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@RT TV Debate on BEST Anime, Video Games, Super Heroes, Rapper, Movies & MORE!

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0:00 : Quick Rewind of why previous stream got blocked & More Anime Talk
3:00 : Superchats
4:00 : RT TV’s opinion on Live Action Death Note
5:00 : RT TV & FnF name their Favorite wrestlers
6:50 : Which is the best anime of all time?
12:45 : Which is the most underrated anime of all time?
18:00 : RT TV talk about One Punch Man
19:15 : Best fighting games
20:40 : Myron names his favorite fighting games
22:40 : Best shooting games
24:30 : Superchats!
27:50 : Myron roasts Chris.lmao
30:20 : Superchats continued…
31:00 : Does anyone in the studio watch Hentai?
33:00 : Superchats continued…
35:30 : Fresh wanna smash one of the guests💀
36:35 : Best anime for someone just starting out
39:00 : More Superchats!
40:30 : Myron:- Girls don’t like anime and girls who play video games are only baiting Simps
44:00 : Fresh watches Henrai!?
44:40 : Favorite Marvel Character
49:00 : LMAO
50:45 : Is Mario trash?
51:15 : Myron explains why Mario is a $imp
52:40 : Superchats!
53:40 : Best DC characters
56:50 : Reacting to RT TV Video Reaction (Death Note)
58:35 : Goon in the studio🔫
59:40 : Superchats!
1:00:00 : Thanos was a $imp!?
1:02:50 : 🤡🤡🤡
1:05:00 : Top 5 rappers, dead or live/ Chief Keef impact on hip-hop
1:11:40 : Fresh wants to meet Kanye
1:12:40 : Dipset Vs. The Lox
1:14:10 : Superchats!
1:16:15 : Top 2 regular artists
1:18:00 : Myron shows respect to Ja Rule & Eminem/Fresh wants to meet 50💀

1:22:20 : Best disstracks of all time🔥
1:27:30 : Superchats!
1:29:40 : Pusha T Vs. Drake
1:31:20 : Shoutout to SouljaBoy
1:33:45 : Joe Rogan shout outs FnF!?
1:35:00 : Myron :-John Cena killed WWE/doesn’t listen to J Cole, Drake & Kendrick

1:38:00 : Myron :-Drake & Kanye are the biggest reason of feminized men / Hip-hop discussion
1:47:50 : Superchats! / Debate on writers vs. singers
2:01:00 : Rock music Discussion
2:03:30 : Favorite Linkin Park songs
2:04:50 : Favorite Rock songs
2:10:00 : DMX Discussion🐶
2:13:00 : Myron goes in😂😂😂
2:18:00 : Favorite movie of all time
2:20:55 : Superchats / RDCworld1 video reaction

2:25:30 : loveliveserve Video Reaction
2:34:40 : RT TV video Reaction
2:37:40 : Vegeta goes Super Saiyan 🔥🔥
2:43:30 : Superchats / Slaughterhouse is trash
2:48:30 : Favorite battle rappers
2:51:20 : Superchats
2:59:00 : One of the guest $IMPS haaaaard for Rihanna

3:04:20 : Where can you find the guests?
Continues to $imp for Rihanna
3:16:20 : Outro/Announcements

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  1. Just shows that it’s mostly simps that watch smh

  2. Man this was my first time seeing different content . Was getting tired of seeing the seeing the same brain dead women say the same dumbest shi every week . Fire podcast though . Y’all hit this one 🔥🔥

  3. Idk yall that Bryce hall distrack goes in pretty hard

  4. More great guests less porn bitches. RT TV, keep it up!


  6. If you like martial arts and mecha anime check out G Gundam. Somewhat old but I highly recommend.

  7. Def one of my favorite episodes. Need a break from hearing dumb bimbos speak. 😂

  8. Girls are cool and all but nothing like the brotherhood damn.

  9. Bleach is better than Naruto. If not the same level.

  10. These niggas don’t know shit about anime haha

  11. Yo can anyone compile all the things Myron said were his favourite 😂 Wanna check them out.

  12. Storm 4 top tier ! 🤷🏽‍♂️…. Top 3

  13. I’m surprised nobody brought up the goo goo dolls.

  14. Absolutely fire episode, loved the anime and rap discussion, that Rogan shout out is huge, definitely see y’all being on there in the future, also DB over Naruto.

  15. hit the like button or dbz cell will absorb you leaving only clothes on the floor

  16. Guys it looks like your IG has been taken down again! 😳

  17. Might need to unsubscribe cause of Myron’s awful comments about Soul Calibre and Tekken. How dare you!!!

  18. This podcast really models "bros before hose"

  19. The way Rob and Pat simp for and pedestalize chicks like Rihanna is so cringe 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. Ha ha I needed this today….guys night out version, water cooler talk….yall took me back to the good ol days.

  21. This episode should have had all the bois tuning in to listen. Talking about video games and anime. Great episode fellas and really down to earth. Just goes to show most of the viewers are simps 😔

  22. You lot forgot about Kenichi History's Mightiest Disciple, a lot of martial arts fights. I'm talking about the manga. The anime didn't pay it justice though.

  23. No one mentioned Undertaker 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
    For the algorithm💯💯💯💯💯💯

  24. Anime, what ru 16? Hahaha…

  25. Had to go back and watch the video of rob crying

  26. Thank You For Having Us Fellas Great Debate Fresh & Fit Podcast 🔥🔥

  27. 20:56 when people say Tekken is trash because they don't know how to play 👀👀 😂

  28. love the anime talk cuz one piece the goat 🐐and hamjime no ippo is one of the greatest sports anime 👑 🐐

  29. Ayoo, Myron is tweaking for bashing Tekken fam 😒😂 but regardless for the algo!

  30. Madara Uchiha is by far the greatest villain of all time. At least out of all the Shonen Jump mainstream ones.

  31. I enjoyed a break from the ladies for once. Thanks.

  32. Algorithm! Thanks for the ongoing fiscal content! Have a good night gentlemen.

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