Still One Of The Best Assassins In The Game | Mobile Legends -

Still One Of The Best Assassins In The Game | Mobile Legends

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  1. He is like fanny without the blue these days

  2. Hey Betosky can you collab with Bocaroscoe again tommorow?

  3. Betosky, may you please make a video about listing the underdog heroes and what makes them "underdogs" and a quick shout out.

  4. Wtf..too many Ads don't even want to watch 😠

  5. Hayabusa is still good i used to main him until Karina revamp and also can you play Benedetta?

  6. i am haya main… it is hard to play without blue buff.. i think you can only use 1s skill 4 times.. blue buff is really important to him.

  7. En la historia de Mobile Legends, Hayabusa es un personaje impresionante. Sin embargo, a veces pasan algunas dificultades cuando usas su ulti, creo que necesita un pequeño cambio. De igual manera, como los anteriores videos, ahora tengo ganas de jugarlo. Thanks Betosky. 😎🌆🍷✨

  8. After watching Betosky
    My teammates: Stop feeding!
    Me : I'm just making the game a bit more interesting 😉

  9. Yes haya is the best assasin….but he's lack of mana

  10. I used to main haya side alot but because of the "revamp" he's not that good anymore

  11. lol i'm speechless, how did he predicted that just by ruby's movement?

  12. Betosky loves this hero because he can steal kills more easily

  13. Ruby:"Wait till I strike Guinevere!"
    Hayabusa:"Sus………..*Looks at the upper bush"

  14. That’s how u play hats a a true ninja

  15. Speaking of underdogs 😁 why not play Feramis Betosky sama 😙 days 4

  16. Beto: we already got what we came for, let's play the objective game
    My team with obsession for kills: ~never enough~
    Btw how Lolita blocking Chang'e ulti at 11:00 is really satisfying

  17. Beto uses underdog heroes for content
    I use underdog heroes because i know underdog heroes are good even if they aren't meta

    We are not the same

  18. You said haya is so strong that makes it easy to use, but here i am, under enemy's turret because my 2nd skill run out before my ultimate ends 🙃

  19. Beto how will I do with after i scan and how to scan?

  20. The moment u predicted guini in bush from their tanks movement that's y we call u a pro player ❤

  21. Let's secure one of the shadows ! 😳 What a smart thinking Betosky ✌️you are The Master of MLBB

  22. Day 32 of asking Betosky to play Claude and review hello kitty skin

  23. He uses the same amount of energey as before BUT he no longer gains energey from casting his 1st skill

  24. Knowing the game as you do makes of you a so dangerous jungler 😯🙌🏽

  25. Hayabusa doesnt have to pay attention to his energy when he has the blue buff unless you're a new player that just spam whiffs abilities

  26. 40th day of asking Betosky to use Thamuz.

  27. It seems Betosky uses bg music from Memoirs of a Geisha.

  28. ye his energy consumption is higher and have higher CD on skills than before

  29. I am also trying to master those two ninjas
    Hanzo and Haya as their playstyle isn't that hardcore as lancelot and ling but still is challenging so I really like them both not only for their occupation

  30. Well in ruby part i would hv thought she was tryin to pull u

  31. for a team with only 6 matches average, they are still better than the population in legend with 2000+ match

  32. Why not play estes the way OhMyV33nus does it 😉

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