Rusty's Retirement Deserves a Spot on the Best Games of 2024 List -

Rusty’s Retirement Deserves a Spot on the Best Games of 2024 List

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A relaxing idle-farming simulator that sits at the bottom of your screen while you do other things.

Check out Rusty’s Retirement here:

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  1. I love how I’m watching this thinking I might actually be good at crosswords (I doubt that I am).

  2. The mad lad is back, embarrassing himself with more word games. It's so wholesome how Rusty and Haiku keep Tyler company without any judgment or commentary. You know they both had to be patient with the "rheeseandrice" debacle.

  3. Watching you do a crossword is so unbelievably aggravating, but I stuck around for all of it nonetheless.

  4. He found a way to play 2 games at once and other youtubers hates him! [SEE VIDEO]

  5. TFW I know "Toga" and "Sari" are both four-letter words for a "wrapped garment," so I needed to wait and see if they were going for the Greek or the Indian one…


  7. My friends released "Echoes of the Plum Grove" today, players been loving it. Not a roguelike but it has elements that i think you would live 😂 hope you get to check it out!

  8. Man, watching you tunnel on "Sharked" was some genuine comedy. This is great, love watching it.

  9. “Sharked and shoodop are definitely correct….. let’s look for words that are not real”
    My sides hurt

  10. If you get tired of crosswords, try a sudoku

  11. imagine someone sharking all over your cards, I think I'd be pissed

  12. Rusty's look so cute! I'm not normally a big idle game person but could be nice. I would love to see you maybe do some picross/ wordle or something 😀

  13. I really enjoyed this I hope you do it more!!

  14. I was adamant to watch you just play crosswords and an idle game at the same time… but it's way more engaging than I expected! 10/10 .

  15. "A lot of countries use miles per hour. Even the UK" it's literally just the US and the UK 😂

  16. im soooo glad to see another one! this is a good time

  17. Nothing like playing my PS5 while listening to Olexa play a crossword while playing Rusty’s Retirement, lol

  18. End, goodgravy, lam, bramble. Please, Tyler. Please.

  19. lol saying aspin then not writing it is mad funny

  20. “I feel like a lot of countries go miles per hour at this point.” Yeah, about that… It’s 17 countries. Out of 196. I’ll let that sink in

  21. I play on Mac and it only opens the game on my desktop. How do I move it to my windows so I can play while doing something?

  22. I thiught you were lying about how puzzle games go on youtube. Most of what you do you pick up faster than me (I cannot for the life of me play baba is you) but "proceed" and "diverge" broke me.

  23. but can Rheese get his Rice from Rusty's? 🤔

  24. AHHH i really want to make a game similar to this. I just know that this is a turning point to what we consider a "game" is like.

  25. Olexa does know Aspen, Colarado!! Did you not watch Dumb and Dumber ever? Nooooooooo XD

  26. Ive done too many crosswords cause i was screaming at my screen at the ones i knew

  27. I really wonder how much of these crosswords come down to regional language differences. I'm from New England and a lot of these jumped out at me immediately. Especially like "nosh" in the last episode, that's a Yiddish word that's probably more common in and around New York. So I'm starting to wonder if these crosswords are based on a certain dialect of English

  28. Here's a crossword tip for you:
    If the clue is in past tense, the solution also has to be past tense. Same with plural.
    For example: SAGAS could not have been FABLE, because the clue had "tales", plural.

  29. this is so addicting to watch, i hope olexa will keep making this even if the views arent the highest on it

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