Roblox DOORS is one of the BEST horror games I've played on Roblox!! -

Roblox DOORS is one of the BEST horror games I’ve played on Roblox!!

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Welcome back to Roblox where today we’ll be checking out Roblox DOORS. This is a really great little horror experience where your aim is to make it through doors. What’s behind the next one? Only one way to find out.

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  1. Easy quick looting tip just look down on ths drawers and spam the loot button it will auto pick up anything in the drawers

  2. This dudes first time playing and he beats his first boss

  3. Why , why does no one think to look down when the eyes appear

  4. Fact: Pirate cove is a referance Too another game that they made Ragdoll universe in the game that is a map

  5. Ryan’s game just runs so smoothly I can’t get over it

  6. I love Ryan and I love Roblox and I love doors. What a combination
    🔥 💯 videooooooooo

  7. Let's talk about how he ended up in the same lobby as DenisDaily

  8. You already beat this dude why he upload again??

  9. 14:47 haz3em is the owner of pls donate and he got super rich from the game and he just donates robux randomly

  10. I'm new at you channel and if you want to play another horror game on roblox you should check apeirophobia. It's a backrooms game and it so good.

  11. me after i see him not checking the 5 drawer in whole video:💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  12. Tips for every monster figure:level 50 it's blind but it's super sensitive to sounds so crouch but don't get too close or it senses your heart P.S. check comments there are the other tips

  13. i am impressed, most people don't beat seek (the chase scene) first try

  14. No way denis daily was in the same lobby with 8bitryan

  15. “How hard can it be?” -Not a Wise Man

  16. Monsters:Rush ambush Figure seek Hide Jack Halt Shadow Window Glitch Screech

  17. I'd be interested in watching you play this game with friends!

  18. Rush: Hide in the closets when you hear his scream

    Eyes: Don’t look at them when you go through their room

    Screech: If you hear a psst in a dark room look around to find screech, he will be levitating somewhere right next to you. Look at him to make him go away.

    Hide: The higher the room the quicker he makes his move, if you hide for too long you will get a warning, if you ignore it hide will kick you out.

    Seek: Follow the glowing lights

    Ambush: Get in a hiding spot when you hear him scream, his scream is different from rush. Rush will go once then come back and he will do this multiple times. Get out after each round as to avoid getting kicked out at a bad moment by hide.

    Halt: Listen to the advice of the warning until you make it out

    The figure: Crouch due to its powerful hearing, if it gets near you run to a closet as it can hear your heartbeat. Then if it follows you’ll have to complete the heart mini game

    Lvl 100 Figure: Literally just run past him right after they cutscene. It will work trust me.

    Timothy: AHHH A SPOODER

    Glitch: Don’t stray behind as he will damage you before teleporting you back to the group

  19. When I was in closet it said get out I thought it was an achievement but it said something is blocking you from hiding

  20. He got scared by screech😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Hey can you play a game called circus trip

  22. Experienced doors player whatching him hide from noises: 😂

  23. Imagine getting Eyes in a room where you search for a key and the game throws you Screech to annoy you

  24. You CANNOT, be doing these edits in a horror game man! I almost passed out

  25. Let's take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his content for us. Love the videos!

  26. A tip: halt rooms have good loot and screech can’t get you there.

  27. "We got 10 rooms last time without anything happening" are you sure about that. rush☻☻☻☻☻

  28. It's not just “horror”
    It's where the adventure begins.

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