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Star Citizen: The Best Game Ever | TechLonger

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►HUGE thanks to everyone who helped with this video!
Alex Potvin [editor, absolutely killed it IMO] –
Morphologis [YouTuber, Architect, Space Man] –
Tyler Witkin [CIG Director of Community, crack Idris pilot] –
Bootcha [YouTuber, Documentarian, Man of Mystery] –
Beet Wagon [r/starcitizen_refunds mod, human being and not a literal wagon full of beets] –
Luke Lafrieniere

Play Star Citizen for free until June 1

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BedBananas Prison Escape:


0:00 Sploding
0:11 Intro
1:56 What Is Star Citizen?
6:15 Have You Heard Of Elite Dangerous
8:03 Custom-built Tech
10:04 Chris Roberts, History, and Fans
16:55 Linus shenanigans
19:40 What Does It All MEAN??

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  1. Time I spent on KSP -> more than 2000hrs
    Time I spent on star citizen -> roughly around 30hrs. (Mostly between jumps)
    KSP Wins for me.

  2. You know with this larger scale thing with practically no-lifeing you whole life for this I wouldn’t be supportive if the government itself shuts this down and that scares me

  3. "The Idris that they spawned when you were on stream has no interior. Yeah no they spawned that in for you!"

    Making something that a dev spawned in for the people playing his game to have fun with sound like a predatory lie on CIG's part to trick the audience, despite the fact that the dev admitted it was just for fun, is extremely hypocritical and disgusting. It sounds to me like Beetwagon is just chomping at the bit to find any cracks in the armor of a game he feels disenfranchised with and wants revenge on. Who's predatory now?

  4. I confess, the backer price would be nothing to me and I am thinking about doing it. But I would never drop $1000 on a pixel ship… even if it were a full release, A rated title, much less an alpha.

  5. Oddly I was just thinking about this game the other day as I loved Wing Commander and Privateer and was looking for something similiar and was like, oh I remember this game called Star Citizen, Ill go check it out. Needless to say, I was surprised it wasn't released yet and had a chuckle over that but I gotta say, it does look goooood.

  6. Yeah no. I've since lost interest. I'm quite happy with the 10 year anniversary release of Skyrim, which I managed to platinum on Series X on Nov 11th, and doing the Closed Network Test for Elden Ring. When the game releases I will probably play it, but I no longer have interest in it as of now.

  7. That intro giving me serious French pilot vibes.

  8. I bought my 100 dollar ship in 2013 played the game for 30min got kicked from the servers and never looked back. Give me fallout 4 and mods I'm 😊

  9. This is just an elite dangerous Odyssey but free rip off

  10. People are going to find ways to not leave their gaming seat to use the bathroom, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Give me this game, an IV and a fighter pilot’s pee bladder and I’m good.

  12. I need to try this game. Might be able to incorporate some of it in my animated films

  13. More than happy to wait years than to have a garbage game on release. Cyberpunk is a prime example of this. Everyone is excited for it, but patience is a rare virtue in the "instant gratification" society we are currently in, especially with the immense amounts of dopamine that this game will definitely cause your body to produce. I would rather wait another decade and have it be good, rather than have it be released too early and nosedive into the dumpster fire of so many other games that compromised quality for a release date.

  14. As someone who has played over multiple patches, there this is just the beginning

  15. I got in early on star citizen and made so much money off it that I can only call it a success.

  16. The answer to the costs of some chips is simple, catching whales

  17. its just a 4k version of repopulation with space ships, and worse missions

  18. Star Citizen is the Blue Origin of games… End of Line…

  19. It is the longest con in the gaming industry until proven otherwise. Never pre order. Always wait for reviews. Hope is an illusion don't fall prey to predatory actions

  20. best game ever XD XD yea i heard that from almost every game

  21. Why would you think this game would ever be released? They are making money off you people by not releasing it – why would they want to ruin that?

  22. I hate Star citizen thanks to this video

  23. Is nobody going to mention Facebook changing there name to meta verse

  24. Star Citizen – the biggest scam in history of games.
    Laugh at paid TechLinked promotion

  25. Until the day its released its just the best idea of a game ever.

  26. best game ever? rather the biggest scam ever… or rather the biggest money grab in gaming development ever…

  27. I pumped 400 bucks into the game literal years ago I'm supprised it still exist

  28. What does star citizen and james webb telescope have in common?

  29. You can’t laugh man when your moustache makes you sound like a Japanese dubbed anime character😂 Neeeext

  30. No Free Beta / Alpha… ? you have to pay $45 to find out its junk.. ehh…

  31. Reality is in the mind and it is not external.

  32. I know a ton of work went into this, but please tell me more TechLonger videos are on the way. This was awesome, and I'd love to see more like it.

  33. we really are getting closer and closer to ready player one status lol

  34. vegas reefers to these kind of spenders as whales…keep feeding them cheap drinks and they never leave…if its still in alpha after ten years the thinking this game will ever be finished is a stunning way of fooling yourself that it will be..this is how the con the mark something pretty..make promises that you wont keep and keep them giving you money..frankly its a ten year con on some one selling you a bridge they dont own..

  35. hhhhm star citizen:london bridge dlc pack coming out soon only 500 bucks..

  36. Just like Duke Nukem Forever was "the best game ever" when it eventually released 😉

  37. "the game deserves to fail… Or else I would be wrong in my accusations.. and that would be bad… For me.. FOR ME!!"

  38. Too much hype, the last thing this game needs is hype. It's not even an alpha, it's a glorified tech demo. There aren't any real gameplay loops yet. I love what Star Citizen should be, but it shouldn't be hyped. It should be seen for what it is. An overly ambitious project that is in danger or failing at any moment, unless they get their act together and start putting together an actual game.

  39. The Star Citizen was a good game.

    Hope they don’t just steal the money that was crowdfunded.

  40. i'll preface this with i have spent probably a good 3k on the game. I have been a backer since 2013, and every year or two since i'll toss them some money. It's usually when i see some major progress happening. Back in 2013 you could do nothing but stare at your ship in a hanger and maybe sit in the pilot seat. Over the years however the universe has come to life, albeit slowly, but its happening. There just isn't really any other game like it, even with all the bugs. I really feel immersed at times when i get back into it. It's extremely tough to build a SIM game in general, i mean even MS flight sim 2020 bugs out when you fly the airplane. Now imagine not just flying but pretty much every little feature simulated. It's just a very hard thing to do. Think of all these simulator early access games that hit steam for example, they usually never make it out of development. This project is on a scope way beyond any other SIM has ever attempted. It's not a game for damn filthy casuals thats for sure. haha

  41. I've been following this game since i was 17. I'm 23 now. Hating on chris roberts, hanging in with that little hope, or whatever's left of that.

  42. I've been following this game since i was 17. I'm 23 now, hanging in with whatever little hope that I've still got left.

  43. Hopefully my grandchildren will be able to play it.

  44. BRANDON AND ANDY SHOT THE VIDEO! Alex P was just trying to make Riley look extra good because he also did an amazing job on the edit. But you, dear viewer, you're the real star. blows kiss

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