The 20 Best Commodore Amiga Platform Games In Order Of Greatness -

The 20 Best Commodore Amiga Platform Games In Order Of Greatness

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Hey whatsup guys OSG here with the 20 Best Amiga Platform games in order of greatness. But before we get into that I have a question…. Are you subscribed…..if not why not, I’m just trying to build my channel and I have been looking at the YouTube analysis and it seems that 76.5% of my views come from un subscribed watchers….. obviously I’m still grateful for the views but I want to turn those unsubbed into subbed so I’m asking you 1 why have you not subscribed and 2 what can I do to make you subscribe. So if you could drop a comment in the comments below saying what I do well and what you feel I could do better (and sorry I can’t change my accent or voice) and I’ll try my best to win you lot over and bring you all on board as an Old Style Gaming Sub
Anyway Let’s get back to the video, the Amiga was renowned for having a great catalogue of platform games and these are what I would consider the 20 best Amiga Platform Games in order of greatness
Games in this video:-
Arabian Nights @ 01:06
Leander @ 01:39
Rainbow Islands @ 02:14
Turrican 3 @ 02:51
Putty @ 03:28
Shadow of the Beast III @ 04:04
Snow Bros. @ 04:41
Qwak @ 05:16
The First Samurai @ 05:53
Lost Vikings, The @ 06:29
Putty Squad @ 07:06
Traps ‘n’ Treasures @ 07:43
Lionheart @ 08:19
Benefactor @ 08:56
Turrican @ 09:31
Rodland @ 10:07
Bubble Bobble @ 10:44
Superfrog @ 11:18
Ruff ‘n’ Tumble @ 11:55
Turrican II: The Final Fight @ 12:33

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  1. I loved leander but I never knew why…

  2. Putty reminds me of The Toyottes. That game was the most played platform game for me.

  3. Great list.. although Fire and Ice and the Amiga version of Toki are among my favourites.. and missing 😉

  4. Great choices! Arabian Nights my favorite! 😉
    I insert Addams Family and Jim Power too

  5. Great video featuring some top notch games OSG, but I would deffo include another classic, Jim Power, it sounds and looks amazing with brilliant music, and like others you mentioned it can be a little infuriating too. But, that never stops you going back for more. Also there's another game I love to go back to now and again, but I can't for the life of me remember it's name lol. When I remember it I'll come back and change my comment 😂

    Edit: The game I couldn't remember the name of was Woody's World, i've no idea why as I go back to it quite regularly 😀 I must just be getting old and forgetful 😀 It's a great platformer with great music by Blair Zuppicich, and lovely graphics, but it is a bit frustrating and i've never completed it yet, but i'll keep trying 😀

  6. Kind sir.

    Bill from Betty Horde Clinic has started off the High Score Challenge with Magician Lord on his channel. I think you'll enjoy it for sure.


  7. This is a good list, I would add Chuck Rock II, Zool II, Brian The Lion and Robocod too 🙂

  8. I have seen some of your videos and I just have the bad habit of not subscribing because once I see one video of yours others from your channel start appearing in the recommended section… my subconscious gets confused and thinks I already subscribed…

  9. Turrican 2 is the greatest game on the amiga by far

  10. Jesus, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your voice. Anyone who suggests otherwise needs their head examined. Great videos, I'm subscribing now.
    Note: I really don't get why Turrican and Ruff N' Tumble are counted as platform games. They're primarily run n' gun shooters.

  11. I wasn't subscribed because I only just found your channel yesterday, and have to watch a handful of videos from a channel before I'll subscribe. I have now done so, and I have now done so.

  12. I missed The New Zealand story and fire & Ice on your list. I remember them as being amazing… But many years have passed since. Maybe i’m just nostalgic 😂

  13. I also played Turrican 3 a lot with my father, he was also crazy about Turrican 3, cannot understand why the graphics in the Amiga version are worse then the Sega version?! But the music i find better in the Amiga version.

     I wish we had a Turrican 3 on the Amiga CD32 with the better graphics and some great 16Bit CD music and FMV, but that never happened.

  14. I understand you have to miss some games off, but Another world? Flashback? Wolfchild? Zool? James pond 2 Robocod? Though great to see Turrican 3 getting some love.

  15. Some great games there but a shame Parasol Stars wasn’t there. Plated that one constantly back in the day.

  16. Great list. I should go back and play some of the games I missed. I played some of the greats like speedball 2, the Turrican series, Pinball Dreams/Fantasies, the Lotus racing games and sports games like sensible soccer but spent a lot of my time looking at demos and reading disk mags like LSD Grapevine. The amiga was great for so many things. Sadly once I started university I had to switch to a PC and didn’t have room to take my amiga with me. That was quite a step backwards in the early days of PC gaming.

