The 100 Best Games of All Time In 10 Minutes -

The 100 Best Games of All Time In 10 Minutes

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As we waver on the cusp of a new generation, we take stock of the games that have stood the test of time. Here are the 100 best games of all time…in 10 minutes.


  1. Earthbound is too high, same for GTA San Andreas 🙁

  2. Pokemon go above any pokemon game except yellow? Thats so cap

  3. this list should be titled: "90 of the best games with 10 random picks all put on shuffle mode"

  4. Me: doesnt see kotor on this list

    Also me: its treason then

  5. Nfs Underground 2, Assassins Creed 2, Max payne 2, pokemon Silver, Zelda links awakening etc. ? 😲❎

  6. Can someone play super mario world for the same time as gta 5? If not then how come super mario world is no.1?

  7. Best game free fire & league of stickman 2

  8. no halo 3 ?, no smg1&2 ? Oh but dw guys there’s fortnite and pokemon go lmfao

  9. How can you rank Minecraft, fortnite, Pokémon go, and super Metroid above halo three?

  10. So pokemon go made it but not Super Mario Galaxy?

  11. Iam sorry but Iam a mirage where the hell is Minecraft

  12. If a game has 99 in metacritic, it cannot be in 25th in this list. Simple as that….

  13. Was Super Mario Odyssey on the list? It definitely should be if Super Mario World os number 1

  14. Where’s mafia Spider-Man uncharted 4 ghost of Tsushima far cry death stranding days gone Batman Arkham knight life is strange battlefield 1

  15. Cadillacs & dinosaurs.. And tekken 3 changed the whole gaming scene worldwide and you don't include them. What weed were you high on?

  16. Is it just me or is witcher 3 wild hunt not even mentioned in TOP 100!! IF THIS US A MISTAKE ON MY PART FOR MISSING IT MY APOLOGIES. IF NOT HOW DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE JOBS

  17. Are we really going with a list that has Spelunky above final fantasy 7 and super smash bro ultimate…Spelunky

  18. 2,019 – red dead redemption 2 on 62# spot
    2,021 – red dead redemption 2 on the 8# spot…
    WTF IGN?!

  19. Overwatch ranked above Red dead 2 😂 nuff said

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