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Squash : Is this Ramy’s best single game of squash ever?

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  1. Came here in order to understand what is squash game 😀

  2. is this the most millenial sport ever or am I uneducated?

  3. 8 years later and this is my recommendation. I'm impressed.

  4. And with the "third racket between his shorts" comment im going to bed, why wasn't it the second racket? where did a second racket come from? They only have one fucking racket…

  5. this game is fucking stupid, why not just hit it into the bottom corner every time?

  6. When I think that I understand the rules something happens and I realize I learned nothing

  7. I wiki-ed the game like randomly and after reading rules came to youtube to see a practical. Well I think I accidentally watched the best match of the game.

  8. Well let me put it this way. This is the best game of squash I've ever seen him play.

  9. “He’s got to win the first game”
    Didn’t exactly do that did he?

  10. The shot of the months are the 11 points Ramy won in this game probably

  11. Who declared this thing a sport…arghhh 🤷‍♂️

  12. الي جاي من الدحيح يحط لايك

  13. what is the world is this abomination…

  14. هما المصريين اصلهم فنانين وممثلين يختارو أعمال أخرى لييه هوا وأخوه بعد اللعب واحد أصبح فنان وواحد ممثل هههه وعندكم الموهبه دي مالاول ليه بطولو الطريق على أنفسكم هههه😂😂

  15. This game looks so irritating… other player coming in your way and the walls.

  16. Problem is.. Hardly one is playing this sport anymore…

  17. 6:56 🤣🤣🤣 ramy is impressive , no player can reach to his speed

  18. I'll try to explain the rules for you.

    When you serve you must serve above the middle line into the other side of the court from the service box. After that you only have to hit the ball above the bottom line and below the top line. Players take turns to hit the ball and the ball has to hit the front wall but it can hit one of the other walls first. The ball can only touch the floor once before you hit it and after that it can't touch the floor untill it touches the front wall.

    I hope this helps

  19. A superstrong serve in tennistechnique…easy to Beat everybody…If…the Sqash world wants that

  20. These serves are Not hard..you can Power Them muuuch stronger…so .Not the highest Level in my opinión

  21. 4:39 damn tgis is the best rally ever 👌❤
    edit and the next one too 😂❤

  22. Нихера не понял, но очень интересно)

  23. Is there a risk to be hit by the other player?

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