The 21 Best Nintendo GameCube Games of All Time -

The 21 Best Nintendo GameCube Games of All Time

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The GameCube was one hell of an underrated system, how can we just pick 21 of the best games? Well somehow, largely through the means of counting, we managed it.

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  1. I love Metroid Prime, its definately one of the best games I have ever played. The level design is just amazing!

    However, I still can't forgive Samus for stealing my moves. ..the ball and bomb thing was mine 🙁

  2. SSX Tricky is wayyyyyy better than SSX3.

  3. Financial Literacy With Alvin Arquero Pamplona says:

    Wow, so many games need to remake.

  4. Wish i could finish this video but i just can't stomach how you talk

  5. Extreme G3 racing was way faster and better than f zero. It was a great sleeper release title.

  6. I had to borrow a Gamecube from my buddy for a week so I could rip through Windwaker

  7. Never cared for Fzero, extremeG3 was my go-to racegame.

  8. Kids nowadays missed out on these really good games

  9. I loved this game one time ago
    and now I'm just having memories

  10. You forgot jedi outcast and the best race game was EXTREME G

  11. Do you lack self awareness to hear yourself when you speak? Stop talking please

  12. Atari 2600 games aren't scary? You haven't played Haunted House or Tunnel Runner then.

  13. Him: "talking about prices"

  14. Wow you missed most of the good games, idk how you did that. I'll agree with Pikmin 2, Animal Crossing, SSX 3 and TLoZWW. You left out NFSU2(tight controls, amazing music, hot model (horrible voice acting tho tbh), XMen Legends1/2,Prince of Persia: Sands of TIme (amazing implementation of this game), Viewtiful Joe1/2, Batallion Wars & Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (amazing game engine the game itself was okish, movement, destruction, combat etc… a blast) Radical Entertainment eventually made the xbox game prototype and I assume they adopted a lot of the hulk game engine. Radical Entertainment should re-release this game with a bit better story and quest system the engine on this is too much fun! This could arguably be the best game console of all time. The games had little to no bugs, the controllers were tight, the catalog of titles were really great, and although the console didn't have the best graphics it managed.


  16. Paper Mario Thousand Years Door not being in the top 5 and Fzero making it on the list at all let alone at #5 makes this a pretty sad list. Oh and no Chibi-robo, come-on did you even play this system?

  17. Sorry but not putting Pokemon Colosseum or XD shows that you didn't take this seriously. I do agree Pikmin being on this list but it should be on top 5 for sure. Pokemon Colosseum should be on top 5 as well. Super Smash being top 5 makes sense.

    My top 5:

    (1): Pokemon Colosseum
    (2): Super Smash Bros Melee
    (3): Pikmin 2
    (4): Metroid Prime
    (5): The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  18. F-Zero GX is still one of my favorite games of all time. The speed, controls, music and rather sharp graphics (which still are great for the style) are just incredible. I couldn't believe when I found out it was a commercial bomb, because my friends and I all played it so much and loved it at the time. Really hoping for a re-release of this and Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Switch at some point.

  19. I beat Metroid Prime, and then the final boss in Metroid Prime 2 was too tough so I never beat that one, but then I came back and utterly DESTROYED Metroid Prime 3!!

  20. I enjoyed the hell out of Starfox Adventures and I put hundreds of hours on Tales of Symphonia

  21. Alex why do you talk like a grandad? "Good Lordy?"

  22. This is just a list of 21 games that covers everyone that should watch this channel. Isn't the purpose of these top # videos to show what you're favorite games are? I can't believe this is actually a favorite's list. Shit video. Totally put off by Alex's voice.

  23. I'm always going to love Twilight Princess more but I respect Wind Waker. Besides, nothin' like wildly swinging the Wii controller for Twilight.

  24. i’m a little baffled u put super mario sunshine not even in the top 5. that game is without a doubt a masterpiece one of the best mario games, and paved the way for a lot of new mario games.

  25. Getting your hands on these games seems so hard now! Eternal Darkness and Wildwater are super expensive

  26. Just hearing outset island made me shed a tear

  27. So many people say the GC was a terrible system but I loved it. £130 for the console was a bargain and the games weren't as expensive as before.

  28. I'm surprised the Resident Evil Remake didn't make this list. You wanna talk about re-envision of a game…that's the way it's done.

  29. Played the Windwaker but never finished it and got fed up with the backtracking in Metroid, or perhaps I just wasn't doing it right.

    Agree on TH4, Burnout and SSX3. All phenomenal games.

    RE4? Now that really was something else. That'd be my number one here.

  30. No Mario Strikers??? Surely I just missed it on the list, right?

  31. Wow, this is a bad list… Missing some real gems

  32. Metroid Prime – 100% right man. Though I love it on my WiiU – widescreen and with a pointer for the gun. Talk about immersive. And only $20 for the whole trilogy on the WiiU shop.

  33. My Top 10
    10 paper mario the thousend year door
    9 pikmin 2
    8 mario sunshine
    7 luigi's mansion
    6 metroid prime 2
    5 metroid prime
    4 pikmin
    3 animal crossing
    2 wind waker
    1 smash melee

  34. This is one console to this day I wish I would’ve Bought instead of ignoring.

  35. How is Turok Evolution not on this list???

  36. Watching this reminds me of watching G4 back in the day

  37. You talk about Mario 64 like fanatics talk about Ocarina. Just because it was first does not mean it is best. Majora's Mask blew Ocarina so far away I forgot about it, and things only got better from there. Well, technically. Majora's Mask is still the coolest Zelda game, but in so far as concerns Mario games Sunshine looks like it puts 64 to shame. Sure, the firsts were amazing, but they were far from perfect, and honestly I could not replay either of them.

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