Storage Wars: TOP TOYS & Games | One-Hour Marathon | A&E -

Storage Wars: TOP TOYS & Games | One-Hour Marathon | A&E

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Check out some of the top and most collectible toys and games found in Storage Wars history, including an old Mario & Luigi Board Game from Japan, vintage Tonka Trucks and some rare Pokemon Cards! #StorageWars
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Packed with dramatic bidding, intense rivalries and quirky personalities, “Storage Wars” follows treasure hunters Darrell, Brandon, Jarrod, and Brandi as they seek to score big in the high-stakes world of storage auctions.

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  1. The way he said luigi made my soul shrivel up

  2. where did they got 600 dollars from with pokemon cards.. that clearly is alot more there.. moltress wasnt 20 dollars motress was 60 dollars >.< and most of the other cards alot more .. pretty sure her price of getting was over 1000 dollars for sure

  3. The way she was touching the cards 🤬🤬🤬

  4. Right this is not real but why can't it b real dumb nobody ditches these units with real valuable stuff no way bullcrap

  5. 4:15 the guy was like aah man enough about hello kitty just give me my god damm money

  6. They're not showing the black lotus + a bunch of other alpha cards lot from Darrell sadly

  7. The FIRST guy (Fat Boy) is quoting prices as he unloads his two trucks are SOOOO Bogus! Being an old experienced JUNK-GUY I guess the producers of the show really underestimate the viewing publics intelligence!! (On second thought, maybe not!) The show is only worh watching for the characters, my favorite is Barry! Brandy is really cute and Darrel is just a slow, grown up kid! BUT I like him!!

  8. Renee just tossing common games into a box like it ain't no thang. Tempted to toss this guy into the garbage like that.

  9. Them Pokémon cards r worth a lot more now

  10. For sure those Pokémon foos robbed her on that

  11. @4:57…. did it look like the HelloKitty phone was flippin the bird? Lmado

  12. Oh my gawd!!

    The my lil pony stuff….
    COME ON!!! that's like if grown men and women were Rockin Lisa Frank stuff!
    So lame. Like furries…. they def gave the pederast vibe. Creepers

  13. i seen a chansey in those card alone even if not 1st ed worth more then what they said

  14. I would gladly buy those Pokémon cards for $600. I saw one card that was worth double that..

  15. He underpriced a lot of those jerseys. A Bo Jackson jersey for 30 bones?!?!

  16. bro those cards in all are worth like 300$
    the wrong lol

  17. I am just speechless about this huge gaming locker. Like how something like that gets left behind is just beyond me.

  18. just a PSA: these people are not selling these items for these exact prices. These are appraisals which means they are getting an idea of how much it is worth from someone who would know. They do not make this money right after they get the locker or see the appraiser! that’s all have a good day!

  19. The lady with the dart board wagers a game of darts to a guy with two deformed hands 😟 the irony of him working in a dart store tho

  20. Mario 2 board game isn't rare and can be bought for around $200. Expert $1000 lol

  21. That Bryant Jersey is alot more than 30$ I'm pretty shure

  22. I like when hes calling out the names of the football jersies and the last one he says " terry Porter" who is a basketball player

  23. Walks towards GameStop: “These guys know
    everything about Marios”
    GameStop: I can give you $30 store credit

  24. Holy 😱! That storage unit full of games! And old games which can be quite valuable depending on the game or console! Holy smokes! 🤯

  25. Just to think those Pokémon would make you go from $$$ then to $$$$$

  26. Rene is lazy asf man it’s hard to watch that locker he has with all of those games easily over 100k if he did he research on them

  27. Omg she prob sold all then cards for 600 an now if she sent them off an got them graded she woulda had 20k or more

  28. Jared and brandy bumped there head on some of their prices lol

  29. If any of these items were worth what they say, why don't the shop owners buy them? The shop owner knows the market and can sell them better.

  30. That moltres isn't from team rocket…lol come on guys

  31. Yeah Man Best Series like forggoting. 🙁 <3 +1 😞

  32. The guy that comes out at 21:00 with the blue cap has the same features and attitude like the guy from Parks and Recreation. Lol

  33. I hate to be so mean, but these people are so obnoxious they gave me brain damage

  34. This is all scripted don't take it serious guys

  35. Stopped watching when I found out that its faked.

  36. I feel bad. They don't even research prices. Those guys tried to rip them off on the news games. I've seen stadium events sold for 10k non competed too

  37. Ngl this show mad cringy. The chick with the push up bra is fire tho 🔥

  38. How have any of these people made it though life without knowing about MLP and Pokemon.

  39. The games in the bags were the most obvious set up ever. Producers handed them a bag as they were headed Into the store.

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