The Best Free Game You Never Played -

The Best Free Game You Never Played

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but book, good?

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  1. Jokes on you, I've played this game already

  2. 11:06 I swear I hear one of the songs from the Pacific side of WAW's campaign.

  3. as someone who plays garys mod tf2 cs-go and other similar games i have been trained to crouch jump by default unless the game straight up says, FUCK YOU, NO!! so my first reaction to the bus window and rubble was, people had issues with this? but then i realized that crouch jumping is something kind of niche, and then i remembered how many people I've had to teach how to do it, and that humbled me real quick

  4. yo pyro i know you despise horror games but id love to see a video in a similar style about Alien Isolation

  5. But hey the good thing thay had CHEESE

  6. So wait. I tought the dark day was the day he got molested and caused him to become mentally ill and than getting hit by a car as another strike against him. So what the hell is this pedophile serial killer part in the apartments about???

  7. I manage to do the flare segment, with no flares

    Then I died before I could save on difficult


  8. Crouch jumping is a normal thing for half life mods and half life itself.

  9. honestly amazing how many views you get with 2 hour long videos

  10. dude i played this game when i was like 11 it was the least scary experience

  11. Please Pyro, we'd love to see more of these kinds of videos. Passion projects that feel a lot more real and personal, especially with those musical edit bits at the ending. We love you Pyro!

  12. 2:54 let’s be honest horror games would be boring with a good flashlight

  13. I can't get it to run… It crashes constantly it needs optimizing. My laptop is powerful btw it runs gta v on high

  14. I like how at 1:38:55 the dev is listening to Meshuggah while putting commentary in lmao

  15. Instead of backtrackin think of the map being , just like an open world map just way smaller and depressing,

  16. Back here again. Watching the pryo cry of fear video the 5th time this month

  17. I think i've watched this video through like 8 times atleast and I still love the way this is done – finest quality of a video essay, great video man 🙂

  18. I genuinely remeber cryonic, pewdiepie, mark I think, allnplay this in 2012. better times

  19. I've already watched this video three times. STOP PUTTING IT IN MY RECCOMENDED YOUTUBE WTF PISSING ME OFF.

  20. I cant believe inception stole from this game before it was even released

  21. Btw save scumming in hardest difficulty is okay in some games

  22. this sounds like a good game, but unfortunatly i cant play horror games. even this video scared me too death…

  23. The source engine hasn't aged well, especially when people are too lazy to find leaks and get HDR working properly.

  24. Me, a devoted part of cof comunity: visible confusion

  25. congrats on 10 million my dood, keep it up

  26. Lights go out in the college.

    Simon, armed to the teeth: "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!"

  27. Btw I'm pretty sure the sword armed and legged enemy is a concept taken from the suffering, a horror game that takes place in a prison and all the enemies are based off of execution methods. not saying it's bad that they used that concept, I just want more people to play the suffering it's a good game

  28. Does anyone else just put pyro's vids on to fall asleep to? Idk why, but shit's so calming.

  29. What game is pewdiepie playing in the very beginning of the video?

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