The 26 Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) Games of All Time -

The 26 Best Game Boy Advance (GBA) Games of All Time

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We were spoiled to death with what the GBA offered back in the day, but which of them are the absolute best?

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  1. There was a oni something tactics game i want to play it i never finished it

  2. This makes me so happy that both Metroid games are at the top. I grew up with Super Metroid on snes and it Changed my life. I remember being so scared one night. I decided to play super Metroid all night by myself as the family went to sleep. And I got to the part where the first boss appears out of the darkness. I was killed immediately, looked around the living room and realized I was alone in the dark, and went straight to sleep with my brother in bedroom terrified of an alien creature crawling out of the darkness! XD haha. Years later the GBA was new and I had to get the new Metroid. It felt like I was playing the rest of super Metroid and Metroid Fusion feels like the same continuation of that. To me, the only Metroid Games are Super Metroid. Metroid Zero mission, & Metroid Fusion . I love them so much. 👽 👾 ❤

  3. It is a miracle why our brain does not read the the second the

  4. MINISH CAP GETTING THE LOVE IT DESERVES. Absolutely the best Zelda game

  5. I was offended metroid wasnt in the top 10 and then was instantly satisfied to see it where it belongs. Love the game

  6. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 was one of my favorite GBA games because of the new levels…
    I hope Nintendo Switch online adds GBA games to their Game Boy/Game Boy Color lineup to complete the Game Boy trifecta.

  7. Double Dragon Advance should’ve been on this list

  8. I love the 21 joke and it's now 2021. So lol.

  9. Booooo 👎🏼 … you missed Final Fight One … Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge … Motoracer Advance … Sega Arcade Gallery … V-Rally 3 … Drome Racers .. Steel Empire (I demand a recount!) 😂

  10. The game boy advance was easily my favorite console of all time. I played Golden Sun, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Fire Red, and Castlevania RELIGIOUSLY on the school bus and the playground. When the SP came out with the backlight and rechargeable battery I lost my mind 😂

  11. I grew up pretty poor and was lucky to get a GBA close to launch on my Birthday. From there on out, us GBA players got kind of spoiled because of how many great games came out on the GBA it was like month after month, hit after hit waiting for the new game to come out, talking on the playground about , like I remember conversations going like, Dude I can't wait for 4 swords to come out. You have to get it!

  12. Thumbs down for putting mario games, which are the most overrated and garbage games in nintendo's collection. Pokemon Firered was a good choice but Pokemon Emerald should have been on there as well. Metroid is a decent pick but it doesn't deserve top spot, that should go to pokemon.

  13. I though he wouldnt mention golden sun, Il sub, that is the game I am downloading the gameboy advance emulator again.

  14. سونيك ذي كنت العبها قبل ١٢ سنه يمه يا سرع الوقت

  15. I really wish they had also re-released Super Metroid for GBA. I wrote to Nintendo to ask them to do this right after Zero Mission came out, and they actually responded! But the message was something about “no official plans at this time,” or some such. Oh well.

  16. Can you please give me the file of mario kart super circuit i need it for a emulator

  17. Alex in jail: "Yes, we've broken the rules, but we had fun along the way"

  18. I prefer emerald over fr/lg but I definitely had fire red lol

  19. Wonderful selections!!

    But Golden Sun 2 The Lost Age should've been included

  20. them gameboys sp modified costing 200-300$+ on ebay, makes me wanna buy a switch instead

  21. Only complaints are no Astro Boy, Battle Network 3, or Tony Hawk. Solid list otherwise

  22. Anyone else looking for games to emulate on your phone?

  23. ff tactics is a fun game
    Footage shown misses every attack
    Me: Mildly infuriating feels more accurate

  24. Mario tennis power tour is so good I've been wishing they'd do a sequel for over a decade. Such a fun RPG!

  25. Metroid Fusion is just AMAZING, so good, even by Metroid standards this is one of the best

  26. Minish cap is a good GBA Game too

  27. For me Pokemon is the best, it was my whole childhood, I still have and use sometimes my GBA SP, with Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald.

  28. Pokémon, fire emblem, and golden sun are god tier. Really decent list, way too many Mario games on it. Baldurs gate is really the only game I felt was missing though.

  29. Thx i had other games to play bow than pokémon fire red 😀

  30. Metroid Fusion Top 1

    Legend of Zelda always overrated

  31. When you moved the menu to the music for Sonic Advance 3, I lost it 😂

  32. 13:49
    Ninja Five-O, a $400 game! I guess it’d better be on a Best Of list at that price.
    Seems you’re a big fan of RPGs too.

  33. Kirby is ultra rare now.. big prices for that orignal cart.

  34. No Metroid fusion or zero mission????????????????

  35. And that's it. I'll put your list of games on my powkiddy and look for a cave where I'll stay for the next years!

  36. Bro megaman battle network? One of the best gameboy games out there

  37. Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis was created by a studio which was then purchased by Square Enix, who had them make Final Fantasy Tactics Advance immediately thereafter. So no, the game isn't created "by an entirely different developer" and they don't simply look similar because "this is what anime on the GBA looks like."

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