Steam Summer Sale 2022 Is Perfectly Balanced - Unlimited Free Steam Keys (Thx Gaben) -

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Is Perfectly Balanced – Unlimited Free Steam Keys (Thx Gaben)

The Spiffing Brit
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Wow another steam summer sale has arrived! Steam Summer sale 2022 is here and it is full of amazing discounts on amazing games like skyrim Standard edition, skiyrm Enhanced or even skyrim Anniversary. But today we will be showcasing an ongoing steam exploit that allows you to generate Unlimited free steam keys! To be accurate it allows the generation of infinite +1 copies of the game Flock! This exploit in particular might work on other classic games but who cares now as you have access to endless copies of a UFO based sheep herding game!!!

So Today The Spiffing brit once and for all discovers if the Steam Summer Sale is perfectly balanced or if perhaps Valve have gone too far and printing infinite steam keys and giving out free games might be a slight oversight on their end!

If you enjoyed todays video then be sure to checkout the steam exploits playlist which documents many of steams exploits:

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

A huge thanks to @Valefisk for helping receive a copy of flock!

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title: Steam Summer Sale 2022 Is Perfectly Balanced – Unlimited Free Steam Keys (Thx Gaben)

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  1. Anyone has a key they could send me to continue the chain?

  2. Man, they took the game off steam, look what you did Spiff xD

  3. still works with other games? if yes, which games?

  4. Had to watch it like 10 times for to be sure and in .25 times of the regular speed. 🍭

  5. It also works in Silent Hunter 5


  6. that is why the authenticity by blockchain or other technology beats the web2 of steam that no longer know how to draw their own games or licenses,

  7. Bruh why and how the heck you got that Bakso Simulator on your Steam?

  8. 0:20 image of a young handsome man with cheeky smile rubbing hands together in expectation of big profit is missing. EDIT: 5:05 there we go

  9. l sell my account 15 level steam profile. 750 hours prime CSGO. And have half life 1,2 episode 1,2 resident evil hitman and more good games

  10. Exploit no longer works for anyone wondering, I attempted it with gta 5 and the cd key just says invalid after it has been refunded

  11. The Spiffing Brit in 2032: The U.S Presidential election is a Perfectly balanced game with no exploit – Unlimited Votes

  12. I accidentally came here on 0.5x speed after watching the other video 😂

  13. i thougth that the comments would be filled whith flock keys

  14. HI man can you help me this guy "dedhorg" steal me the accont and buy some games using the buy as a gift with my accont and MY MONEY, and i cant change the password cause he have the steam guard so PLEASE HELP ME if you can😢

  15. Is there Any other games you Can do it with ?

  16. Yo my gta 5 has cd key and i just bought it, u think it will work?

  17. Some keycode to Skyrim online on Steam?

  18. That was the dumbest most shittiest not cat game for any reason?! I have VR and you are the only people welcome if you can tolerate parking meters and justifications which cannot be

  19. Everything's sfine. Don't worry about it. Sfine.

  20. After checking back here and the Flock steam page and discussions tab a few months later, I can see that this exploit literally fucked legit customers over, and that sucks.


  22. will this work with a game from 2015?

    the game i want is called automation, the car company tycoon game

  23. solution, just give the CD key either only after the game is not refundable or only make it accessable if you wish to no longer have the game be refundable. too easy.

  24. You should go back and play No man's sky now a days. It is golden. the monopoly one was so dumb and fun and useless cause WHO PLAYS MONOPOLY!?

  25. does this cd key printing scheme still work?asking for a friend btw… 🙂

  26. Unfortunately, the pc port of the game was delisted from Steam. You can still buy the console ports, get a key online or sail the seas for a free copy.

  27. Hopefully Gaben will not delete my steam account… and Capcom won't murder me
    #FreeTheFlock If you wish to continue spreading the greatest gift in the world then I will put the code of the flock
    Just received reports this works with Company of heroes…

    Enjoy: AIDKA-LEKKK-28DRM


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