The best and worst F1 games ever -

The best and worst F1 games ever

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Formula 1 racing games have been around for decades, and even in the early 2000s it was possible for multiple developers to get a licence to make a game, rather than the exclusive deals we have become familiar more recently. More competition among F1 games could be a good and a bad thing though, as Nathan Quinn explores with a trip back to visit the best and worst F1 games that have ever been produced.

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  1. F1 2010, first feel to real life f1. And it took 3yrs to make a better game

  2. 5:23 Formula 1 '97 is known as Formula 1 Championship Edition here in the states, so basically there's 2 Formula 1 games called Formula 1 Championship Edition, the PS1 Formula 1 '97 and 2007's Formula 1 Championship Edition based on the 2006 season.

  3. 8:09 this game actually got ported to the PlayStation in 1999 and I agree it's terrible.

  4. Wow Official F1 Racing looks almost as bad as NASCAR '21 Ignition.

  5. I thought you were going worst to best and 2020 popped up and I was like is he on drugs

  6. As someone that only owns F1 2013, kinda want to know what you think of it ngl.

  7. F1 CS2K also has one blaring problem (pun intended). The sound. Every car sounds the same and the file sounds like it was ripped straight from a qualy lap onboard in 1990

  8. Gp2 for the 1994 season. We won't forget you.

  9. I really miss the Time Trial Party from F1 2010. Great mode.
    I've only just got a PS4 and so have been playing F1 2014 for 7years.
    I get 2021 tomorrow 😁😁😁

  10. F1 97 by a mile. Murray walker makes it! My childhood IS Murray screaming "He's hit Pedro De La Rosa!" + "Thats a Williams!"

  11. The color palette of F1 2014 also looks horribly dull, including the silky and shiny cars.

  12. I still remember the disappointment of F1 98. I went back to F1 97 pretty much instantly

  13. No F1 World Grand Prix for N64? Awesome game

  14. F1 Challenge 99 – 02 was always my favorite. I never bought a Game from Codemasters after that, mostly because I stopped watching F1 after the first Brawn GP Season.

  15. I used to like ‘Monaco Grand Prix racing simulation 2’ although not an official F1 game, there was something the way the game felt that I enjoyed, particularly in cockpit mode, it had a presentation that was rather arcade like but the handling felt convincing very precise but very challenging, loved it.

  16. F1 2011 Mobile IOS is the worst F1 game ever in my opinion XD

  17. There was an F1 game I had as a kid that had Phat Planet as a soundtrack, absolutely loved that game.

  18. F1 2009 was disgusting to say the least 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢 F1 2014 wasn't bad I believe, the bad thing is it felt like copying F1 2013. Also F1 2015 was pure $hit. I also think that F1 2010 and 2013 could be at the best 5

  19. As an F1 fan its criminal f1 2000 championship from EA was so bad. I played it and then played GTR and got to love driving gtr cars forever instead of f1 just because of that game. Kids today are very Lucky with codemasters f1 games, which are brilliant.

  20. Where is the F1 2012 for IOS?
    That's the wort F1 game ever

  21. After checking out championship edition on YouTube I cab definitely say that the graphics and the sense of speed were amazing

  22. F1 Challenge was my first simulator and the reason why I still do simracing 20 years after.

  23. Prost Grand Prix was my first PC game.
    I remember the cockpit cam, seeing the gold and blue gloves and thinking "they look real".
    I'm afraid of googling it cause it probably looks awful now.

  24. I’m in season 5 of f1 2006 and in a Honda it’s so hard to get into a Ferrari

  25. Curiously, I had F1 2009 on my Wii and it was one of my favorite games.

  26. i think that you missed f1 2010

  27. Only me think F1 2010 is one of the best?

  28. I started with F1 2021 and now compared with 2020, it sure looks like a huge downgrade

  29. F1 98 it's what made me stop playing F1 games after 97 and 95

  30. F1 2015 is one of my favorites games because it was my first experience with new graphics, i was done of the old graphic, and yes is a cut game because the lack of career mode but that din't stop me for enjoy this game.

  31. None of the codemasters games should be on the good game list

  32. me loving f1 2014 because doesn t have a pc good enough for 2016 is being sad

  33. Y'all should really be thankful for having your good F1 games and all. I've been wanting to be able to sim race for a while now, and I've been working for it. It's hard, but it's a long way. However, the only F1 game I've had for about 7 years now is F1 2014. Don't get me wrong, as it's the only game I have, I got to love it. Be thankful for what you've got.

  34. I remember a F1- game caled GrandPrix 3 I think? You should look after this. I liked it verry much, good physics etc.

  35. If you can switch F1 97 into F1 98 position i will agree, f1 97 game sucks

  36. Grand Prix Challenge on the PS2 is a pretty decent game as well.

  37. What about the fact that F1 2015 didn't have career mode

  38. Why does the graphics of the older games look way more detailed than recent ones? Is it the engine or are developer just became lazzy over the years?

  39. Old video i know but i did not expect to hear from PSL in this video. I love that you brought him on for this video.

  40. F1 2000 EA Sports – PC version – First One to come out that year. That was, and still is, my favourite.

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