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Rob’s Top Solo Games

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  1. I have Mage Knight just have not read the rules for it. I played the miniatures game and picked it up because of the name of the game.

  2. I think Final Girl and Nemo's War are my favorites. I also really love Robinson Crusoe solo, but it isn't exclusively a solo game.

  3. Just found your channel, and your number 1 got you a new sub from me. Just finished my first campaign of Victorum (failed in act 2 😂). Such a great game, Remastered is also amazing fun.

  4. There are eleven games on my list;) but there are still many unplayed games ahead of me 🙂 1. Aeon's End
    2. Mage Knight
    3. Phantom Leader: Deluxe Edition
    4. Gloom Haven
    5. Friday
    6. Elder Sign
    7. Deep Space D-6
    8. Space Hulk: Death Angel
    9. One Deck Dungeon
    10. Target Earth
    11. Pandemic: The Cure

  5. Thanks so much, Rob!! You are the best!

  6. We all change and our games we like change..
    I do want you to teach me how and where to start with D100.
    Thanks gain for the list. Awesome as always .

  7. Your list pretty much matches mine!
    And yes, King's Armory is such a ridiculously underrated hidden gem!

  8. Great list! I think I would have been tempted to throw in at least one Tiny Epic, and maybe Legacy of Dragonholt. I really do like the inclusion of Nemo's War – it doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves.

  9. I got ahold of Mage Knight Ultimate Edition months ago. It has a legendary reputation. But there it sits on my shelf. I'm a bit intimidated by it.

    Where I live we only get a handful of summer months, so I know Mage Knight will be sitting on that shelf, staring me down, no doubt laughing at me, until winter rolls around again.

  10. I need Nemo's War in my life, looks so well done!

  11. Although I haven't played a few of those, an interesting list Rob.

    I play a lot of solo games and a lot of solo wargames but if I had to pick one to take to a desert island I reckon it might be Leading Edge's "Aliens" from 1989 which was their solo boardgame version of the movie Aliens. There's a reason why it sells for very big money on the secondhand market. Perfect blend of simplicity and elegance of rules, ludicrous tension, and when you play it, it's just like being in the movie Aliens. Crazy good!

  12. I'd forgotten all about Defense Grid! I don't think it made it to the UK outside Kickstarter, I was really looking forward to that at the time 🙂 also King's Armory – I had that years ago and loved it but let it go for some reason (maybe play time?). I feel like tracking it down again now! I keep looking out for Dawn of the Zeds too, hear it's great

  13. Dawn of Zeds is stupid good!!! Can’t wait for The Plum Island Horror.

  14. Oh my goodness!! I worked in Dania Jai Alai for 10 years. I made the programs and was one of the handicappers. I did not know this game existed. I would love to see a tournament. Will you have live betting.(Play money of course). Please keep me informed. Thank you.

  15. Rob hope you’re feeling well. You’ve been a trooper and we love you my friend!

    Did not know you were from CT. Grew up in No CT myself (Granby) and a huge Whalers fan. Gonna have to check out the Ja-Alai game, as it brings back memories from the 70s for sure!

  16. Super proud and humbled to be on your list Rob, with so many other great games! Thank you…may you hit 'em long and straight!!!

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