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  1. Electric lighters are cool, but I think in that situation, the one that utilizes gas is better unless you can find an outlet somewhere in the forest lol

  2. why in the hell are you eating the meat raw?????????

  3. your not cooking the meat on the fire long enough. uncooked meat doesn't satisfy hunger as much as fully cooked meat. It will change color when cooked.

  4. Are there no enemies in single player yet? I went almost through the whole island and nothing? And does any one know how to interact with Virginia?

  5. "Are those deamons in the room with us at this moment?"

    The dev realy needs some info about memes. Puff in german also means brothel 😉

  6. has the game been taken off of steam? Cannot find it anywhere

  7. You can hold C to remove structures if you dont like the placements. Just thought i'd give u a top since you didnt remove the small wall at the end lol

  8. Really hope u play this game more !! hyped for it 🙂

  9. Is there a relaxing mode in the game, where you get to build and play the game without the scary stuff? Asking for a friend 😅

  10. Holding E down and pressing E have two diff results with mostly everything. You can carry more than one log, but not if you hold E down, just press it. You can carry 2. Also, the lighter as you call it purple… Is a "torch lighter" that is the color purple with an electrical press button mechanism. Were very popular lighters in the early 2000's.

  11. You can pick up two logs you just hit the key that pick up i think i dont know i'm using phone so yeah but you should get the gun on life raft i you use your gps tracker to see them it's purple one sorry for long comment

  12. I'm screaming at my phone telling him to let the meat cook. You're eating it raw!!!
    Also i did saw another youtuber carry two logs at a time so it is still possible.

  13. Dude, you're not even waiting for the meat to cook. It'll be more filling if it's actually cooked.

  14. the best worst ending game ! disappointing 13 hours fot that end !

  15. You were supoused to Cook The meat, not to eat it raw

  16. Stop eating raw meat 😂 it changes colour 😉

  17. Yes we need a hole play through I think we’re all loving this game well I mean I def am

  18. The best thing about this game is it's new but old too. It may be the sequel but the core is so similar to the original that we know and love.

  19. My biggest peeve in life is watching people who are horrible at video games play games

  20. this is awesome i hope it gets released on playstation

  21. I’m tempted to watch… but I found the fun I get out of games is learning on my own.

  22. Is this one regular Forest? it looked to me very same!

  23. Please release videos of this game like crazy I need it 🤣

  24. From how kelvin looks before the crash I don’t think he was ever 100% there 😂

  25. trying to do a solo game and man is it difficult! no matter where I go the cannibal/mutant people find me quick and I have a giant guy trying to beat me to death. No idea how I would even have the time/security to build a base at all. Is there a way to camouflage your buildings to hide or something?

  26. You need to wait until the meat get cooked… you were eating everything raw 😂

  27. It’s pretty dope you get different ways the helicopter goes down, mine crashed me near the top of the mountain and I had to make it off before I got started building

  28. Meat color will change to brown when its cooked, you ate raw meat everytime, cooked fills you more.

  29. Playing the first game made me want to be a lumberjack lol

  30. im a little confused, is there different spawn cutscenes? i saw hollow when he started, was on a beach somewhere after he kicked out the window, i wanna assume they didn't change it between then right? just multiple cutscenes for different spawn locations?

  31. trying to make some cheap leaf armor, where are the leaves in my backpack, says i have 27 leaves somewhere

  32. Bruh, u eating raw meat all the time 💀… It needs some time to cook the meat

  33. If u actually let the meat cook it will fill u up more

  34. Dude, just press e dont hold e to pick upp 2 logs.

  35. Hopefully they fix the sleeping thing and set it for how long you want to sleep that would be awesome

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