StarCraft 2: The BEST GAMES from the Rextor Invitational! (Lowko & Rushi) -

StarCraft 2: The BEST GAMES from the Rextor Invitational! (Lowko & Rushi)

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In this long video Rushi and myself cast a StarCraft 2 tournament called the “Rextor Invitational #1”. This tournament features several up-and-coming players. This video features only the best games from this event.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. I am just gunna put this out there, I honestly prefer lower tier game play in starcraft.
    The high tier games to me for the most part all look the same baring very few exceptions, and it just kinda gets dull.

    PS sorry if this repeats, but youtube is wonky when I try to post things.

  2. That second game is like a lion keeping his zebra alive while chewing pieces of it.

  3. This was awesome!! BTW, I'm pretty sure Papi is the nickname multiple people called SpeCial on camera at more than Home Story Cups, especially Reynor. Reynor was supposed to get SpeCial one of Heromarine's pizzas. They were really quite sweet as buddies ^_^

  4. I will not be surprised if Lowko introduces his fuel flavor as European.

  5. Lowko, could you and Rushi please be a little bit more professional? As in, discussing what's on the screen instead of what's in your lives? I'm sure you're doing great, but it's supposed to be a starcraft commentary, not a double session of AMA. If there's nothing interesting happening on the screen, bring up something related to what's on the screen, don't go offtopic.

  6. Wow, this was awesome. I really hope you do more collab casts in the future Lowko! Love the way you guys play off of each other!

  7. Finished the whole thing and I loved it!

  8. It took me 2 days to watch all the video, but i enjoyed a lot this invitacional#1.
    Nice to meet Rishi as well!!

  9. Sees lowko live casting
    Immediate like before video

  10. It's not an American fridge unless I can park my Ford-f150 inside of it! Lul

  11. Dear Lowko, i have not seen it yet but i will and i want to thank you so much just beforhand! Its the one thing i strugle with in SCII to find and see whole tournaments like you can see football, tennis or other sport related tournaments. And even it says "only" BEST GAMES im happy to watch a tournament and the progress of the players in it! I asked you this in the past and i dont know if you read it but im very happy and want to thank you big time! Awesome!

  12. rushko are almost as entertaining as tastosis

  13. Good to see your face Rushi, I heard you were a fellow Iowain. Happy to see you are Cyclones fan, should have known. A hawkeye fan would be playing League haha.

  14. 14:50 He didn't rescue his cc. His third finished building in his main the same time as his natural died.

  15. That photo of Rushi with pink hair reminds me of Castor (the bar guy) from Tron Legacy.

  16. What is the point of the unbuildable rocks? This is a question that has begun to plague my mind.

  17. if lowko didn't laugh, id like the video
    or that blabbing in between…. no one thought to edit that out? i get for a livestream you fill the time. but.. damn for a video…

  18. As a 6'5 man who just took a flight the other day, I can confirm Rushi's experience is 100% accurate for tall people

  19. Ever notice how the flying meat wagons always leave full and return empty?

  20. Damn this cast is terrible. You are talking about literally everything except for the match playing in the background. I understand there's not much to talk about in the first five minutes of the game but shouldn't you be casting something other than fucking rushie's tuba at the 9 minut mark? You're better off alone, you get side tracked by everything.

  21. why do we need to see the casters' webcams during the game? pointlessly blocks a significant portion of the screen.

  22. No offense to your boy lowko but your way better observing you catch everything that’s going on in the match while he seems to miss some stuff here and there cause he concentrates to much on one thing sometimes so you miss other stuff that is currently happening.

  23. Were are called the Hawkeye state for a reason rushi


  25. when Rushi started talking I got so confused. I thought there were two of you Lowko

  26. laugh
    did he just said the hmong are coming into the chat 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  27. just detected this vid. Amazing combo with Rushi, really good harmony

  28. IMHO this is better then Tasteless & Artosis, but maybe I watched to much of them back in the day XD.

  29. Best on the webcam, I would have guessed that Rushi is 5'7" not 6'8" 😅

  30. BabyMarine doesn't end up playing?
    Edit: Oh I see, he played against HiGhDrA, but it's not in the video 3:45:41

  31. 1:12:00 YEAH!!!!! Swedish StarCraft II players and tournament organizers! Love it!

  32. Are Rushi and Miguel a combined entity? I dont mean like a couple, although if they are good for them but that's none of my business and not especially relevant. I mean are they business partners, (Like a LLC) or just guys who are passionate about the game?

    Just curious based on the way he would drop comments about stuff they did together and the level of commitment some of that stuff takes. Seems like doing it "together" would be much easier, like in sequence instead of in parallel.

  33. I feel like this is all we'll be watching 100 years from now. NFL, take note.

  34. Kinda glad I didn’t buy the game, it’s a bummer but ya the Blizzard we used to love is gone, hopefully those developers who made great games have found jobs at other studios and are making great games there.

  35. And as soon as he mentioned LBGTQ I shut off the video

  36. It's an Illinois thing as well, I said warsh while living in the South (Texas and Georgia) and it was always a thing 😅. However if you look it up on the dictionary it's an acceptable use lol

  37. Rushi you are a riot, nice add Lowko! 😂 😮, whelp I did like you till I just heard you eat pizza with 🍍. No fruit on pizza….. Yeah yeah I know tomatoes 🤦🏾‍♂️

  38. I've had pizza wiht pineapples, i don't like it.
    but hear me out here!

    it doesn't hurt me that others enjoy their pineapple on pizza, so, enjoy your pineapple pizza, just promise me you'll remember i don't like it if you make or get a pizza for me, and we'll be good 🙂

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