battle you’ve played 99.9% of the game. All of them. Boss battles are just stupid. Puzzle solving is just …ehhh it’s stupid too. They also put too much introduction of Batman’s parents death…we know the fucking story by heart but they use it as filler and cramped it down our throats till we’re sick of it. Joker is the dumbest character ever how is it they even added him in the game because he six more than Batman. All the Batman games are ass

  12. Knight didn't suck because of the batmobile! It was because joker didn't have a large plot!

  13. I'm kinda offended that he put arkham knight above origins

  14. Honestly asylum just did so well in capturing that vibe you’d think it’d have. It really made it feel like you were stuck as Batman on an island filled with the criminally insane, with the darkness and feeling alone in your quest to stop the joker. Not to mention the asylum itself which I’d say accurately captures the essence of what a taken-over asylum would feel like

  15. The Joker singing battle in Knight was fuckn amazing

  16. Asylum without a doubt had the best UI compared to anything the came next, it felt like it would be ripped out of the comics and that’s before the Easter egg or the tapes, it just fell good

  17. Honestly each game is great

    I recently started playing Arkham knight and it got me back into the series

    If I had to rank them I’d say

    1- Arkham City – Best story, evolved the gameplay to go from looking good to playing good, great Easter eggs, best villain gallery, memorable side missions

    2- Arkham knight – best combat system, best enemy variety, fantastic graphics, great dlc, has the best ar training mode, and most playable characters

    3- Arkham Asylum – fantastic start to the franchise, most interesting world, music and tone was great, the intel files and audio logs were great

    Honestly Arkham asylum is the worst “game” in the Arkham franchise but it gives a more unique tone and is still worth playing for nostalgia

    4- Arkham origins- fantastic combat, interesting story, best boss fights of the franchise, multiplayer,

    I have to state I’ve only played arkham origins twice and I that was years ago
    I haven’t played it since I got my PS4 but I am planning on picking up an Xbox to play it

    I remember origins being a fantastic game but I haven’t played it in so long and because of that I can’t rank it up with the rest, at least until I play it again

  18. Arkham Asylum imo is by far the best Game in the series. It is an amazing lesson in atmospherical density and level design, both things in which the prequels while improving on the gameplay, disappointed. It was also the first game ever that really made me feel like a superhero…

  19. The title should be best to greatest instead

  20. my favorite is origins it has a lot of Acton

  21. people dont like 'arkham origins' cuz it was not made by the original company.but the game was a banger

  22. 7:40 "Incredible, it makes you feel like batman, and for the first time, I truly felt the experience of an exaggerated swagger of a rich white dude in a Crow costume or whatever that is"

  23. Batman Arkham city is truly the best game

  24. I just bought the return to arhkam bundle and asylum was amazing, i just started arhkam city

  25. Hot take
    Arkham City
    Arkham Origins
    Arkham Asylum
    Arkham Knight

  26. 1. city
    2. assylum
    3. orgins
    4. knight

  27. Arkham asylum was the creepiest batman game out of them all

  28. City….. Knight…… Origin…… Asylum❤️

  29. He's right. Even the worst batman game is still amazing.

  30. (Unpopular opinion) the voice actor for Arkham night is wayyyy better then the other 3 Arkham games

  31. I’m usually into all the new stuff with high graphics and smooth gameplay but something about the Arkham series is just so good that I play it anyways

  32. You said batmobile 5 times during the Batman Arkham knight part

  33. Genuinely for me its 4.Arkham Knight 3.Arkham Asylum 2.Arkham City 1.Arkham Origins

  34. I remember finally beating Deathstroke for the first time in Origins when I was little and man what a gratifying feeling that was.

  35. the downfall of playing any arkham game except origins and knight:u will die from a heart attack in night time alone

  36. am i the only one with arkham origins as my favorite? I never really have any high expectations for anything. Games especially.

  37. Origins is my second favorite next to City. I can only imagine had they not had to shoehorn multiplayer in how much better it could have been. I love the Christmas setting!

    Arkham Knight if it ever gets Optimized for Series X|S and Ps5 will be stunning. Too much Batmobile. Instead of using it for chases or getting around Gotham City they overdosed on the tank battles and good lord wasting some great bosses for more tank battles smh

    Arkham City is my favorite! I just wish the Return to Arkham set was better because most of the character makeovers are horrendous. It easily has the best storyline but I hated the UI Plus the One X patch was a joke for both games. Only 1080p no 4K or HDR?

    Arkham Asylum was great and innovative plus the stealth was fun. Just wish it wasn’t confined to the Asylum and had a better final boss battle.


  39. My list: Asylum, Knight, City, Origins. We dont speak about origins here

  40. Unpopular opinion: Arkham knight is better than Arkham asylum because Arkham knight has more to do and Titan boss fights are more overused than bat mobile boss fights

  41. Mine is
    4.asylum still great game
    3city amazing and challenging
    2.knight so great batmobile a bit over used
    1.origins perfect batman game shows his rivalry with the police and gets every character perfect

  42. My list: Knight, Asylum, Origins, and City. Now, I love the story of City so much but for some reason I can’t seem to enjoy playing it. I can play the other games over and over cause they’re so fun. I guess I don’t find City fun? Love it nonetheless

  43. It would be awesome have origins un ps4 remastered

  44. Ngl I like Arkham Origins better than Knight.

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