The 21 Best Nintendo Wii Games of All Time -

The 21 Best Nintendo Wii Games of All Time

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Written by Gavin Lane & Jon Cartwright

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  1. Thank you for honoring the Wii. I still play my old console games regularly.

  2. Thanks for reminding me yet again that I need to hurry up and homebrew my Wii U

  3. Why do reviewers act like the switch isn't capable of doing an esact wii clone if needed? The joy cons act as the remotes from the wii.

  4. lol your voice is high then deep as shit hahahahahaha, cool video bro! keep it man!

  5. Skyward sword is the worst Zelda ( modern ones , Zelda 2 is the worst by faaaaaar) it is boring , repetitive and uninspired. The only Zelda i haven't completed. I still don't understand the high reviews…

  6. Metroid Prime is just one God of a game. It blew me away, and to this day is still amazing.

  7. Before watching: Wii Fit Plus better be on here. It’s one of my favorite games of all time even though it’s technically a fitness game.

  8. Can I play legend of Zelda skyward sword without without motion plus?

  9. The Wii also has a full collection of metal slug 1-7 on one disc and that's pretty awesome!!!

  10. No Mores Heroes should have made this list 😔

  11. U picked all mainstream games instead of games that really mattered, games that proved that the switch had mature titles that wasn't on the competition hi definition systems at the time.

  12. Does anybody remember the name of that one game where you basically play a little plump boy with an Orange Ball over his head with which he had to fight?
    If I recall correctly, the dad had a blue ball oder his head, some if his sisters were yellow and pink and they had to fight against alien like creatures. The further you got into the game, the more characters you had to fight against these aliens. And every time you have to fight, you basically have to charge your ball (over their head) and there were upgrades you could use for your ball like density or clarity and sparkling or whatever. Hope the last part doesn't make it too hard to guess 😂
    I'm dying to find the name of it 💀

  13. Holy shit!! Kirby just stabbed the fuck outta them 😮 😮 😮 9:40

  14. its a good list and these are all great games, but they are mostly the same type of genre – missing out the gems of other categories…

    boom blox, raving rabbids (tv party?) multiplayer was hell of fun and outclassed mario party, trauma center, budokai series which is till today the best and most complex dbz fighting game… and so on

  15. This game is a video game. It plays. This game is the best video game of all time.

  16. I would say that Mario Galaxy 1 deserves the 1st place spot! Given how it perfected the 3D Mario formula!

  17. Okay, we are missing crucial games here, Pokepark one and two, those are perfect, end of story.

  18. My list of the best wii games,fun wise (I have)
    #1 Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility/Animal Parade
    #2 Smash Bros brawl
    #3 Pikmin 2
    #4 Pikmin 1
    #5 Mario Kart
    #Any Zelda game featured on it

  19. The wii is honestly kind of a trend setter for future consoles
    If that makes sense

  20. I got a wii in 2017 Christmas and I was 7 yrs old

  21. Sphere of Compassion: Creations and Reflections says:

    I loooove excitebots and Zak and Wiki is one of the best use of the wii mote! I still can't believe brawl isn't number one. Although a trilogy of metroid is definitely fantastic!

  22. i prefer galaxy 1 to 2 because of its story

  23. I just bought a secondhand wii the other day, I did buy a new one back when they first come out but ended up giving it to my nephew after I had my fun with it. The one main point I like about the wii is it gets you off your arse….lol

  24. im a wii user and i think the best games that i enjoy are mario kart wii legend of zelda twilight princess wii sports resort thats it yeah

  25. Please stop putting the old Nintendo consoles on front of me cause I love them all and I wel go crazy!!!!

  26. Where's resident evil the darkside chronicles????

  27. Astonishing that anyone in this day and age could be so ignorant as to make a best Wii games of all-time list and NOT include the best selling game of all-time, the game that sold 50 million Wiis by itself: Wii Sports. I don't say this sort of thing often on Youtube, but what a bunch of dumbass readers you have! Anytime I see some clown start off his Wii video holding a Nunchuck, I know I'll be rolling my eyes because the best Wii titles were motion controlled and did not require that idiotic wired peripheral. Only a silly gamerboy would suggest otherwise. All those shitty games that used either a Nunchuck or were better played on a Classic Controller were boring "me too" button mashers that could be played on any console, and had no place on a special console with unique controls like the Wii.

  28. TvC soooooo gooooooooooooooooood. would make a rad arcade cabinet.

  29. dumb people:nintendo only has mario
    me:are wii gonna have a problem?

  30. I feel like Mario Kart Double Dash is the Melee of Mario Mark.

  31. That fake voice is soo annoying. You forgot Ju-On… You have zero knowledge on the Wii.
    And yes, Ju-On was a wii exclusive. Play games made for men like Manhunt

  32. Really? No Endless Ocean, that’s a surprise.

  33. I just fixed my Wii so I'm looking for good games to get soon ^u^

  34. Digging the channel. Liked and subbed. Just re-modded my Wii, so I'm hoping you have some revisit content. Cheers.

  35. "Hi Im Jon Cartwright. I like the wii"
    Best intro of all time lmao

  36. Lets go! Muramasa is on there! If they legit released it today even with no changes on the switch or steam id buy it without question.

  37. I remember at school when you said “My favourite game is the Wii!” (yes i know the isn’t a game, it’s a console i was like 5)
    Every kid you knew would look at you say “Wee?” and burst out laughing. It’s burnt into my memory.

  38. I can’t respect this video if new super Mario bros wii ain’t on the list idc if people voted for it

  39. Metroid Prime 1: The most consistent!
    Metroid Prime 2: The most daring!
    Metroid Prime 3: ………….also included! 😄

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