StarCraft 2: EPIC GAMES - Serral vs ByuN! (Best-of-5) -

StarCraft 2: EPIC GAMES – Serral vs ByuN! (Best-of-5)

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It doesn’t get much better than these two pro gamers facing off against each other in StarCraft 2. This best-of-5 series that was played at the World Championships is a match between Serral (Zerg) and ByuN (Terran). ByuN is known for his impressive offensive play, whereas Serral is known as the defensive Zerg.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Hellllooooooo my name is looooooooowkooooooo!

  2. If Serral gets just 10% better he has a very good shot at beeing the GOAT. Right now he just looks like "one of the boys". Rooting for him in every game nonetheless!

  3. I remember Clem used to wedge a bunker behind the minerals of his 3rd and 4th. He would then add a few depots around to reduce surface area. Seems like a good option instead of constantly eating small ling attacks. One Lib over the CC isn’t a bad choice either.
    Something about having a full mining base with not one piece of defense really irks me. BYU’s must of lost 1500 in workers at that corner base.

  4. it annoys me so much how pro players neglect libs… byun could have held game 2 with libs. but typical gotta go ghost theyre sooooo amazing…. look where that got ya. lol great cast

  5. 12:05, for Zerg, wouldn’t it be a “First Hive problem” instead of a “First World problem”?

  6. What byun does at 16:46 is kinda cool thé three Ghost droping and sniping together 😌

  7. The vassal of Arcturus Mengsk was dismantled in the name of the Swarm.

  8. Hey Lowko, uThermal just did a PF rush on Clem on the Ladder, just sayin' 👀 Great cast btw.

  9. Lmfao, this casting was extra hilarious today. Catching that perfect 1-ling split to show us was also fantastic <3

  10. We start talking about Time in the same sentences as Maru now

  11. This is a perfect example of all that is wrong in this match up ! Vypers abduct should never move a seiged up tank as far as a normal pull it should be the same for all medium units and not affect massive units (best example is a motheship!!) Again, for the love of Sc2 Tanks should always be behind of a bunker ! Banshees NEED their AoE attack to counter banelings and Lurkers; before you tell me Hydralinks would counter I remind you that they are high dps with frail body like Banshees which means with their AoE attack banshees would clean that with a minimum of numbers. Now you will tell me, Corruptors or Mutalisks would counter this, says hello to Vikings, Thors and BC!! To summarize this Battle Mech ! And just to make sure I hit the nail to close the coffin, Thors NEED their 330 Canon ability which does AoE and stun !! Now it would be balanced because Vypers still have their blinding cloud and their anti air spell !! And before you even suggest Fungal Growth, it should NEVER hit AIR; same goes for PsyStorm and it nakes 0 sense to take control of a big mech unit (example for Terran BC and for protoss Carriers or Tempests) Before you say I am bias for Terran, I tell you Marauder should never get stimpack, hydralisks NEED their alternate evolution into impalers and Protoss Mothership NEED the Black Hole ability from the Taldarim campaign (not the one that make units disappear, but the one that keeps in place) note that archons should NEVER hit AIR, but have their Psy Orb ability to hit in a line like in the cinematic of LotV!!

  12. I can't wait to see tomorrow's video. It's going to be really funny if it features SCVs in the thumbnail for the fourth time in a row.

  13. Man buyn just had to add some siege tanks and turn the 4th tc into a planetary or sensor tower or bunker or even a couple mines

  14. I've played first ST for years and I loved it. About two years ago I've bought ST2 and I simply suck at it, lol. Nevertheless I like watching ST2 matches commented by you. It makes me want get back and finish that tutorial and maybe, just maybe, it turns out I'm not that bad. But players like Serral or ByuN are something else. Legendary skills. Kudos for both gentelmans.

  15. What about using a supply depot wall to bug out attacking lings? Like lower a depot back and forth to get them to flinch back and forth vs just attacking ?

  16. Good job. I am glad to see SC2 still has a community

  17. its sad when terran would rather just use mass orbital command than to use a raven in TvZ. when all u ever see in TvT is ravens.

  18. Serral showing us the Fin-damentals of the game.

  19. 19:39 Marines go hit with that nasty loogie outta left field and it was wraps

  20. As a Micro Jackson fan…….I wish i never clicked on this. ZERG OP lol jp

  21. I knew it! Terran OP.
    20:46 demonstrated that there are more terrans on top 10 with top 1 being terran.

    I rest my case.

  22. I think the ghost-drop-snipe at 16:45 deserve WAY MORE attention, damn that was executed nicely!

  23. just love Locko's absolute truck! not sure what it means but sounds powerful ahah

  24. Serral being so good he can even confuse the commentators with his distraction strats…

    Looky looky I attack SCVs here…
    Serral: What… I don't know of no fortresses here…

  25. Lowko is basically coming out from the closet and telling the whole world that he loves getting in the behind from Serral.

  26. I hate when commentators just pick a side and just drop non stop compliments even their favorite players do some stupid stuffs …

  27. tl;dr Zerg plays super greedy because Queens do everything and gets to win because Queens do everything

  28. U should make more viewer submitted games :)))

  29. Is it just me or does the video stutter a few times, lowko is still casting it but the video freezes a couple of times

  30. What are the requirements for a victory? Considering they weren't destroying all builds on the map to win, I would assume it's if you just lose a fight too badly and it's basically impossible to recover from

  31. Lowko, if you want can you cast one of my games?
    I'm not a pro so I can see how I can be a better player

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