The 10 BEST Games For The Meta Quest 2 & 3 In 2023 -

The 10 BEST Games For The Meta Quest 2 & 3 In 2023

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The BEST Games For The Meta Quest 2 & 3

Discounts For the Paid Games:

Beat Saber




Five Nights At Freddy’s Help Wanted:

Job Simualtor




I use Capcut for editing my videos and Canva for making my thumbnails.

I play on the Oculus/Meta Quest 2.

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  1. Ghost of tablet is this best shooter😂😂 nice try

  2. for roblox, i recommend clashers vr, its a really fun game where u go against hordes of enemys, theres multiple waves and you can either use a sword or a bow

  3. Do onward VR, it's like another version of Pavlov But not as good as contractors

  4. Bro how dare you forget the help wanted it’s the number 1 bought game on meta

  5. “ may have to censor that” got me like: 🤣

  6. That jumps are at the end made me unsubscribe

  7. Rec room needs to be rec room if rec room wasn’t your first game in vr ur not og

  8. Where’s Vacation Simulator? It’s a really good game right next to job simulator.

  9. Nah, no way you didn’t include a township tale

  10. hey suzo thanks for letting me know roblox is on the quest 2

  11. Thx you help me very i become a vr on my birthday

  12. 4:21 bro that jumpscared me so bad 😂😂 i was confused i thought bone lab had a gore update

  13. Bone labs I might have to censor that got me LAUGHING

  14. You should look into PavLov Shack: It’s an awesome Shooter, very realistic with (optional) realistic gore, and it has around 18 game modes, not to mention custom maps and game modes as well

  15. If you don't want to spend 20 on contractors I recommend population 1

  16. POV ur searching for blade and sorcery

  17. You should do a tutorial on how to download the bone lab mods

  18. i did not know about gorrila tag at all until my couzins told me

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