The 21 Best NES Games of All Time -

The 21 Best NES Games of All Time

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Now if only they could all come to Nintendo Switch Online!

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Written by Zion Grassl & Gavin Lane

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  1. Dragon Quest 3 didn’t make the list?

    This channel is garbage.

  2. would add, Metal Storm, Blaster Master, Felix the cat, Tiny Toons, chronicles of the radia war, battle toads and double dragon, Pro Am racing 2, little samson

  3. I'd rather have a password than a battery that can go dead after so many years

  4. Nes games are only hard to get back to if you didnt live the era.. or near it… maybe for a kid growing up in the playsration 2 its harder.. but if you were at least born in the snes or maybe n64.. you can go back easily.

  5. River city ransom and Double Dragon 2 are far better beat em ups than final fight and Manhattan project. Are you joking?

  6. Good choices of games… I see you added a lot of games that came put when the snes was already out… unfortunately I missed a lot of these games because I bought the snes quickly once it came out. I was born in the nes era I wss lucky. The first game I played was the legend of zelda 1 year after release. These are more favorites of mine. Metroid (dont know how you missed this one), the goonies and goonies 2 that I think its better. Crystalis, if you like zelda this is a great choice also but this is more like an action rpg game, The legend of the wizard, Startropics, Metal Gear and Snakes Revenge, Adventure Island, The flintstones, Jackal, Double Dragon 1, 2 or 3, Ghosts & Goblins. I now I'm missing so many more games. Hopefully you make a list of snes games next.

  7. List fail. Original Final Fantasy not listed.

  8. You can hack the NES classic and download almost every NES game to it so your grandpa can have more puzzle games to play, like Tetris and Puzznic

  9. Dragon Quest 4 over Dragon Quest 3 is criminal.

  10. No faxanadu? No battle of Olympus? Get outta here

  11. Man didn't even include Double Dragon 2 🤣

  12. Beating Ninja Gaidan was the most satisfying video game accomplishment of my childhood. BTW…Life Force was called Gradius in NA on the NES. Also, you’re missing Bionic Commando and Battlefrogs.

  13. Earthbound Beginnings deserves to be considered one of the best 8-bit games.

  14. Good list but I would have included Commando. That game was so fun.

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