The Best Game Ever? Murray v Federer -

The Best Game Ever? Murray v Federer

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Roger Federer and Andy Murray put on a show on Centre Court in their Gentleman’s Singles Semi-Final match.


  1. Not even close Murray was a pretender not a contender..better then the rest but far from the top 3

  2. Nobody can argue that Murray is on the same level as the three GOATs ahead of him, but he was as far behind them as he was ahead of the rest, and he could usually give any of them a game when fit. I always thought he could have done even better if he had employed a full-time sports psychologist to help him redirect that frustrating tendency he had to beat himself up, that always seemed to cost him vital points in big matches. Fed was always cool; Djoko learned how to stay cool; and Nadal just stayed intensely focused.

  3. In another era Murray probably be no.1and had at least 10 Slams .

  4. Playing a singles match on a Winbledon court is on my bucket list. Thx for this video.

  5. Think I watched this live aged about 5 or 6, still remember it for lasting ages but didn’t fully appreciate how good it was

  6. 안방이라 그런지 머레이 응원하는거같네 뭔가. It seems pretty much everyone is on Murray’s side since it’s wimbledon.

  7. 9:45 i love how federer can silence a whole crowd with one shot

  8. Murray was the first hero at Wimbledon for years Federer fans are just like Man Utd and Liverpool fans from London just glory hunters how pathetic

  9. Love Andy's fighting spirit, 🥰 He has been sorely missed, glad to see him back!! Federer is also missed greatest player that he is !!!!

  10. It was only a long game. Not even close to being the best game ever.

  11. A series of unforced errors, even when the set point moves back and forth, does not make great tennis. It excites the crowd but is not the "best" tennis. Federer's cross court winner hit on the run was great tennis.

  12. I like the match but why are they making those weird noises

  13. The best game ever was Nadal vs Federer 2008 and the Wimbledon Federation know that

  14. Is this the Federer Love in or something?? WTF???

  15. But who won the set and THE match in the end?

  16. The permissible television primarily trouble because syria dolly hum out a kaput son. juicy, delicate meeting

  17. There at time stamp 9:45 is why roger is the players player. The mere reaction from Andy justifies Rogers goatness. We’ll never witness a player like roger again

  18. 1,000,000 Subscribers With No Videos? says:

    What time does Andy Murray got to bed?


  19. Solo perché Murray gioca per voi,? Il miglior game è quello di Federer contro chiunque..lui è il miglior game ..l' altro è una pippa presuntuosa e sopravvalutata..Ah..sapete che è scozzese ? Si?

  20. Medvedev is brilliant, super intelligent player

  21. I wonder how many Rolexes might have been in people’s wrists that afternoon. I managed to count 8.

  22. A lot of people donate their bodies to science, Murray donated his to tennis! Maximum respect!

  23. Маррей вторую подачу всё время в аут подавал ему засчитывали за попадание какого хера??

  24. EURO Express & the Flowing Superb VIEW says:

    I would like to see once again the brave figure of Andy Murray, who was the best in the world, with the power, flexibility and stamina‼️

    I will never forget the big 4!👍

    J'aimerais revoir la figure courageuse d'Andy Murray, qui était le meilleur au monde, avec de la puissance, de la souplesse et de l'endurance‼️

    Ich möchte die mutige Figur von Andy Murray, der der Beste der Welt war, mit der Kraft, Flexibilität und Ausdauer noch einmal sehen❕❕

  25. Roger Federer really was THE class act. I wish him well with the ongoing knee surgery

  26. Yes Federer is the greatest all round player. …in the world …not just a fast server . Murray was our British champion and world no .1

  27. Really the best game ever, I totally agree. Just look how good Fed's returns were….and his backhand in general was both deep and powerful. Andy was a real match. Long gone days 🙁

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