The Best 5 Games of 2020 -

The Best 5 Games of 2020

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Welcome to this years Moisties, where we reveal the best and worst movies and video games to hit the screens for the year. This year has been a major dampener for nearly everyone, but luckily Moisties season doesn’t take a siesta. Remember, these are SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE so any other opinions are factually wrong. We don’t make the rules. The Moist Meter does.


  1. I personally think DOOM Eternal deserves number one but at least his number one isnt The Last of Us Part 2

  2. wanted a new game so I came here and got Nioh 2 because of this. Holy shit dude its so good. I never really liked any Dark Souls games, but I loved Sekiro. I've only beaten 5 levels so far but so far, I'm loving it just as much, if not more than Sekiro. Watching gameplay and reviews does Nioh 2 no justice. I expected it to be kinda shitty, i didnt like how it looked from videos, but when you are playing it everything changes.

  3. Nioh 1 made me so mad. How can beat souls and not beat that? Smh I suck

  4. Man, I'm so fucking sad that Persona 5 Royal didn't make it. I don't even understand how it didn't get nominated for GOTY, it would've easily won for me

  5. Now I'm just waiting for him to play terraria

  6. Doom Eternal was fucking outstanding, but best soundtrack of all-time still goes to Chrono Trigger.

  7. the most relatable moment was the destiny 2 roast tbh

  8. Bruh.
    Where's Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
    That game is a straight up masterpiece.
    I put up their as Hollow Knight, and that's my one of my favorite games.


  10. They way you described doom is how I described playing hockey "controlled chaos"

  11. risk of rain isnt anywhere near being a rougelite… :/

  12. "The grinding isnt boring like Destiny 2" My destiny 2 lover's heart hurt…. though yeah fair.

  13. TLOU 2 not in the list. A game hated by most ppl won GOTY. Shows how low the game awards have gone.

  14. This was truly a better awards show then the actual game awards show. Charlie is a man that even sponsored by manscaped, or crunchyroll will still give an honest review. That said I really need to play hades.

  15. Personally I think ghost of Tsushima was number 1 but to each their own

  16. The fact that HL:Alyx isn't here is a travesty

  17. Never in my entire existence have I ewer heard the amazing and beautiful term "Fun Grinding"

  18. 1. Nioh 2
    2. Ff7 re
    3. TLOU2
    4. GOT
    5. RE 3 re

    These are also the only 2020 games I played in 2020.

  19. the man said he doesnt like roguelites and then 2 of 5 are roguelites

  20. Ori might be the best Metroidvania of all time personally it would be in my top 3 of the year

  21. I take it as a personal atack that hades was over ghost of tsushima

  22. If a top 5 list starts with Ghost of Tsushima, you know the games above will be bangers.

  23. "I just don't get how hades beat doom in the game awards" puts hades ahead of doom

  24. Risk of Rain is actually dog shit, I'm disappointed in Charlie.

  25. for the next one keep in mind monster hunter rise

  26. Doom Eternal’s soundtrack is testosterone for your ears.

  27. How THE FUCK in game awards almost in all categories won The last of us 2? I dont fucking understand…

  28. I know this is damn late but about Doom Eternal not winning best soundtrack I think it was because the only tracks in the game Mick Gordon made were taken from Doom 2016 and there were only a few of them. IIRC the majority of the soundtrack is from other people, and you notice the difference, compared to 2016 Eternal just lacks something a lot of the times in the music compartment. I haven't played Hades but another game last year having a better soundtrack than Eternal doesn't surprise me

  29. idk why but i expected genshin impact to be here

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