RLCraft BEST Early Game XP #minecraft #rlcraft #minecraftshorts #rlcraftxp #rlcrafttips #game #mod - bestgamewiki.com

RLCraft BEST Early Game XP #minecraft #rlcraft #minecraftshorts #rlcraftxp #rlcrafttips #game #mod

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  1. There is only 4 step to survive rlcraft1 Find good place to HIDE AWAY from dragon (im done once until dragon brow it down)2 grind the lv peacefully3 ALWAY lv up the defense or attack so you can fight back some mob that try to rude you grinding lv (no you cant fight anything in this mod)4 if you brave enough go outside finding item and dont die back

  2. Your avatar is sooo cuteeee!!!!😮🥰🥰

  3. just build a mob farm. they were nerfed but its way less of a pain in the ass than replacing all of those seeds. also, it's most likely faster.

    plus, it ain't even that hard to build one. the only issue is argus

  4. I'm new to this mod,so this gunna be helpful for stats<3

  5. Just go into a battle tower and farm the mobs
    Thats what I do whenever I make a new world

  6. Anglxcraft:you can do it safetly
    Spriggans: let us introduce yourself

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