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The 10 Best Roguelike Games

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Whether you call them roguelikes, roguelites, or “games like rogue,” we’re bundling them all together into one convenient genre for our picks of the Top 10 Roguelikes of all time.

For the purpose of this video, we’re defining a “Rogue-like” as a game that features both procedural generation and permadeath as core elements of gameplay (ie: It’s not just a mode that you have the option of turning on or off.) Which basically means that games like Hades, Spelunky, and Nethack all qualify under our definition, despite the potential argument being made for some of those being more considered a “Rogue-lite”

Special thanks to Jeff Burns, Phillip Reich, and Jade Dennis for providing their voices for this video.

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  1. i am really suprised that skul the hero slayer is not on here

  2. says 'a few decades' and then makes a joke about hyperbole as if you're way too good of a journalist to do that. do you even hear yourself?

  3. Hi! Do you want to try a game developed by me in your channel?

  4. I can't believe the past is forgotten… Hotline Miami

  5. The fact Vagante isnt here mean you havent played Vagante.

  6. I recommend checking out Noita and Scourgebringer, both are my favorites roguelikes

  7. no way gungeon didnt get wayyyyy higher and nuclear throne or risk of rain 1 or 2 didnt make it onto the list

  8. Enter the gungeon definitely got hoed with that ranking, even though it's more popular than half the others on the list. Risk of rain 2 definitely deserved a high spot for being the most successful 3D roguelike (before returnal), but didn't even get a ranking OR a pseudo-honorable mention like returnal. I do agree with Isaac's ranking, though, as it's recently been updated with a dlc that made the game more suitable for modern roguelikes.

  9. dude. no one EVER talks about risk of rain 2… like at all. its always hades, and dead cells.

    its honestly better than every game on this list.

    do your frikin research ign…

  10. Wow, Everspace was WAY better than some of these.

  11. Your God damned right isaac is #1. Undermine and darkest dungeon are better than half the list tho

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