Resident Evil 4 - How Do You Remake One Of The Best Games Of All Time? -

Resident Evil 4 – How Do You Remake One Of The Best Games Of All Time?

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Resident Evil 4 is a fascinating reimagining of the original 2005 classic, which does raise the obvious question – how do you go about remaking what was already one of the best games ever made?

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((This is the second version of this video – the original was banished to The Pit forever for having a small audio error))

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  1. Not a fan of the Merchant in comparison to the old one

  2. I knew I was going to hate this remake. Looks like I was right. I'm sticking with the original.

  3. i swear those police officers where a pair of truck drivers who fucked off and abounded you in the original.

  4. You don't need the knife to smash open barrels and crates. Leon kicks them open with an A.

  5. Full series Jon don't mess me about with no livestream 😅

  6. Everyone I've seen play this have all said the same, at the same moment "Say the line, say the line. Is he going to say the line? He needs to say the…There it is! Yes!!!" Having never played any of the games, I love how much some very little things mean to so many.

  7. Amazing! Pls do a full play through! Am someone who isn’t very familiar with the original game and am loving this!

  8. Game Developer: "I will mess with Resident Evil 4's inventory system".
    Jon: "This is TREASON"!!

  9. I realized that the main characters hips are wider than mine, maybe he's transgender?

  10. Plus side it looks better, and is less janky. Negative side it just feels like they've padded out parts and diminished others to no discernible benefit. This remake seems pointless for some that grew up with the original, but it will be fantastic for those that haven't.

  11. If we get Res 4, Shivering Isles, and TTW all at the same time this would be an unreal moment in MATN history

  12. The only things I didn't like in this was the lack of interactions with the antagonists especially Saddler (he barely exists) and the voice actor chosen for Krauser was awful, same with Saddler except with Saddler he was just some generic cult leader from start to finish. Last is Leon's lines were changed sometimes for no reason and I'm not simply talking about lack of jokes here. Actually two more things they removed a boss and you can't put guns upside down in the suitcase.

  13. Full play through or I in subscribe I hate that it comes to this but I need this in my life.

  14. Maybe they added the cow people cause the loved the cow level in Diablo 2 who knows my guess anyways

  15. Leon after finding out his bones are made of adamantium and is impervious towards bear traps: I’m gonna step on all of them.

  16. I appreciate the hedgehog during the chainsaw death 👍

  17. Stealth kills in resident evil is depressing

  18. 5:35 ahhh video game logic: blocking an attack while holding on to the sharp side of the knife

  19. Both in Village and in this one the devs really, really, seem to be nailing the idea that peasants and their built environments are astonishingly decrepit and just gratuitously layered in filth and squalor.

  20. I love how I think to myself that just stuffing any old gems into a necklace with no regard for aesthetics would hurt me, and literally right after that I find out that there's a system rewarding you for putting in gems in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.

  21. I feel you Jon, at the end there. There is something off about it. For me personally, I think it's the combat. The combat, somehow feels more clunky and awkward than the original. I think part of it is Leon's weirdly heavy and weighty movement, though on top of that I also think the aiming just feels awkward at times. And the greatest sin they committed with this remake was, absolutely, the fact that the shotgun no longer really works as the, 'I win against this mob' button. The fact the shotgun can't knock down 10+ Ganados with one blast anymore hurts my soul, deeply. It also hurts me that buying capacity upgrades for an empty weapon no longer gives you a full magazine of free ammo. I don't know why they removed that, it was a cool and neat trick. It makes me sad.

  22. Where did he get the necklace where he put in the stones?

  23. The bolt thrower is arguably the most underrated and secretly powerful weapon.

  24. John, you know what to do. Full series pls, even a livestream

  25. Oh jeez, it would be a shame if it took you an entire playthrough to make up your mind on this game…

  26. Gameplay looks nice, but the dialogue… leon's voice actor is fine but not the same, needs to be deeper, the line deliveries dont hit the same way, and the chat with luis at the end of the video was..
    Not great.

  27. Having never played the original RE4, I was enjoying the atmosphere at the very beginning but as soon as I saw that first enemy encounter my interest in the game honestly just went through the floor. It's immediately obvious that the combat is clunky and that the enemies are annoying bullet sponges. The village fight later on really drives that home. Guess this'll be a pass for me.

  28. John, I think everyone would agree we need a full playthrough of this!

  29. “At this point I don’t have my weapons or my knife”
    Gun on his hip lol game developer logic

  30. * chanting while slamming fist on table *
    Full series full series full series

  31. This feels like it needs to be a full playthrough!

  32. Hi John i dont expect a response from ya but ive got this burning personal question I am so curious about: Do you have an eidetic memory sir?

  33. You gotta admin Jon that it's better than Village. I mean werewolves, busty vampires, a fish guy, and a guy that's magnetic?!?! At least this game is holding true to it's original for the most part and I for one have been thoroughly enjoying it and I haven't even met Ashley yet. There's no way you can't do a whole series on this after playing big boobed-wolf-fish-metal-game…

  34. I don't know how to disarm a bear trap, but I do know how to disleg on one!

  35. Idk what Jon is on about. The lesson I learned was shoot in the leg (not the head lol), they stumble, give em a kick, liberally apply knife until they bubble.

    Also there is something just perfect about the bear trap placements it seems. I finished a request from the merchant, Leon screamed "YES!" and before he'd finished that breath, I walked into a bear trap elemayo.

  36. hello back again to comment, please please do a let's play of this. do it for yourself, do it for us, I dunno do it for any reason this must happen.

  37. Nice to see that Capcom have continued their tradition of never going to Spain a day in their life.

  38. For a hot second, I thought the jazzy latin music was part of the actual soundtrack

  39. it's not so much that they "added" the cow-head guy, he was a cut enemy from the original that got restored

  40. The suitcase OCD was seriously cracking me up dude 😂

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