The 21 Best Nintendo GameCube Games of All Time -

The 21 Best Nintendo GameCube Games of All Time

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The GameCube was one hell of an underrated system, how can we just pick 21 of the best games? Well somehow, largely through the means of counting, we managed it.

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  1. You talk about Mario 64 like fanatics talk about Ocarina. Just because it was first does not mean it is best. Majora's Mask blew Ocarina so far away I forgot about it, and things only got better from there. Well, technically. Majora's Mask is still the coolest Zelda game, but in so far as concerns Mario games Sunshine looks like it puts 64 to shame. Sure, the firsts were amazing, but they were far from perfect, and honestly I could not replay either of them.

  2. Watching this reminds me of watching G4 back in the day

  3. How is Turok Evolution not on this list???

  4. This is one console to this day I wish I would’ve Bought instead of ignoring.

  5. My Top 10
    10 paper mario the thousend year door
    9 pikmin 2
    8 mario sunshine
    7 luigi's mansion
    6 metroid prime 2
    5 metroid prime
    4 pikmin
    3 animal crossing
    2 wind waker
    1 smash melee

  6. Metroid Prime – 100% right man. Though I love it on my WiiU – widescreen and with a pointer for the gun. Talk about immersive. And only $20 for the whole trilogy on the WiiU shop.

  7. Wow, this is a bad list… Missing some real gems

  8. No Mario Strikers??? Surely I just missed it on the list, right?

  9. Played the Windwaker but never finished it and got fed up with the backtracking in Metroid, or perhaps I just wasn't doing it right.

    Agree on TH4, Burnout and SSX3. All phenomenal games.

    RE4? Now that really was something else. That'd be my number one here.

  10. I'm surprised the Resident Evil Remake didn't make this list. You wanna talk about re-envision of a game…that's the way it's done.

  11. So many people say the GC was a terrible system but I loved it. £130 for the console was a bargain and the games weren't as expensive as before.

  12. Just hearing outset island made me shed a tear

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