The BEST Career Games of NBA Legends -

The BEST Career Games of NBA Legends

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A look at the very best performances of some of the NBA’s all time greatest players.

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The BEST Career Games of NBA Legends


  1. Trae Young greatest game ever: game 1 2021 eastern conference finals

  2. Chris Paul greatest game ever: game 6 2021 western conference finals

  3. James Harden greatest game ever: Game 5 2018 western conference finals

  4. is it weird that Lebron James and Michael Jordan best game is game 6 and 45 points hmmmm…

  5. And Giannis Akumpo just scored 50 points in NBA finals in GAME 6!

  6. the Bucks won the championship in game 6 after being down 2 early in the series, game 6's are amazing.

  7. I went into the zone in a game at a park irl and ended with 5 rebounds 1 block and 18 points oh and 4 assist

  8. Shaqs actual reason for going crazy that night is because kareem was sitting there near the clippers bench telling them how to guard shaq which made shaq have to prove his greatness

  9. missed out the kareem being in the crowd for shaq's focus

  10. I expected kareem's & hakeem's to be here😅

  11. I just realized Kobe died 14 years and 4 days after he scored 81

  12. Shaq's 61 point game was because the clippers didnt give him free tickets. Turns out it was a horrible mistake

  13. Im my opinion, Kobe out scoring the Mavs in 3 quarters is his best. It showed his greatness vs one of the best teams in the league and really proved that had he had formidable help in those years, it would’ve been guarantee championships

  14. “The zone” you say? Yes, I’ve watched Kuroko no basket

  15. Actually the reason shaq was trying so hard is because his idol Kareem Abdul jabbar was there coaching the clippers

  16. Put David "the admiral" Robinson in one video pls

  17. "The BEST Career Games of NBA Legends"
    First entry: "This wasn't his best game."


  18. Jaylen Rose didn't even give up the most points to Kobe in that game, he's just the only recognizable name on that god awful Raptors team.

  19. Now maybe u can add another great game 6 performance by giannis where he closed it out with 50 and 13

  20. Man I fell like Curry should have been instead of ai bc he got 62 in a game and he way better

  21. Why is AI in this video and where is Hakeem

  22. uhhhh curry's 62 point game in like 36 minutes only?:)

  23. hardest difficulty on 2k and 5 minute quarters i swept the lakers game 4 won the series with 88 points and 8 assists

  24. R.I.P LEGEND KOBE AND HIS CHILD 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🕯️🕯️🕯️🕯️🕊️🕊️

  25. Game 6 is the luckiest game everyone had

    Michael Jordan
    1998 Finals – Game 6

    LeBron James
    2012 ECF – Game 6

    Magic Johnson
    1980 Finals – Game 6

    Klay Thompson
    2016 ECF – Game 6

    Tim Duncan
    2003 Finals – Game 6

    Giannis Antetokounmpo
    2021 Finals – Game 6

  26. Curry should be here when he got 60 points

  27. this video was uploaded 21 years and 2 months afters shaq's legendary game

  28. You forgot that Kareem Abdul Jabbar was on the clippers side telling them how to defend Shaq, that's what made him explode

  29. When Shaq was playing that day against the clippers, he saw Kareem Abdul Jabar, his idol. Kareem was telling the clippers how to beat Shaq, so he went beast mode and destroyed them

  30. if lebron consistently went into that state of mind he would be the goat change my mind

  31. Wilt was playing for the Warriors on his 100 point game not the 76ers.

  32. Kevin Durant's Game 6 vs Giannis and the Bucks in ECSF. KD has 49pts 17reb 10ast 3blk

  33. Rebound “Kobe was the best in the game” Shaq “ get your bum out”

  34. Jaylen Brown next video Nonstop Sports 💪💪💪

  35. This is what happened with shaq in the game against the clippers.

    He was purposely fouling and playing bad so he could be subbed out and have some rest for his upcoming party. But then he saw Kareem Abdul Jabar on the sideline telling the clippers bench how to guard shaq. Shaqs idol was Kareem and so he didn't want to play poorly infront of him. So then he turned in the jets and did his thing.

  36. This casual said Wilt was on the 76ers not knowing Philadelphia was the Warriors…🤦🏾‍♂️ 5:41

  37. The only reason shaq went crazy was because he saw his idol Kareem on the clippers bench how to guard him.

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