The 25 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time - Definitive Edition -

The 25 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time – Definitive Edition

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With the success of the Switch, it’s safe to say the story of the Nintendo 3DS has finally come to a close. So let’s take a moment to check out the best games the 3DS had to offer!

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  1. I liked this video but another list with same games… realy? There is something original and realy nice like Codename steam for example?? Or Ironfall: Invasion

  2. You didn't include Ace Combat, Super Mario Bros 2 and Farming Simulator. This is the worst list of games.

  3. When you don't know 20 of the games, have heard of the names like resident evil or legend of Zelda and stuff, but not that exact game

  4. to be honest i only herd of kid icarus because of super smash bros

  5. Nintendo life I want your life because you got all the games

  6. ¿Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario 2, Kirby Planet Robobot?

  7. 1. Tomodachi Life
    2. Tomodachi Life
    3. Tomodachi Life
    4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  8. Glad to see Professor Layton get some recognition.

  9. So many great games on this console its not even funny

  10. Just bought a 3ds and I'm building my collection, started with Smash and Mario 3D Land but I need more!

  11. MGS Snake Eater???? Splinter Cell Chaos Theory????

  12. Wow all the comments are from 2 years ago now, am I the only one still play 3DS in 2022 😂

  13. Came here to look at my final pick ups before the eShop closes.

  14. I'm here cuz eShop's gonna close on March 2023. 🙁

  15. Just got a new 2ds xl again after selling mine over 2 years ago. I cant wait to jump into these games again and pick up some that I never have tried before.

  16. The 3DS had some great games

  17. Sweet. Now give us the next 25 best Nintendo 3DS games of all time.

  18. Shin Megami Tensei IV AND Apocalypse is not on this list, therefore your opinion is wrong and very dumb.

  19. Dead or Alive Dimensions, Blazblue Continuum Shift 2, Tekken 3D, Metal Gear 3 Snake Eater.
    Street Fighter 4 would be here but the only thing that ruins this game is that there's the lower screen button press that can either do a custom combination of inputs by the touch of that button, either a full several hit combo or special or combo into a special, etc, and the point of a fighting game is to use your real time inputs to play, and people would spam the already made presets over and over again, it felt unplayable. Though the game had all DLC available on cosmetics and such until certain patch of console versions, it lacked many several characters, like Poison.
    Minecraft is everywhere now, but the New Nintendo 3DS XL version works just as good as any other version on PC, it feels like you're on the PS4 or a full console version given you have every controller button available AND a touch screen.
    And both action games of the Attack on Titan 3DS games due gameplay value in terms of pressure, there's a novel based one but that is more like for the fans, its just lore.
    Ya'll sleep on "Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains" and "Attack on Titan 2 Future Coordinates".
    If you already saw all the anime, you don't have to worry about what are they saying as the cutscenes are cuts from the anime, the high quality OST perfectly supported the 3DS' speakers just fine, the gameplay alone is simple yet it can get a bit too intense when crowded. AOT 3DS are worth the gameplay alone and its surprising how the 3DS can smoothly run it.
    The only con is when you try to use the 3D feature, the frame rate is cut at 15fps. Without the 3DS feature, the game runs at 60 fps.
    In what other 3DS gane you get to see your teammates or yourself get eaten alive and with blood showing ?
    The first Attack on Titan Humanity in Chains came for the USA/EUR simply translated texts and all DLC already included so there's nothing to buy on the eShop, it got unlisted due license loss by Atlus but if you own it prior, you can still have it like Meme Run lol, but if .cia modding downloading fixes that, just like Fire Emblem 3DS game had translation patches and other Japan exclusive games too, the Attack on Titan 2 Future Coordinates is a JPN only is more than capable of doing the same, given that the JPN version's anime cut cutscenes have no text on their upper screen but the english version does, its just a matter of playing with the alphabet images and placing and repatch it, it would be worth it, or just blindly play. Both titles have unlockable World Building and Survival Mode after having done some missions first, because the game doesn't want to throw you into basically harder modes without having done some of the more advanced first levels of the story mode, the gameplay can get to be intense if there's too much around or your teamates are underperforming or if your surrounded, special titans with special abilities are and much even worst set of opponents and nearly very hard to kill or approach but a satisfying feeling when killed. It's a game for those that can handle a lot of pressure and simple yet intense driving situations.

  20. Im from the future ! And you should get it asap hurry

  21. I just hacked my 2ds a couple days ago and I was surprised when I found out there weren't too many 3ds games that I wanted to play.. I think the nds library kind of hard carried the 3ds.

  22. Castelvania deserve a place in this top, the game is so beautiful

  23. I like how your Best of 3DS List came out before your Best of DS lol. My favorite 3DS games were Mario Kart 7, and Fire Emblem Awakening..

  24. How is Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance not on here?

  25. My favorite 3DS games at the moment are Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Tomodachi Life which didn't make this list but can actually be quite fun for a game that's geared towards younger audiences. Thanks for the list, I'm trying to find new games to play. I still have a copy of Zelda: The Majora's Mask, which I found this afternoon, and I'm thinking of playing that again. From this list I'm thinking I also want to try that Pirate's Curse game, looks cool.

  26. Welp, time to spend hours downloading everything here on hshop

  27. a lot of these games on the list are not for me, because my favorite 3ds title is tomodachi life. I recently started a new save file to re-experience my childhood. It's just a slice of life game you can play at anytime to take care of your miis as they live their own lives. plus, you can put whoever you want in there, and then have cursed marriages/babies/etc. I recall the first time when two of my Miis had a divorce and the music was so sad I actually cried 😔.

    I don't know how it didnt make this list, but I'm aware this is a fan made list. It's one of the few best selling 3DS games 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. im honestly shocked this doesnt have Tomodachi Life

  29. what aboutb Metal Gear Solid? and Super Street Fighter IV? and even Ridge RACER!

  30. I can only get one, so which one should I get? 4 Ultimate or Generations?

  31. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  32. Wish a Dragon Quest made the list, but it’s cool. I rate them pretty high in my collection.

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