  17. No Harlequin!!! No Rick Dangerous!!!! No New Zealand Story!!!!!!! No Fire & Ice!!!!!! But I do agree with most of your choices in this list 🙂

  18. Until I saw this I never realised that Rad Rodgers is an homage to an old Amiga game (Ruff n Tumble). Quality.

  19. I wonder why no one mentioned "Nicky Boum", a great JumpN Run. "Baby Jo" is also missing. Its not the best but still memorable.

  20. You're channel it's quite useful when I trying to thing about which game of the stack I would play or put on my wishlist, hehe… ¡Thank you for making this video!

  21. Harlequin was fun, swinging from platform to platform like Prince of Persia. So was Superfrog, although my cousin's school was attacked by a guy with a flamethrower and we couldn't play it after that without triggering her.

    Spent most of my days on Rainbow Islands, though.

  22. Aladdin, Lion King, Another World would be Top 3. New Zealand Story and Bubba and Stix would be Top 10. Chuck Rock would get in near the bottom. I really enjoyed Rainbow Islands, Prince of Persia and Lost Vikings too.

  23. Subscribed! The only thing I would change is actually getting a better microphone. I use something as simple as a Samson Go for around 40£ and a cheap 2£ pop-filter from ebay. If you use audacity, do noise reduction and normalize the track and you get a very natural sounding voice track. 🙂 Your dialect and voice is great! It adds personality to the channel!

  24. @Old Style Gaming huh, strange, those should be pretty good, right? I just felt like your voice sounded hollow and somewhat tinny (and I am sure it has nothing to do with your voice) Have you tried the -10db mode? If I use omni-directional on mine the sound becomes tinny, and slightly less so in the cardioid mode, but with the -10db mode and speaking very close to the mic (however not towards it, because that would bring a lot of pop-sounds to the recording…. talk past the mic instead, even if the volume is low on the recording this could be mitigated with normalization)… For better accoustics, surround the mic setup with uneven surfaces and soft materials like pillows and towels, It works wonders on audio quality. 🙂 Anyway. You have a great channel. nothing to worry about… that was basically the only thing that stuck out to me.

  25. Was playing bubble bobble 2 player other day on my nt mini noir.

  26. 1. Lower the music volume while speaking and make longer comments on the games

  27. Turrican 2 had to be top, most of my faves are on there, the only ones I I can think of that are not are Fire and Ice and Flimbo's Quest….Oh and maybe New Zealand Story or Parasol Stars.

  28. Just a few additions to this list: Jim Power, Prince of Persia, Flashback, Zool 2, Adventures of Quick & Silva, The Blues Brothers, Gods, Hudson Hawk, Aladdin, BC Kid (Bonk), Chuck Rock, Son of Chuck, Rick Dangerous 1 & 2, Switchblade, Yo Joe, Fire & Ice, Fuzzball, Fury of the Furries, Globdule, Premiere, The Great Giana Sisters, James Pond 2, Harlequin, Nicky Boom, Parasol Stars, Toki, Risky Woods, Wiz ‘n Liz…
    Ups, that was a bit more than a few.

  29. I'm Subbed, can't understand those Unsubbed peeps…

  30. I loved Gods and Venus the Flytrap. I had the Atari ST versions of them but as far as I know the Amiga versions were identical with regard to gameplay – the Amiga graphics just had more colors in them or something. Great games.

  31. That moment when you know Turrican 2 is top but you watch the video anyway. 😁😁

  32. Superfrog is one of the most overrated Amiga games, if not the most. From a technical and presentation standpoint it's excellent. The problem is that certain design elements and gameplay choices clash. It's impressively fast and smooth as far as Amiga games go, but you can't use that speed in a satisfying manner because of the way the levels and gameplay have been designed. In fact, your speed is actually a hindrance in this game because there are spike beds, enemies that hurt you if you jump on them and precision jumps everywhere.

    They also didn't seem to capitalise on the super or the frog part. There are plenty of fun things you could do with a frog character, but they didn't seem to explore any of them. Being super, you'd expect some kind of powers. What can he do? He can flap his cape (which slightly mitigates the fact that his movement isn't well suited to the game he's in) and he can run fast… except he can't because the level design doesn't really allow for it.

  33. Good list, but you must try Parasol Stars and Harlequin.

  34. Can’t believe Harlequin is not on this list,great playability and fantastic music make this one of my Amiga fave’s.

  35. This list is a joke… shadow of the beast, james pond 2, rick danderous, unreal, jim power, another world… etc

  36. Like always grear presentation of games. I will try today T&T and Lionheart. Big thax 😉

  37. I've been looking to play Ruff 'n' Tumble, Putty Squad, Arabian Nights & Putty on my Amiga A500 Mini as I missed out on these cool games back in the day. Can you recommend any good sites to download the LHA ROMS from as I love playing old retro games. Brilliant list by the way, keep it up 🙂

  38. No arguments with number one. Turrican 2 is a work of art on every level.

  39. Turrican 1,2,3. Then loooooong time nothing and then other games. 😉

  40. Cool games. I also liked the killing game show, chuck rock, mr. Nutz, zool, humans. And maybe more

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