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Ranking the BEST and WORST FPS Games

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  1. I'd never think you would come across Krunker. I played that game before, but it got a little boring and i played CS 1.6 on the browser instead

  2. killing floor is soo good omg i love it

  3. Siege is really fun once you get good at it, the problem is that it took me like 50 hours to understand everything, and i still don't know the maps at 102 hours

  4. BRuh these online games now a days.. we used to play San Andreas Multiplayer and splinter cell multiplayer all by modding it ourselves and some from xbox it was fun and now a days its so competitive and the audience is so toxic cause most of the audience has like really easy access to these games as they require very easy to access hardware, every 14 year old kid has it and not flaming any specific games but sh*tty games get so much hype and nobody now knows the actual feeling of single player games or the multiplayer mods with it, it was so fun back in 2014-2016 and now everythings changed mostly because of the audience. I'm from india so I encounter a lotta toxic people in games as of the illiteracy rate n all, anyhow its different in every places but toxicity is the same everywhere and now they just play games for competition not like it was back in the day it was in Arcade in halo in doom speedruns it was rly competetive but people enjoyed it and became friendly both of the audiences but now when there is like India Vs Philippines its just toxic not saying ur doing a bad job ur doing a great one and I enjoy it but just I sometimes hope everything would be as good as it was before.

  5. Tf2 was fun but with how much the game has gone through its barely playable. No content, Bots, Cheaters. All of that makes me want to put it in playable with only way I'd put it in goated is by what it did for fps games.

  6. I'm Pretty sure DOOM is tthe one responsible for ALL the fps games, Quake was based off of DOOM

  7. in the beginning when my friends used to play Valo, i used to say "What the hell game you play, lets switch to CS:GO". But when i calmed down and observed it i found it v interesting. Granted i love the original guns (guns that actually exist in the world, like in CS:GO) but the agents and their abilities, the game sense and strategic and tactical planning… Man i can see no debate here… Valo is GOAT

  8. 8:29 I play and love paladins and agree the hit boxes weird but there is skill to it and a lot of people seem to have bad aim that play at least in un ranked

  9. 13:55 me and some friends used to play splitgate alot it just got kinda got boreing we still play sometimes when we’re bored of val

  10. Surprised to see Killing Floor 2 there, one of my favorite games. Yes repetitive but the game feels good for some reason, if that makes sense.

  11. you are giving too much credit to valo anti cheat my friends litterly showed me them hacking live in discord and never been ban to this day.

  12. I agree 100% with the valorant comment. I love to hate it. For a free game, it’s really good, but certain small things make me wanna hang sometimes. I.e. smurfs, shooting someone 3 times in the head w a spectre and doing 149 dmg(no trades w/o use of utility), and TERRIBLE FUCKING TEAMMATES.

  13. Valorant is GOATED???? bro hell no. It's A but NOT GOATED. GOATED is for legendary games not a new shooter game with hella bugs and lack of features and who attracts its players with good looking cosmetics. dude no

  14. Destiny 2, is story wise awesome, but you have to grind gear for countless hours. And its pretty hard to understand the mechanics of armor mods/perks and the weaponsystem. You need to have atleast one friend who is good at this game to understand it

  15. i miss p2w f2p fps games xd combat arms pointblank sudden attack etc

  16. Nah idgaf before I started playing valorant fortnite was the shit idc fortnite will always be s tier

  17. D2 players all say we hate the game which we do but we always come back and play. Pay to win btw

  18. Damn you're missing out on Killing Floor 2. The game is honestly amazing.
    It's a class-based wave-survival PvE. Different weapon specialties per class like firebug uses incinerary weapons and berserker has melee or sawblade launchers.

    Kill enemies, survive the wave, buy better guns. Boss at the end of every game.

    There's about 90 weapons across the 9 perks with a large variety of types. Like a double-barrel that fires explosive buckshot everywhere or a flaregun that leaves a trail of flames under it as it flies. There's even a remote detonating harpoon launcher that can pin corpses to walls (one of my favorite weapons).

  19. Fortnite was definitely the best br game of all time in it’s prime, prime fort goes in goated

  20. Valorant is good but valorsnt main problem is how the gunplay works, has nothing to do with "precise gunplay" neither call of dut, battlefield style y, is a mess casino.

    Last single I enjoyed like a kid was doom eternal and dlcs, insane game.

  21. Wheres plants vs zombies and angry birds

  22. Me when egg said Rust is the daddy of survival games:Wait wait WAIT…. Isnt that ark tho????

  23. Chat be trolling when it comes to Valorant. Honestly I would troll too since that's how I know eggwick lmao.

  24. Man, Tf2 before was goated but now it's in a bad state, but still it's gonna be my favorite fps. Also fortnite is decent but it's community is toxic man if you watch people's video and you would understand, same go's to warzone. But we all know that fps games or even all games have toxic part of there community

  25. i wish there was blacklight it was such a fun game

  26. Me with 5 days on krunker seeing krunker on here:

  27. Overwatch and seige should be goated at their peaks imo and tarkov should be awesome really well done game

  28. The hell do you mean you are biased it's literary your tier list lmao

  29. half life is a father and mother for cs….
    and where's bf3/bf4?

  30. Guys I uploaded a youtube video. I Know many of you don't care but If you have 2 minutes of free time go check it out.

  31. Quake was derived from Doom – it was after Doom.

  32. Fortnite should not be here doesnt matter how big it is its not a first person shoot its a third person shooter.

  33. you put cs and titanfall 2 on goated, subbed!!! finally a decent list

  34. I actually had way more fun with splitgate than halo infinite. And to this day, if the homies and me wanna play some arena shooter, we gravitate towards splitgate customs.
    The problem with reach is that you have way less options for gamemodes and you can't make customs (at least on release).

  35. Who also thought that FPS stand for frames per seconds
    Edit: Destiny 2 forever Halo sucks

  36. Hmmm, expected to see Painkiller and Unreal Tournament in this list)

  37. I watch valorant…but I don't play it still stick to cs

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