The BEST Character from Every Single LEGO GAME -

The BEST Character from Every Single LEGO GAME

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Today we will be looking at the best character from every single lego game alongside all of the character rosters . To determine the best character from each LEGO game .

0:00 LEGO Game Character Rosters
0:32 Introduction
0:53 BEST Characters

LEGO Games Listed –
– Lego star wars the complete saga
– Lego Indiana Jones
– Lego star wars the skywalker saga
– Lego Batman
– Lego Indiana Jones 2
– Lego city undercover
– Lego Incredibles
– lego marvel superheroes 1
– lego marvel avengers
– lego marvel superheroes 2
– lego pirates of the Caribbean
– lego harry potter years 1-4
– lego harry potter years 5-7
– lego batman 2
– lego batman 3
– lego dc supervillains
– lego star wars the force awakens
– lego hobbit
– lego lord of the rings
– lego Ninjago movie: the videogame
– the lego movie videogame
– the lego movie videogame 2
– Lego Jurassic world

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  1. The best charachter in lego pirates of the caribbean was the mermaid. She transformed into an mermaid when u´ve got into water and hat a whip

  2. the best character in lego jurassic world is mr dna he can do ANYTHING

  3. I can't believe you didn't say that stan lee was the best character in lego marvel

  4. Silver Surfer is the best though
    Flying with the board is the best flying experience in any Lego game

  5. How the hell did I get to this and why is his accent so distracting

  6. I loved playing these games as a kid and ngl I still do

  7. You just unlocked so many good memories

  8. The character roster in DC Villains is good but and big but, the unnecessary cinematic stuff just makes me feel like it’s holding my hand

  9. "I don't know why The Hobbit is rated one of the worst Lego games."
    Proof is in the pudding: you only have 1 billion studs in The Hobbit versus 17 billion+ studs in some of the other games

  10. perfect vid to chill as i have dinner alone in my room

  11. Stan lees iron stan suit should have been called plot armour

  12. For me my favorite Lego Incredibles character is hit the drums TE TET ETE TEEETET woody his amazing watching toy story growing up and some how idk if I'm dreaming but woody has alot of strength when he punch's and his little donkey yee ha and my 2nd one is ligthy makween 96 wow this needs to be the coolest Lego character

  13. Tt really messed up the lego movie 2 video game

  14. Sorry but in star wars complete saga it's anakin force ghost indiana jones it's the old guy with the sword and for batman it's bane bc he got the famous back breacker

  15. Man i stoped watching when you didn't pick watt tambor from lego starwars complete saga, like man have you seen him? He looks like an absolute chad.

  16. This is going to take a while to say, but korvac is the best charcter in Lego avengers because he’s invincible, has a laser that can heat up or give energy to the fuse boxes and also he has a clap that can put out fire, he can fly, projectiles, immune to toxic areas and super strength, although stanlee has most of these, it takes him a long time to get them out and do ‘em

  17. I… They reference Lego Agents in Lego World?

  18. Definitely love the Doctor in Lego Dimensions, it's just a shame that the game stopped after two years, as I would have loved for them to update every few years so that other Doctors like Thirteen, The Fugitive and the upcoming Fourtheenth Doctor could be added as well.

    Oh, and apparently there were plans for a third year to make Missy playable. If they gave her the same regeneration powers, then that would have been great and you could have f*cking Roger Delgado team up with Batman and the gang.

  19. I actually think Lego hobbits best character is what's his name barrel because of his sick spinning attack

  20. I seriously hope we get a second lego Jurassic game with all 6 movies
    I think that would be my favorite lego game ever

  21. My favorite Lego character is a tie between blue(Jw) and indominus rex

  22. Stan Lee is by far the best from Lego Marvel 1. He can turn into the hulk; he has an adamantium skeleton, spiderman webs, mind control, metal manipulation, use laser vision, access control panels and most importantly of all, he's Stan ****ing Lee.

  23. We need every single Lego game with the engine of Skywalker saga

  24. i played every singel games from this video expect Lego dimensions, Lego Ninjago movie becouse it crashed , Lego marvel 2 , Lego The Incredibles , Lego movie 2 and Lego Skywalker saga. it was great games and great time ❤️

  25. Gotta love swinging around the city like daredevil

  26. For skywalker saga I’m going with sandtrooper sergeant I think he looks sick and nostalgic with that orange cape and he has a minigun laser rifle

  27. General Grievous will make a fine addition to the collection that is the Clone Wars roster.

  28. 9:38 are we all gonna ignore the fact he has 14 billion studs?

  29. Skywalker Saga, I would almost agree with you except sith rey has voice overs, unique attacks with a folding dual light saber.

  30. Hello could you rank character customizers because they are one of my favorite features of some Lego games

  31. make best looking female characters from every single lego game 🙂

  32. Sonic is the best Dimensions character. No contest

  33. My favorite character in Avengers and Marvel 2 is Squirrel Girl. She’s my favorite Marvel character

  34. i think that salazar is better as he is free a can use dark magic

  35. Did this man say Stan Lee can swing like daredevil and not Spider-Man

  36. This is the most disliked video of yours I've seen so far. Huh.

  37. my favorite character in lego marvel 2 is moon knight

  38. i unlocked force ghost yoda when i was like 7!

  39. i fell in love with deadpool from x-men legends games and marvel ultimate alliance :p

  40. the lego the force awakens has probably the best dlc packs of all lego games imo. like personally, i even think each characters combo animations and stuff are better than they are in lego star wars the skywalker saga. Even the way they run with lightsabers and stand with them out is far more unique than their representations in the skywalker saga

  41. I did really enjoy Lego Dimensions expensive to start of but ended to soon the potential that game could of had if they'd have managed to get marvel and over aspects on board.

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