The Best Boss Fight in every Mario game! -

The Best Boss Fight in every Mario game!

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  1. Galaxy 2’s Doomsday Machine walked so Odyssey’s RoboBrood could run

  2. Can you react to bowsers brother the character that Nintendo forgot about

  3. For the nsmb 2. I'm surprised you put bowser over dry bowser. The dry bowser was more difficult due to smaller platforms and slightly faster swings.

  4. I love to watch your videos with my Nico BBQ Plush by my side.

  5. 4:13 He’s actually fought 17 times, in all fourteen fortresses, and the Battleships, Airship, and Super Tanks of Dark Land.

  6. The bowser jr fights in nsmbw were actually pretty cool

  7. i like that u chose all the underrated ones

  8. I love super mario world. My poor younger brother when we was kids whenever he saw bowser in super mario world he would scream bloody murder.

  9. I love super mario world. My poor younger brother when we was kids whenever he saw bowser in super mario world he would scream bloody murder.

  10. A few fights I enjoy is the bumper clown car fight in new super Mario bros Wii, manta ray from sunshine, Mecha Bowser from galaxy, and kamek in new super Mario bros Wii U

  11. robobroodal is my fave too Nico!My fave move is its charged running attack.Looks like it has star powerup.

  12. WoW now we have super Mario maker 2 and we can make koopalings fight WAY better
    (I’m a fan of koopalings what yours favorite ? Mine is Iggy )

  13. I like how you use footage from Nintendo Switch ports of each game whenever possible!

  14. Nico: In order to reach the top, you’ll absolutely need to use the Cloud Mario Powerup. Me watching Mayro beat this boss without the cloud flower 2 days earlier

  15. After watching the worst Mario boss video it's pretty weird to see wart being Mario bros 2 best boss

  16. Super Mario Bros: Bowser
    Lost Levels: Bowser D-4
    Mario Bros 2: Tryclyde
    Mario Land: Tatanga
    Mario Bros 3: Wendy
    Mario World: Lemmy
    Mario Land 2: Bunny Wario
    Mario 64: Bowser in the Sky
    Mario Sunshine: Gooper Blooper
    New Super Mario: Goomba
    Mario Galaxy: Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor
    Mario Bros Wii: Bowser
    Mario Galaxy 2: Boomsday Machine
    Mario 3D Land: Bowser
    New Mario Bros 2: Dry Bowser
    Mario Bros U: Ludwig
    Mario 3D World: Queen Hisstocrat
    Mario Odyssey: Robobrood Dark Side
    Bowser’s Fury: Silver Mega Fury Bowser

  17. Love you vids been watching you vids since 2017

  18. These were some awesome picks! If you included SM64DS, I could've seen Chief Chilly being there! 😁😁😁

  19. Your videos like this are always great and give me Nicobbq vibes. I love the creativity of your sponsors too, but yeah, I love that Bowser's Fury fight and I love your video. Hearing you talk about stuff is nice and that.

  20. Why does the galaxy lamp use the same font as the Samsung galaxy logo?

  21. Galaxy bowser is the best boss EVER! Especially the final one you have to hit him 3 times in 3 different phases each in a completely unique way. First you have to spin at his weak spot while he is rolling at you after that phase you get sent to a second planet where you have to hit him with those circle plants while he rolls towards you in a SPIKY BALL OF DEATH. While avoiding getting hit then you move on to the final part of the battle which is a harder version of the single phase fights from earlier in the game. You have to avoid all his attacks, wait for him to do his slam move, then lure him onto one of the glass parts on the planet, after that you need to chase him down and spin. each phase requires 3 hits to move on. All on sphereical planetoids while listening to the best boss music ever also one the best Mario songs ever. AND THE LEVEL BEFOREHAND IS INCREDIBLE! it has you going through multiple segments each completely different from each other as well as any thing else in the game. You will need to have essentially MASTERED every skill you have to get through it. It's unlike anything prior to it in any game. And the beginning and ending cutscenes are fantastic as well. There aren't enough good adjectives to describe it. Compare that to any other boss and you will see why it's the greatest one ever

  22. Hey if it's ok I just wanted to ask, if you had to pick your favourite original boss fight from Mario 64 DS, which would you pick?

  23. WAIT A MINUTE! IT'S NOT A TOWER, IT'S A TANK! EVEN BETTER! best Nick quote I've ever heard

  24. It's a great video for your opinion about Mario boss battles and also Bowser and silver fury Bowser is one of my favorite Mario boss fights too and you make a great opinion of your favorite Mario boss fights.

  25. In Mario 64 I enjoy fighting with the two hands.

  26. Dang I saw ur switch online n64 controller in the box and I’m wanting one like come on Nintendo why don’t they make them like NINTENDO MAKE THE SWITCH ONLINE N64 CONTROLLER!!!!!!!!

  27. My favorite has to be NSMBWii bowser boss fight for sure. I feel like no boss caused me more fear that that one as a kid.

  28. 7:07 All of the edible items in this boss fight are fruits (including the Chili pepper) not Veggies.

  29. Mario 64 ds should have been included, because it has unique boss fights. Goomboss and chief chilly are better than every boss in the original

  30. What exactly do you have against the Koopalings? The only thing they have in common is that they look similar and have to be defeated with jumping on their head. That's the case with most of NSMB DS's Bosses as well. In my opinion, the Koopalings are unique and have challenging concepts if you let them attack. Of course there are better and worse fights but it just seems like you don't like all of them because they are Koopaling fights. Of course your opinion is your opinion but I really wonder what makes the bosses in NSMB DS so much better than the Koopaling fights in your opinion.

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