Steam Summer Sale 2022 Best Deals // Which Games To Buy?! -

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Best Deals // Which Games To Buy?!

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Steam Summer Sale 2022 Best Deals // Which Games To Buy for the best deals for your Steam Game library and your wallet.

Here are them all with their respective reviews:
Red Dead Redemption 2:
Cyberpunk 2077:
Titanfall 2:
Deep rock Galactic:
Civilization VI:
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order:
Risk of Rain 2:
Grim Dawn:
Forza Horizon 4:
Outer Worlds: (Coming Soon)
Outer Wilds:
Elder Scrolls Online:
Overcooked 2: (Coming Soon)
Dyson Sphere Program:
X4: Foundations:
Euro Truck Simulator 2:
Kerbal Space Program:

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0:00 Introduction
1:18 Red Dead Redemption 2
2:06 Cyberpunk 2077
2:39 Satisfactory
3:06 Titanfall 2
3:48 Deep rock Galactic
4:27 Civilization VI
5:16 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
5:48 Risk of Rain 2
6:16 Grim Dawn
7:17 Forza Horizon 4
8:07 Outer Worlds
9:04 Outer Wilds
9:54 Elder Scrolls Online
11:12 Overcooked 2
12:00 Kenshi
12:37 Dyson Sphere Program
13:23 X4: Foundations
14:09 Euro Truck Simulator 2
15:11 Kerbal Space Program
15:47 Hades
16:17 Conclusion

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  1. Isn’t titanfall 2 hacked or some shit?

  2. Please check out indie game “Lamoneo” on steam!

  3. they say this game is dead 3000 players will disagree with you. Uhh bro? 3k on a shooter? That shit is dead as it gets lol.

  4. You know.. some of these games where free on Epic a year ago or two. I just refuse to accept that buying them on Steam today is some kind of good deal.

  5. Deus ex actuallay a good deal, BUT the stuttering and fps drop turn out still there 😅

  6. additional info on Titanfall 2, official multiplayer may be dead, but the Northstar Client, a community driven mod by people whom love the game, allows for players to host their own servers for people to join. And some servers are always just about full.

  7. Does anyone know how to let steam pts be visible when buying games?

  8. Love the timestamps and the general organization of this video ! Love this channel 🙂

  9. eah the second you said cyber punk for 29.99 is not as bad deal thumbs down

  10. buying withcer 3 its just 160 indian rupees or 2 dollars

  11. about steam dont trust them its filled with hackers, its a game account….seems) but dont trust them

  12. I would say L. A. Noire if you can get over R* launcher

  13. I really like your content and the way you making videos and of course being systematic. I will for sure follow your channel for longer, keep it up bro!

  14. what about fr4 ultimate + fr5 premium
    bundle deal ?

  15. Titanfall 2's campaign was worth $30 as it was, and now that its 5 bucks, people better buy it, and with the Northstar mod installed it is literally the best multiplayer FPS out there

  16. Dm me for Steam Argentina accounts for way cheaper games [ For example gta 5 is 2€ ] Discord in the channel's description ! ! ! ! !

  17. Great Vid! Already grabbed Deep rock galactic and Risk of rain 2. Might grab Kerbal Space program as well. Also Doom eternal is $15 btw

  18. Underrated, im sure that will change soon. Your stuff is great keep it up.

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